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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Bring the power of Google Maps to your site!

Hotspots is a highly configurable Google Maps marker manager released for Joomla developed by compojoom. HotSpots supports multiple categories with different icons for your locations (markers). How do you know if HotSpots is good for you. Visit our demo and see the flexibility how to show multiple locations for your office, or many locations for your directory for your city site. See how you can bring your site to the next level.

Who can use Hotspots. Everyone → Endless possibilities:

- Offices with multiple locations on contact page - Show where you are located and give the power to the users to find you.
- City directory site - Gives the ability to show all your government locations, parks, and more
- Hotel sites - Share many restraints, theaters, stores and so much more that is around you giving your clients more information before they check in.
- And more...

- able to handle 100k or 1M locations thanks to custom tiles + server side boundary method (check our demo we have 90k locations!)
- styled maps support
- weather, traffic, transit, bicycle, panoramio layers
- KML support
- Import markers from KML files
- Custom fields (currently text & select)
- Supports JomSocial and Community Builder 

- You can show the Jomsocial & community Builder users on a map
- K2 integration - ability to show items on the map + show a map under the k2 item
- Matukio integration - ability to show your events on a map
- Individual categories with custom marker icons on the map

- Each marker has an individual description, this can be added with or without a picture
 (each marker can have custom icon & link to com_content, k2, sobiPro)
- Frontend marker adding (as option) with a drag & drop marker & geolocation support!

- Detail page for every single marker

- Give your users the ability to create route planing

- Printing and mailing of current map

- RSS feed
 Sobi2 Data Import

- Ajax based, no reloading of the map needed

- 500 sample marker icons included to give you the ability to create any marker

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Reviews: 42
Great component and outstanding friendly support.
If you need mapping for your Joomla site then this is as good as it gets.
Working like a charm on Joomla 1.7
Thanks Daniel
Reviews: 1
Everyone who want to have a nice Map on his Website with multiple locations should have the module"Hotspots".
Especially the social thinking to give your users a tool to set Hotspots is very, very, very cool.

The Support is outstanding, the price is fair and the quality is very good.
Reviews: 3
It does what it says and that is a lot. What more do you want.
Support is VERY fast (does Daniel ever sleep?) and with great feedback.
Less is more? True. You get more than what you pay for!
Reviews: 3
I was interested in building this functionality into my site and stumbled across this very powerful extension. The support was very fast and knowledgeable and the product is worth well more than the price tag.

Reviews: 2
had some difficulty getting started with Hotspot (my fault!!). Daniel was very helpful in getting me up and running - great etension - great support!!
Reviews: 1
My hotspots is acting weird so I post on the bug forum. Daniel spent time to help me locate the problems and fixed it fast with patience.
Reviews: 15
I was looking for a way to integrate Google Maps into my JomSocial designed website. Even though JomSocial has its own Google integration - it is pretty basic. HotSpots answers the question and does more than I asked. Besides being multi functional the support from Daniel is A+. I asked a question in the forums that was csv related to the component and I was answered in a matter of hours. I am very happy with this purchase and I wish the developers the best as they continually try to improve on the functions.
Reviews: 1
Hot Spots is an awesome addition to any web site. Along with being user friendly the customer service that you receive is top quality. I am very excited to say that I will be using this product on my future projects to help my sites grow.


Global Edge Marketing
Reviews: 3
I like this tool very much and I use it whenever I need to install a map. The support is awesome an incredibly fast. I started a support request a before christmas 2010 and still got the answer that solved my problem right away. (O.K. we are both located in Germany, so there's no time delay :-)
Good Work.
Reviews: 1
Hotspot is really a very very nice component. It's just the best way to integrate google maps into a joomla side with nice features like the possibility that unregistered visitors can add markers to the map.

And thanks and respect to the developer Daniel for the friendly and fast support. Thats makes the component perfect! :-)
Reviews: 1
Thanks Daniel for so amazing tool!
A great extension and what a wonderful support from Daniel. Thanks for all your efforts.
Reviews: 4
Exactly what my site needs. I have tried other similar modules and Hotspots really hits the right spot! I am a noobie and I have a website with a large membership base tha I want to display graphically as well as manage graphically categories for suppliers and other related company's. I found that Hotspots was downloaded and setup in a matter of minutes. Configuring the module was surprisingly easy with helpful Balloon tips to advise on some of the more trickier decisions. Hotspots is the current leader in this area in my humble opinion.
Reviews: 2
Google maps as we all know are almost a must have for all the websites. I recently got a combo subscription of compojoom and I was really pleased with what this offers. I was initially going to go with the standard 'googlemaps' plugin but then since I wanted something for my JomSocial website, I decided to go in with this on - wise decision i would say

Good work Daniel
Reviews: 1
This is just what the doctor ordered, was looking for a component just like this. I had some issues on my site, but support was 10/10 and my issues was sorted out asap. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I'm loving this component and the support I'm receiving. It's honestly what I needed for my project (and it wasn't a simple one), it's very flexible and customizable. I really recommend it for any project involving geo-localization. Developers are very helpful and provide a very fast support. Amazing.

Thanks Daniel!
Reviews: 3
This component is a must! The idea of the component is very modern and can offer you exactly what you need.

Very strong back-end with lots of options for choosing the right position and setup. Easy to install and to customize as well! If anything goes wrong - the creator is 24/7 and always ready with explanations :) looking forward to see his future ideas about this component!

Awesome component and I recommend to everyone! Remember, its beta and its still on its way to become perfect!

Thanks Dan,
Reviews: 3
Its not often you get to see a development build from beta that is as strong as this! The developers are super helpful and the community whilst small in comparison to say sigsui / community builder etc is a positive force! A lovely example of how the community comes together! Top effort!
Reviews: 2
I really like it, flexible configuration, nice implementation and easy to use tool! I was share my ideas about new options at forum of the compojoom guys, but it's just a dreams :) in this particual case I can say that this tool worth every cent! I'm sure that you love it exactly as I do!
Reviews: 9
I have seen this component a few times, but never really understood its potential.
However, I took the plunge and bought it.
It was dead easy to install, straight from the box.
I used the same Google Maps Key that I have for other map functions, and voila, it worked.

For me, this component is a great addition to the many other features of my site, and Users can easily add their own spots for everyone else to see.

Being a non-programmer however, I can sometimes do stupid things... and in my case it was making this available to Registered Users, to stop idiots adding weird things.
The response time from Compojoom was inside 5 minutes! Amazing, as always from the Compojoom team, THANKS!

PS, easy to customize too!
Reviews: 3
this is great map component, very flexible implementation, and show great potential development in the near future. This is by far the most polish and user friendly map component I've ever tried, and also have important feature that i need and i can't find on the other map component out there.

Developer also give great concert and support toward their customer. Overall great component and support. Recommended.
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