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Bring the power of Google Maps to your site!

Hotspots is a highly configurable Google Maps marker manager released for Joomla developed by compojoom. HotSpots supports multiple categories with different icons for your locations (markers). How do you know if HotSpots is good for you. Visit our demo and see the flexibility how to show multiple locations for your office, or many locations for your directory for your city site. See how you can bring your site to the next level.

Who can use Hotspots. Everyone → Endless possibilities:

- Offices with multiple locations on contact page - Show where you are located and give the power to the users to find you.
- City directory site - Gives the ability to show all your government locations, parks, and more
- Hotel sites - Share many restraints, theaters, stores and so much more that is around you giving your clients more information before they check in.
- And more...

- able to handle 100k or 1M locations thanks to custom tiles + server side boundary method (check our demo we have 90k locations!)
- styled maps support
- weather, traffic, transit, bicycle, panoramio layers
- KML support
- Import markers from KML files
- Custom fields (currently text & select)
- Supports JomSocial and Community Builder 

- You can show the Jomsocial & community Builder users on a map
- K2 integration - ability to show items on the map + show a map under the k2 item
- Matukio integration - ability to show your events on a map
- Individual categories with custom marker icons on the map

- Each marker has an individual description, this can be added with or without a picture
 (each marker can have custom icon & link to com_content, k2, sobiPro)
- Frontend marker adding (as option) with a drag & drop marker & geolocation support!

- Detail page for every single marker

- Give your users the ability to create route planing

- Printing and mailing of current map

- RSS feed
 Sobi2 Data Import

- Ajax based, no reloading of the map needed

- 500 sample marker icons included to give you the ability to create any marker

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Reviews: 2
this is an awesome component coming with a lot of features to build a great map on your demands. Ok, still some bugs and missing features, but as far as I can see will be willing to develope this great extension.
Reviews: 3
I downloaded the latest version of HotSpots a couple of days ago. It's not perfect (yet), has quite a few bugs (at the moment) but has great potential for when it's all been sorted out and bugs squashed.

It's quite a unique component that I'm sure will be of use to anyone needing to place markers on a map. It will be ideal if, like myself, you need to plot a 'course' or mark a number of locations. I'm in a sailing club and we want to create 'rece courses' and also mark our moorings, HotSpots will be great for that.... when the bugs are squashed.

Daniel (the Admin) has been very helpful and quick with his replies, I'm happy with the small donation for support and look forward to seeing this component grow.
Reviews: 14
It's a wonderful component but needs a little time to figure out, once you got it working, you'll never use anything else!
Reviews: 2
Great job,Best way for show ads in Map,
But this component have not a modules!
Reviews: 1
This component is what I'm looking for. I need to have a map where people can post a marker to. When Installed I thought this would be great. However the map doesn't show correctly with my site and everything wants to shift around. I have tried to get assistance with this but to no avail. I hope you can work on this component and get it stable for a live site. It has great potential.
Reviews: 1
At first moment seems very good and nice component, but this impression disappears when you try to add a location. Component moves it to completely different place. Practically unusable for the moment.
Reviews: 11
This extension is very promising and the guy behind that is very skilled. Unfortunately the extension is not yet mature for livesites since there are some real bugs with JS and furthermore it is still missing a module which should be standard for a component since most people dont want to use the maps as maincontent but as an addition to it. I do hope this standards will be released soon and i claim my wish for a Pro version which will be updated on a more regular basis.
Reviews: 106
It's a pretty good component, unfortuntly it does not let me map outside of roads, an example when my place mark is on a mountain, after posting, it automatically places the place mark to the nearest road. If this component did not do that, it might be just what I need. It's great for street maps and such. Also in the admin panel I like the option of having the post link to an article, which if you could do this in the front end, that too would be awesome! Great job on this component. Cheers Josh Lewis.
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