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GMapFP : Google Map ComponentModulePlugin

Thanks to GMapFP, you can use Google Maps very easily in your Joomla site. This component is natively compatible with Joomla and is available French and English.
It's compatible with JoomFish, XMAP, JComments and Joomla search module.
GMapFP is translated in many languages.

With this version, GMapFP is a more complete component for Google map. All this versions are available with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.

Choose among full types of views:
complete (map + articles),
articles only,
groupe of catégories
map alone,
map with simple listing
contact form.

The users can submit places or manage them.

Functionalities of GMapFP:
Create as many places as you wish and locate them on the map
Rank your places by categories
Possibility to create groups of categories
Display all your places, a category or a selection of your choice (thanks to the plugin).
Configure the map according to your needs

Display the map navigation bar
Display of satellite/mixed/map/earth
Display of Traffic informations, Panoramino photos, ...
Display of the scale
Choose position of centering (or automatic calculation) of the map and of its zoom
Display directly information-bubble on the map
Add your own markers
Geolocalisation of the establishments from their address
Display more (if selected) information on the spot
Telephone, Fax, Email,
Web site
Detailed description
Schedules and prices

Find directions between two points
Use of the style sheets (CSS)
Choice of the map type to be display
Automatic update of the map indications according to the language

Compatible with PHP 5 and 6.

Possibility to use all parameters with the plugin …

This component is a Google map, but is also an element for the presentation of tourist places, restaurants and others.

Don't hesitate to subject your questions and needs via the forum to me.

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Reviews: 4
It's the first review I am doing on JED and this component totally deserves it.

If you intend to deliver professional services based on Google Maps in your Joomla website, this is the one you need.

I have reviewed all the others Joomla Component maps before to buy that one.

In my opinion, no one in terms of price/quality does better than GMAPFP.

There are several features I appreciate a lot as the possibility to let your users store their own maps and Point of Interest. And also a possibility to collect from your users suggestions of other POI based on a map zone you have selected.

In addition, the developer is very dedicated to support and very responsive. I can confirm you that you contact him directly and exchange with him when you have bought the Pro Module.

I also tested the "Free" Module which works very fine too. But I encourage users who want to develop Map services to buy the Pro Version.

And the compatibility with the new 2.5 version is very positive for the Long Term Support of the Component.
Reviews: 5
This is the best map extensions i ever use, i was use many other extension to show map, but only this one meet my required.
All work perfec both Joomla 1.7 and 2.5 without any problem, easy to set up, easy to understand and many more fungtion...
This is the best!!!.
Thanks alot for the develop.
Reviews: 4
I find this component a MUST and it can be used for 100s web applications. A special Thanks to Fabrice, who helped me through some issues.
Reviews: 3
i put this extension on all my sites with some maps.
it is useful, and the author is responsive.
you can put as many maps as you like and manage them individually.
appearance is also at the appointment, because css files are editable.

thanks a lot !!
Reviews: 13
I have been using this extension for some time and have watched it develop into an excellent component. I have used it for several tourist based websites and found it versatile and easy to use.
Fabrice the owner has been extremely helpful when I needed something a bit different and the forum is also very helpful.
Fabrice is always quick to respond his responses always helpful.
I cant recommend this extension highly enough if you plan to have multiple locations on a map. I use both the free and the commercial Pro versions, well worth the money.
Reviews: 1
This extension holds the strongest potential for my organization, especially with the pro versions ability to manage input from the frontend, but

I'm testing the free version and having a great deal of difficulty getting the lightbox or popup functions to work reliably on Joomla 1.7.3.

I see in the forums where this has been experienced in the past and attributed to a lack of component.php in the template being used. I tried several and even inspected the code in the various templates I use, this does not appear to be the problem.

Have also posted a question on this in the forum, about a week ago now, still no answer from the developer.

I'd love to get this resolved to be certain that I may safely recommend this to the organizations I support.
Owner's reply

Hello Mr bpreston,

In this lightbox, GMapFP uses the Joomla function : tmpl=component.
And for work fine, this fonction used the file component.php in the template. Some templates no implemented this file! But I don't know other solution for show the component ithout the modules, menus, header, footer,..

About your question on the forum, you have put a first post the 11/27/2011 and a up the 12/03/2011. The 12/04/2011, I responded it and I requested you if you have a link. Since, no other post!

The link of this post is :

With the Pro version, for a quick response, when I send the component, I tell that you can send me directly your requests by mail.

Reviews: 5
I find this extension the best map extension I found.
Easy to figure out how it works and easy to adjust at you own needs.
Also the developer is very helpfull if something is not working as was planned.
Even bugs that are found and mentioned are solved in a very short time with a update.
Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback.

Reviews: 2
Best Google map plugin I've tested.

But in general I hope there was another way to include a map in an article another than to paste code. The best way would be if it was integrated in the Edit article layout in back-end admin.
Owner's reply

In the Pro version for Joomla 1.5 of the component, le plugin has a grid to select the options.
And there isn't need to write code.

Reviews: 23
Gmap is for best joomla map display componet. I try many other similar componets but gmapfp is the best. It offer everything you need for map display, Fabrice, owner of componet is very serviceable, and support is excellent. I buy pro version with some templates, which offer some additional funcionality to great component.
Owner's reply

I try to always answer quickly and by yes.

Reviews: 116
The only reason I am giving this a three star is that it could be much better with the coding on 1.6. It has taken me three hours to get it working...... and thats not a good start.

When I finally did get it working. The Mouse just does not sit on the map, the map moves away on its own accord, very buggy and a real shame as its quite nice component and plugin.

I also do not like that I have to go and find a code in the config on the Component to remove the authors name on a link, when you could of very easily added a button to remove author link with a yes or no and a donate button attached to it.

May be this can be done in future additions.
Overall, it looks nice and works to a point, but if you want perfection then go elsewhere.
Owner's reply

I'm very surprise !
I found no questions or comments of you on the forum!
In Joomla 1.6, it is a beta version.
If you post your problem on the forum, I resolved it and everyone can enjoy!

And I not understand your problem with "the authors name on a link".

Reviews: 1
The component is great, but the lightbox dont work, and the download link dont work.

Owner's reply

I tested the download link and it's working !
For the lightbox, if you have a probleme, you submit it on the forum, and I will correct it.

Reviews: 2
Very good component. But you can try integrated with some community component, example: CB. or with component joomwall .
would be better that you can faster make more innovation
Reviews: 2
Excellent component!Very easy to install and to configure.
Reviews: 4
Fantastic extension, using it for a clients store locator and it worked quickly and easily with no code knowledge required, Thankyou!! Got a bit confused with the French version of Paypal when trying to make a donation, will sort that out shortly.
Reviews: 3
I've been using this component for a long time. I kept getting these strange urls in my SEO analysis.

After manually searching through the files that make up this extension I found the following inside
Chateauneuf sur loireFay aux loges Canal d Orléans';
Owner's reply

This link is not a secret.
We talk in several post on the forum.
For delete it, edit the file :
and delete the line :
'a href="http://touris...';

This link is not in the pro version !

Reviews: 3
Without a doubt, I can say this is the BEST map extension. You really can install it and it just works. The documentation is simple and I will certainly help to write more if it is needed. This is BY FAR the easiest and most functional map you will find.
If you need any customizing done, just contact Fabrice and work out a payment and he will do a WONDERFUL job for you! Very responsive and helpful.
PLEASE be sure to donate if you use this extension! This extension needs to be considered as Editor's Choice for maps. I can't say enough nice things about GMapFP and I have been working with this extension for months!
Reviews: 1
this com is easy to install, configure and the support is excellent.
Reviews: 13
This is so great! All the functionality you need, and laid out in an intuitive way.. thanks guys!
Reviews: 2
Excellent component!! it has so many funcionalities that it is great for many solutions.
And also great support!
Reviews: 6
Downloaded, installed .... and it worked.

And the best : users are able to pubish new locations.

Many thanx to France for this fantastic component.

(And don't forget to donate !)
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