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JGMap Pro Module

JGMap Pro is a Joomla Google Map module with easy set up and customization. There are a number of standard features such as the ability to include 3 markers(Joomla 1.6+) with a custom marker's image and to insert an article into the marker's Information Window.

A compatible version for Joomla 1.5, see here:

Google Map v3 - No Google Map API Key.
Module Class Suffix.
Multiple Maps on the same Page.
Dynamically adjust map's position , dimensions in the modules administration.
Easily search for the map's displayed location showing a list
of locations to choose from.
Disable/enable Controls (Scale, Navigation and Zoom, Type)
Disable/enable Static Map.
Disable/enable Streetview Control(For Joomla 1.6+ version)
Set Map's default type.
Disable/enable Marker(Version for Joomla 1.6+ can include up to 3 markers.)
Custom Marker Image.
Position marker by dragging it via module's administration parameters.
Insert articles into the marker's informational window.
Add KML files to the map.

Fixed conflicts with Advanced Module Manager for Joomla 1.5. Advance Module Manager may not show the map in the administration area.

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Reviews: 1
Maps load right, and the documentation is great for getting what I needed on my site. Glad to pay for this one.
Reviews: 3
This was the one component I tried over the course of a couple of days research, trial and error that did what it said it would do, when it said it would do it.

I'm sure the support is fantastic too, but anyone choosing this as a solution won't need it. It's that intuitive.
Owner's reply


You sent a mixed message in your review. Did you have any problem with out product?

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