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6maps Module

Joomla Google maps module 6maps it's a light, simple and free Google maps module for Joomla! Joomla module 6maps allow you to bring Google maps with custom markers, infobox and customized color scheme of the standard Google maps to your website.

Joomla Google map module 6maps has amazingly beautiful and intuitive admin panel.

Google maps module 6maps is fully responsive which means they work on all screen sizes: smartphones, tablets and desktops.

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Basic Google maps options:

• set the height of the Google maps in pixels;
• set the width of the Google maps in pixels;
• set the default adress;
• set the map type: satelite, hybrid, roadmap, terrain;
• set the default zoom level;
• set the color scheme of the standard Google maps.

Google Maps view is fully customizable:

• zoom Control: yes/no;
• map Type Control: yes/no;
• scale Control: yes/no;
• street view: yes/no;
• pan Control: yes/no;
• overview Map Control: yes/no;
• rotate Control: yes/no.

Google maps Marker and Infobox options:

• marker title;
• uppload custom map marker;
• always show an info box: yes/no;
• marker infobox with joomla editor.

Supported languages:

• Dutch (nl-NL);
• French (fr-FR);
• Indonesian (id-ID);
• Hungary (hu-HU);
• Polish (pl-PL);
• Portuguese (pt-BR);

More information about 6maps:
• Developed with love by Team of Six,

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