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FocalPoint Component

FocalPoint is a unique and comprehensive mapping solution for Joomla. You can create advanced map based directories with custom legends, markers, infoboxes and hundreds of locations. Define the content for each location using CCK functionality.

The main feature of FocalPoint is the ability for users to toggle location types on and off by clicking items in the map legend. Users can easily filter locations to just a select few with only a click or two.

Each location you define is represented by a pin and a marker on the map with a descriptive infobox. You have control over what is displayed in the box. Users can then click through to a dedicated page for that location.

Do you want to add dining options to your restaurant listings? ...or an email address for your accommodation pins? No problem. Using CCK functionality you define the fields for each location type.

Everything you see on a map is configurable. Do you want to enable mouse zooming or use satellite view? You can. There’s options for that in the global configuration and individually for each map. Don’t want search? There’s a checkbox for that. Want to change the search radius or use satellite view? There’s fields for that. Want a different pin? We’ve included over 100.

Build your own templates. If you know a bit of PHP and HTML you can build your own templates using Joomla’s override system. Any custom fields you create are available for layout within your template with just one function call.

Further more, FocalPoint will automatically adapt to your Joomla template. The FocalPoint stylesheets don’t contain any font, size, line- height or color declarations whatsoever. All paragraph, heading and link styles will be inherited from your template. In addition, all FocalPoint style declarations are prefixed with “#focalpoint” so styles will only apply to the FocalPoint extension.

Just check the box and street view is available to your users right in your website.

Includes multi-categorisation for you locations. Some locations just can’t be pigeon holed. Like the local YMCA. They have a swimming pool, gym, skate bowl, creche and cafe. So, do you define it as a Sporting Venue, Aquatic Centre, Place to Eat or Childcare? How about all of the above? No problem.

FocalPoint is fully responsive. Your maps will adapt to any screen size - even changes to orientation after it loads.

It also includes a list view. Some of your users are pointers and clickers. Others are scrollers and flickers. Enable the list view and give the flickers the ability to scroll through your location list. They can even search and filter the list using the same controls as the map view.

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Reviews: 2
This mapping component blows away all other Joomla Map Components. Trust me when I say I have purchased every single one... and if you are in need of a full customization with ease of use, and a professional look and feel that leaves the other Joomla map components in the dust... buy this one!

I have only one item on my wishlist for this mapping component, and that is the integration of Yootheme ZOO. With the sever lack of ZOO mapping components that have the same A+ capabilities as this one, there is a huge market for selling your component to all of those faithful ZOO users that yearn for a top-notch geo-mapping component.

-Thank you for making such a fantastic (badly needed) Joomla map component.
Reviews: 1
I can't believe this is free! This component lets you enter multiple locations into multiple maps, and assign custom icons. It also has a two level categorization system so you can show customized icons. Simple example: I can show "Restaurants" and "Salons". Within "Restaurants", I can show "Pizzeria", "Coffee Shop", "Fine Dining" etc. and assign each sub-type a unique icon. Within Salon, I can show "Hair Salon", "Nail Salon" etc., in a similar way. You get the point. There is a selector (at the bottom by default, but can be changed), so if all you are interested in is Pizza, you just select "Pizzeria" under "Restaurant" and you will see all the pizzerias to choose from. It also has a way to say that a business is multi-purpose. For example, if you have a grocery store that also has a restaurant, you can say it is principally a grocery store, but secondarily a restaurant.

It has full Google map support, zoom, pan, satellite, street view, the works. It is also responsive to window size changes.

The developer is extremely helpful, if you have questions.

There are also paid extensions, but I have not explored those yet. Probably will after I get to know it a bit.

In terms of limitations, here are the ones that I think are limitations (but maybe because I don't quite understand it yet):

1. You cannot have the same address be part of two different maps, without double entry. I want the Map to be a "view" into the collection of addresses, so I can choose the view to display for a particular situation.

2. Unlike a "module" based approach, you cannot have two different "looks" to different uses. I would very much like to have a look with headings, and one without (for embedding into a mobile app), but I am not sure this can be done.

3. The address entry doesn't auto-geocode, you have to do it as a separate manual step (but there is a handy tool provided for that purpose).

As you can see, the limitations are more or less just nit-picking, or wish-list items. I really love this extension!
Reviews: 42
FocalPoint is hard to describe but easy to use. A sort of Google Maps/CCK/Directory mashup, it can be used as an excellent map based directory with search and filters and including any type of custom field you like. FocalPoint works well with responsive templates and looks good on any screen width.
Reviews: 1
after searching the JED for a map component that offers multiple locations for my project i decided to give this a try. More than i expected out of the box. It is extremely easy to use and has been well thought out. support is great, product does exactly what is says it does