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GMapFP : Google Map ComponentModulePlugin

Thanks to GMapFP, you can use Google Maps very easily in your Joomla site. This component is natively compatible with Joomla and is available French and English.
It's compatible with JoomFish, XMAP, JComments and Joomla search module.
GMapFP is translated in many languages.

With this version, GMapFP is a more complete component for Google map. All this versions are available with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.

Choose among full types of views:
complete (map + articles),
articles only,
groupe of catégories
map alone,
map with simple listing
contact form.

The users can submit places or manage them.

Functionalities of GMapFP:
Create as many places as you wish and locate them on the map
Rank your places by categories
Possibility to create groups of categories
Display all your places, a category or a selection of your choice (thanks to the plugin).
Configure the map according to your needs

Display the map navigation bar
Display of satellite/mixed/map/earth
Display of Traffic informations, Panoramino photos, ...
Display of the scale
Choose position of centering (or automatic calculation) of the map and of its zoom
Display directly information-bubble on the map
Add your own markers
Geolocalisation of the establishments from their address
Display more (if selected) information on the spot
Telephone, Fax, Email,
Web site
Detailed description
Schedules and prices

Find directions between two points
Use of the style sheets (CSS)
Choice of the map type to be display
Automatic update of the map indications according to the language

Compatible with PHP 5 and 6.

Possibility to use all parameters with the plugin …

This component is a Google map, but is also an element for the presentation of tourist places, restaurants and others.

Don't hesitate to subject your questions and needs via the forum to me.

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Reviews: 6
Downloaded, installed .... and it worked.

And the best : users are able to pubish new locations.

Many thanx to France for this fantastic component.

(And don't forget to donate !)
Reviews: 21
I downloaded this yesterday and today I just had to share how great this component is. I've been looking for something like this for a while but missed this and I'm glad I found it. The developer has thought this through very carefully and made it so user-friendly you barely need the instructions. Thank you so very much. When I get paid you'll certainly see a donation.
Reviews: 4
Installed this hoping to list out an organization's branches. Got a lot more than I imagined.

Now, it would be great if we could get KML export, but thats just me being greedy :)
Reviews: 20
Great component recommended!
Reviews: 4
Excellent!! All this work provided for free, thank you Fabrice. Too kind! I first tried the GoogleMaps plugin which is the first in the Maps Extension and has the label popular. Main disadvantage of that plugin is that it cannot be used (at time of writing) in a module position and has some issues with JCE. This one doesn't. Recommended and favored!!
Reviews: 1
This component (with module and plugin) is excellent, does everything i want it to, the Author is very involved and keep it up to date adding new features and regularly replies to questions on the websites forum.
Reviews: 4
This COM is really brilliant. It can be used for many usages, as it is high adaptable for almost any purpose : tourism of course, but I use it for an official site for a city. It fits all my wishes.
Congratulations to Fabrice.

Greetings from france
Reviews: 1
This is what I was looking for. Easy to setup and use. Exellent!!!
Reviews: 1
its wonderful Component thank you
Reviews: 43
I searched and tried a few extensions to map multiple locations but was not happy until I found this one! My initial disappointment after finding the plugin caused an error ion my site was short lived. I posted in the forum and a new version was released within days. This is better service than most of the commercial extensions I have purchased. Well done!
Reviews: 1
This is a very good and handy extension but it has a small Bug, i have installed this and it is working very fine. i relay love this extension bec it has all the options i need in my contact page like Google Map, printing the map and also the contact form at one place and one click away.. But I have a small bug that has to be fixed that is when a user places a mouse courser on the "Printing the map option" it is showing as "clic for print" inside of "click" that is the "K" is missing in the word "Click" please help me changing this. Thanks in advance..
Owner's reply

The answer is on the forum. And this will be ok with the 6.5 version.

Reviews: 1
Just installed this component and configured it in moments. It is exactly what I need to show my visitors the locations of my dojos and the location where one of my dojos is moving to. No need to worry about geocoding or centering the map. Added my places, greated a category, and added to my navigation menus.

Woul like to be able to insert in an existing article.
Owner's reply

It's possible to insert the map with one or more ID or categories in an existing article with le plugin.
On the web site of GMapFP, you can dowload :
GMapFP plugin
File to translate GMapFP wiht JoomFish
Search plugin for GMapFP
GMapFP plugin for XMAP component

Reviews: 2
by the way I been making some translation to Spanish.. to help out the developer.. i hope it helps
Owner's reply

Hello, they are any problems. Post your question on forum.

Reviews: 1
simply the best google map.. briliant,thanks
Reviews: 1
Easy to set up, easy to use, very nice job ...
Go for it!
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