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Geommunity ModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

This advanced module lists users from JOMSOCIAL or COMMUNITY BUILDER (but also SOBIPRO, PHOCA MAPS entries etc...) on a Google map. It can also show the friendships networks (+ Jomsocial events with attendees) using polylines, JS videos and photo albums + KML layers etc...)

v2.6 Sobipro integration as SPGEomap field frontend map rich replacement on Sobipro entries pages
Itineraries now have interacting elevation chart.
v2.6.15: Virtuemart vendors, and products (requires vm2geolocator plugin for Virtuemart2)

v2.4 added: Map filtering with checkbox for every integrations when more than one and for multiselections userfields. (Roll over to have some markers bounce, clik to toggle show or hide these on map). Routes and Directions added to most Marker types. Jomsocial Medias (Photo albums & videos) added integrated (requires an additional Jomsocial Medias geocoder from

v2.3 added: native Jomsocial or JSPT profile types filter for maps (add profile types ID to include on the map, separated with coma if more than 1)

v2.2: Support for ADSMANAGER and SOBIPRO entries markers linked to their owner marker on map with polylines. Each of these can have unlimited fields showing on info window
- Map centering on visitors coordinates using stored coords, IP address and/or HTML5 geocoding
- etc...

v2.1 changelog:
Add unlimited KML layers to a map
Add markers from a PHOCA MAPS map

v2.0 changelog:
- Rewriten for Google Maps API v3: better performances, better support for mobile devices, no more API key etc..
- Custom styling for maps layout colors, Use our wizard ( to customize your maps layout!
- Visual circle for proximity filter radius supporting Km or Miles
- Jomsocial events map with event avatar as marker and attendees as colorfull polylines (1 random color per event or one chosen color for all)
- Jomsocial Multi profiles support (marker icon)
- Clustering for crowded maps
- Google Adsense integration

- Visitor's location aware
- Proximity radius filter
- Jomsocial events added to map

- Group filter parameter allowing map to only show members (and group events for jomsocial) from a Groupjive2 or Jomsocial group.
- Privacy awareness for Jomsocial

- Avatar as map Marker icon
- Filter by Online users only
- HTML5 browser geolocation support
- Added Written Articles count in infowindow
- Added Friendships network option: display friendships user connections as polylines on the map.
- Up to 5 custom fields from CB or Jomsocial to show on marker info window


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Reviews: 6
The extension does exactly what is described! I had some issues regarding my webpage but the excellent support very fast and professional! Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this extension, in the beginning got some trouble but with the help of the excelent support , the plugin and modul is running now on my site with cb.
Reviews: 1
The extension seems to do what it is advertising but there is big downsides for me :

code generated is big and when I mean big, I got something like 80% of the generated html that was from this module before loading any javascript. The amount of code it generate make your page sluggish on mobiles, tablets and low-end PC.

Security : The module has a lot of XSS problems due to a lot of non filtered user inputs.

Templating :
The template file is 3600 line long and contains some stuff that shouldn't be in a template like SQL queries.

My Verdict : Not usable

I've looked into fixing some of the issues I've mentioned here and it would require a full rewrite of the module to fix them.
Owner's reply

Hello and Thank you for your review. It is true that in our will to satisfy our customer's feature requests, the module is today far more than a users map. As you mentioned technical specs, it is true that helper and template file are large , but the generated html is strictly according to what you ask for in the settings. Anyway we're currently in the process of rewriting j2.5 and j3 versions to be ready very soon so you'll benefit from these new versions.

Reviews: 1
Fantastic implementation of the mapping api. Easy setup, works great.

Also, when asking a question on the forum, my question was responded to very quickly and he made sure that I was satisfied.

Great product, great price, and great support. Can't do much better than that.

Excellent job!!
Reviews: 5
I really like this Geommunity Suite! You definitely built this Gmaps API v3 software CORRECTLY!

It's simple to set up, extremely flexible, and looks great when I combined it with a site running JomSocial. The support is top notch as well, and all questions about custom integrations were answered quickly.

I look forward to the evolution of your existing products, and also seeing what else you all develop in the future!
Reviews: 14
I installed the Geommunity suite on my Community Builder website.

It has many options and a very flexible module.

At first - I got a little lost from all the options - BUT - the developer was AMAZING in his support, and solved ALL issues I had with the module!

Thank You Adrian!

I am a happy customer...
Reviews: 11
I bought the Geommunity suite and I had some problems...
The same day the problems was fixed and everything now is working perfect!
The same fix has help me to fix and some other problems, to other plugins.
I am suggesting this component, and this support also 100%
Cloud to be your customer.
Reviews: 1
The support on this module was amazing. I had a few of my own problems that were causing problems for the module and Adriene kept with me until they were solved. And he's got a forum for improving the product and he actually responds to it. I'm delighted so far. I'm looking forward to changes that will make the module even better.
Reviews: 2
I would suggest this module

1. its very easy and with full of parameters
2. if you know little bit php and javascript u can play around with this code
3. the features are really coming fast from devloper and you just need to request him and he looks into it very well
4. support is awesome you will get reply to your queries withing 48 hrs. thats really appreatiated.
Reviews: 5
Amazing that's it!

The map shows jomsocial members in either icon or avatar form, the plugin allows members to update their location as they move. It also shows event locations too, this is amazing.

The amount of configurable options in the back end is huge.

And all for €25 half the price on other map modules on here that do half as much.

Keep up the good work guys! Joomla needs you :-)
Reviews: 7
Extremely well done, this mod fills in a lot of the gaps i need for my site and way more functions than i actually realized.
Reviews: 7
Geommunity is a must have if you use Joomla! and a social component.

- it works as described, nothing less,
- developper is very active and responds quickly to any changes needed to the code,
- support is top notch and handled by the developper himself.

I highly recommend using Geommunity on your site.
Reviews: 3
This is a great module. I used for Community Builder profiles and AUP to show the most active users. Works fine, install very easy... Thanks!
Reviews: 1
This module is great for these reasons:

-It is installs and works fine
-Has a lot of customizable settings (markers, fields to show for each marker, etc.) All settings works fine.
-Using it with Geommunity Locator CB plugin (included in downloable Geommunity Suites) user can set thei localization on a map in registration process and he ever update his location from his profile just clicking on a map again. Not only!: you can show on a map the friendship relations between users with lines through markers!

And the best (almost for me)...
If you already have a big community of users and you want to geocode all of them on a map Batch geocoder will do! We runned this yesterday and in only 3 minutes this plugin puts on a mpa our 1.500 users automatically from their City field of Community Builder. Great!

In the other hand, support from author is very good and very quick.

For further versions I'd suggest frontend user could choose 'layers' to show on map: only users from USA, or only users from París, or only male or female users, etc. by checkboxes... because in big communities is too heavy shows thousands of markers without any discrimination.

I'm happy for had bought this.
Reviews: 1
Love the drag and drop approach so community members can register their location. Feels more modern than asking for everyone's address and less intrusive.

And love the ability to import members longitudes and latitudes from a previous system we had used in Community Builder.

But, but, but... most of all love the fast and helpful support when we hit a problem. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
This plugin was simple to install and get onto my website.

The only drawback I see is that the user cannot type in an address to locate themselves, they must click on the map.

Other than that it is very slick! The author seems to update it often, adding nice new features (like setting your location on the registration page).

You can easily change any text in the plugin by editing the language file. All in all this is a very nice addition to any community site!

Oh, get your Google Maps API Key here:

Use the same key for both the main module and for your CB/JomSocial plugin (one key for your entire domain, no matter how many plugins you use).
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review! Happy you like it, just know about your 'drawback' that CB users can use the geommunity geocoder to get located from their real address. You have to set the geommunity locator plugin in 'readonly' mode for that. ;)

Reviews: 1
Installs easily,better than other modules and less expensive, perfect for what i wanted and the developer is right there and answers your questions in a matter of minute.