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This combo contains the full Geo Coding Suite an original Component to the Joomla Platform.

Included in the Suite: The Geo Coding Component, The Geo Coding plugin, Geo Avatar Member Matching Module (for Jomsocial and Community Builder), Geo Group Module for Jomsocial and the Geo Text & Tag replacer for joomla.

When combined with First Friend you can automatically send friend requests based on location. E.g. everyone in Australia can be automatically made friends.

Our system works by automatically gathering a visitors City, State, Country, Zip code, Area code, Map Coordinates, Timezone, GMT offset and DST offset from their IP, Browser, Iphone, Android Device, Ipad, Internet tablet or GPS. This information is then stored in a DB for use by our extensions.

The Member Matching Module called "GeoAvatar" is written for Jomsocial and Community Builder and will look at the visitors location and find all members within a certain distance of the visitor based on pre-set criteria such as state or country,This also works for logged in members.

GeoGroup is similar to GeoAvatar but it displays groups local to the viewer, This only works for Jomsocial at the moment.

Also included is a text tag system for joomla which will allow you to customize articles and advertising according to visitors location.

If this was processed by our system it would only show to visitors from Portland,Oregon.

We've also included a modified copy of the core Joomla Banner module which will process the geo tags in the custom banner code section so you can make Geo Sensitive Banners

We've also included a module which will allow you to place articles in a module position.

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Reviews: 2
i have been in touch with these guys for constantly giving us good support.
i really appretiate this module for better coding technique they have used to develop.
even 1000 of markers get loaded withing few seconds

they are very good in support.
most ethical and really skilled..
Reviews: 7
This one stands out as a very unique product, I'm amazed at what all it can do, have you ever wondered how some websites seem to know where you are and deliver local content right to you, this does that, it automatically locates members (asking them if its ok to share their location, first of course) and then shows local members, local content and location specific text like "see members in California" it's really quite spectacular. The company behind it is one of my favorites, right up there with akeeba and joomlaxi.
Reviews: 2
I just whant to encourage the developpment of this excelent component !
After testing, I put it on my production site, and I am very happy of result.
- Excellent support level and amazing availability
- Easy to deploy (even if it's realy optimized for Joomsocial, but community builder issues has been solved in 10 min!)
- Do what it announce
Just Thanks!
Reviews: 4
I thought i came up with a unique idea about showing local users to a visitor, when i did a quick search i found this, the extension installed easy, one click and it was ready to go, of course i did have to signup for an api key but that was super easy it does more than what i need but the potential is really cool, also i cant say enough good things about the company they really treated me well.
Reviews: 1
I am amazed at the possibilities this has to offer. It has always been left up to big business to be able to do this and now anyone can. I installed all of the extensions, but have only tried a few and have had no problems. I set up a page to test the text and had people from around the country go to that page. They all reported that it worked as it should. I look forward to using the rest of the modules.