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UK Tides Module

Module is now Joomla 3 compliant.

UPDATE 22 Oct 2014 - NTSLF website has changed. Pending a new version you need can change the Table Start and Table End Module parameters to pick up the new styles.
Set Table Start to 'class="preds bottomPadding"'
Set Table End to 'class="col-xs-12 col-sm-5"'
(without the single quotes at start and end)

Simple module to display tide times for a UK location.
Select reference port and specify an average offset in minutes and the module will display high and/or low water times and heights for the current day, or high water for up to 28 days.
Times can be corrected for BST/GMT
Optional text before or after the times.
Tide data is read from the NTSLF website - when the format of that site changes then an update to the module is required.

The original J1.5 and J2.5 versions including the component remain available on the website but are no longer supported. There is no intention to produce a component version for Joomla 3

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After searching a long time I found this extension. Just what I needed and the support from the developer excellent