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US Tides ComponentModule

This Component is no longer supported. It will work on J2.5 sites but will break next time the NOAA site is updated.

The link remains here until such time as the JED team remove it so that anyone interested can download it and take on development including update to J3 compatibility.

No support is available.

Report Extension



Reviews: 1
Disappointed to see that the new version hasn't addressed this either. Author claims you can "...display the tide table for a week or a month from today's date" but thats not the case at all. I brought this to his attention about 2 years ago, so hoped he had addressed it in the new version.

It doesn't display a "month from today's date" but rather displays the current month. Big difference.

If its the last day of the month, basically it just tells you the last 30 days and the current day, nothing for the future. Pretty hard to plan marine navigation ahead of time in this regard.
Reviews: 2
This is a very useful tool for those who study, work, or use as a hobby. great graphics, there are a few tweaks that could be useful for this app to go on to other Joomla versions. but in any case this is a truly super application/ module
Reviews: 3
Needed to tweak some of the grammar a bit and
then modded it a bit to look more in tune to my
site settings but it works as stated very well.

Reviews: 9
Works right out of the box, simple and straigtforward to configure. Display tweaked easily to go with my design. Just what I needed- AND the developer is friendly and helpful.