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Aviation WX Module

Simple and free Module to display aviation weather in 'metar-' and 'taf-' code (taken from ADDS) for specified airports. Additionally sunrise/-set time for one location in UTC can be displayed.
(Valid xhtml and "modul class suffix" supported)

Remarks: SR/SS calculation requires PHP 5.0.

More detailed information about each parameter setting can be found in the popup help text of the module parameter settings pane.

2.1: -updated to new ADDs address-format.

Report Extension




Reviews: 2
Aside the error message requiring some tweaking "(due to wrong input of icao-codes or 'allow_url_fopen' is OFF [".ini_get('allow_url_fopen')."] and cURL not enabled [".function_exists('curl_init')."] on this server!)" ...which is just useful for new installations, but not nice to show on a production system (there are stations providing TAR or METAR only) - a good job.

Worth a reference: How do you put a module inside an article? - guess not all users are Joomla cracks here.