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SP Weather Module

SP Weather is a powerful weather module for joomla developed by Joomshaper using yahoo weather API. It allows you to display weather datas in two beautiful layout as block and list. Temperature can be viewed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit mode. This module is very useful, easy to configure.

Update 2.2.3
+ Font Icon Added
+ Flat layout added

Update 2.2.2
* fixed forecast bug
* Added 1 week forecast support

Update 2.2.1
* Fixed several bugs

Update 2.2.0
* Added new conditions
* Fixed layout issue

Update 2.1.0
* Better language support
* Improved cache functionality
* Fixed missing weather icons

Update 1.9
* Weather API changed to Yahoo
* Added language support
* All weather icons changed

Update 1.7
* Google new weather API fixed
* Changed files: helper.php, images files of images folder

Update 1.6
* Google new weather API fixed
* Changed files: helper.php, images files of images folder

1. Fixed Fahrenheit & Celsius
2. Joomla 1.6 compatible :)

Changed files


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Reviews: 8
It installs easy, works great, looks even better!
It should be 5 stars you would say.
For me there is one little issue, for that I have to cut a star.
You can freely fill a cityname. However there is no check to see if the information returned is correct.
On many occasions I got wrong weather details, because the city used was on a different continent. Or there was no weather detail available for that city, but it ruturned some random forecast anyway.

It takes some practise to first lookup the proper cityname and how to write it on Yahho weather before you can fill in the name in this module.

Other than that, it's awesome!
Reviews: 7
A pretty straight forward and neat extension. Nothing else to add. Well done to developers!
Reviews: 13
Great module, easy to configure and looks good too. Thank you.
Reviews: 9
It's a pretty fine extension, beautiful interface. Could have a translation option in next version.
Reviews: 14
Great little module to dress up any page, works good and looks even better. Thanks for providing this as non-commercial, your efforts are appreciated by many.
Reviews: 4
Thanks for this type of nice extension. It is very helpful for my clients website which is related to tours and travels, travel agency etc..
Reviews: 3
Finally I found nice looking, flexible and free weather module! This is going to be my basic module in Joomla enviroment. Only thing I miss is that wind speed could be measured by metres per second (m/s) too.
Reviews: 114
It's nice to see that some developers still see the use of "open source" and "free".

Great work has been done here.

Really nice clean install and works very well.
Reviews: 4
As previous Reviewers have stated, the module works 'out of the box', is nice and clean and looks good..

BUT - it would be nice to be able to tweak the module size, so that it fits in a set size panel. Also, to abbreviate the weekdays, to help prevent the type running into the figures.
Reviews: 1
This is a great module, except it doesn't look right on my Mac's Safari browser. Not sure if this is a known issue or a setting need to be change, but I tried it on Macbook and iMac with same results. Other than that, it's great.
Reviews: 43
I struggled trying to get a different weather module to work properly for ages and wish I had found this one earlier.

It is easy to set up, works perfectly straight away, looks great, has all the options you might need and is free!

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 16
Took minutes to download, install and get up and running. Looks good and a monkey could set it up - Brilliant - TY : )
Reviews: 5
Took about five minutes to install. Easy mod to configure. Works with ZIP code in the City field. Fantastic look! Thanks for sharing this with the community.
Reviews: 5
What more can you ask for in a freebee?

Simple to setup and works.
It took me a whole 5 minutes to get it setup. Three minutes was spent deciding what position it should be in.
Reviews: 16
SP Weather is easy to install and setup. I also think it's quite beautiful out of the box!

I just added Swedish translation and you'll find others in the developer's forum.

Just add the file to your language folder in root/language.
Reviews: 3
Great Module. Unfortunatly the links to the Translations do not work in the forum.
Reviews: 19
Had this up and running in no time in 3 languages, A couple of css changes to fit in with my site but it does have a nice layout so you don't relly have to change anything if you don't want to. Thanks!
Reviews: 5
Keep up the fine good work have install in version 2.5 joomla an it looks very nice and works well.

best Regards

Reviews: 13
So tired of rokweather and its problems and how slow it makes sites. This module works wonderfully fast by intelligently caching external queries.
Reviews: 3
Easy module, great icons! Makes everything look so nice (even on non white backgrounds). Just great!
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