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SP Weather Module

SP Weather is a powerful weather module for joomla developed by Joomshaper using yahoo weather API. It allows you to display weather datas in two beautiful layout as block and list. Temperature can be viewed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit mode. This module is very useful, easy to configure.

Update 2.2.3
+ Font Icon Added
+ Flat layout added

Update 2.2.2
* fixed forecast bug
* Added 1 week forecast support

Update 2.2.1
* Fixed several bugs

Update 2.2.0
* Added new conditions
* Fixed layout issue

Update 2.1.0
* Better language support
* Improved cache functionality
* Fixed missing weather icons

Update 1.9
* Weather API changed to Yahoo
* Added language support
* All weather icons changed

Update 1.7
* Google new weather API fixed
* Changed files: helper.php, images files of images folder

Update 1.6
* Google new weather API fixed
* Changed files: helper.php, images files of images folder

1. Fixed Fahrenheit & Celsius
2. Joomla 1.6 compatible :)

Changed files


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Reviews: 15
Brilliant!!! Don't have to go looking for weird station numbers, time zones etc. If you want something that is easy to install and set up then this is it...

It simply works!!

I have checked about 16-18 different weather extensions and all were very frustrating as i need weather for a small country town that is not in US (trust me, that is an important point)....

Loving it!!!
Reviews: 7
Works very well and does what it says.

A couple of notes:

It relies on the undocumented Google weather XML feed. The format of that may change. If so, you'll need to change the code or hope the author updates it. But that's true of 99% of Joomla weather extensions. Not a big deal.

It may be difficult to find the right name to enter as "location" if you live anywhere obscure. That's not a problem with the extension, it's just that Google does not make them obvious. TIP: Try them out quickly using this link,mycountry

Try a variety of spellings and alternatives. Use % to indicate a space. You may need to enter a province or state instead of a country.If your town's weather shows up on your Google desk top but you can't get it in this extension, don't despair. It will work. You just didn't find the right name yet. Stick with it.
Reviews: 11
I really like this module..
thats why Im making this post.
Everything is working fine except the images.
All images can not displayed.
I can not see anyhing on firefox, and some X of missing pictures on IE...
the image path is wrong.
Exactly the same problem apeers to your own demo site...
Owner's reply

Issue solved. Update the module.

Reviews: 2
I can't get it to work in Portuguese.. :(
At the basic options / language I've tried pt and br.
Reviews: 3
I like this module for being so light and easily configurable with CSS.

However I'm having troubles with XML parsing error in the website online, when I do not have this error in the local version of the exact same site in my computer. Weird isnt'it ?
Owner's reply

If you turn on the cache feature during development, you'll not face xml parsing error.

Reviews: 11
I downloaded, installed, added my hometown and that was it. Not even 5 minutes. Great module - thanks!
Reviews: 2
Thanks so much for such a simple weather extension. I tried a couple of others that just wouldn't work. This is perfect!
Reviews: 4
After testing GK Weather, I installed this mod on live site. I had the error message "Parse Error...", with both mods. Problem seems to come from outside.
This mod is really simple and easy to configure and, after a while, it appeared nicely on the frontpage.
A star less because I had the same problem as mentionned in previous review : temperature for next days appear in F°, instead of C° as I choosed. Sure it will be fixed soon.
Congratulations for this useful and beautiful mod, and thank you to make it free !
Reviews: 2
Very clean and fit perfectly well on my project. The only problem to report is dispite I have chosen ºC degree, in the two days forcast the symbol shows as ºF but the temperature seems to be in ºC.

Great Module. Congratulations!
Reviews: 5
This is the first weather module that I've found that plays nicely with my template. It looks good has plenty of options. The only minor problem that I had was that the module included some cache files found at modules/mod_sp_weather/cache which were set for another country which confused me slightly as the forecast was telling me that it's 23c while I'm shivering in -4c you can either wait a few minutes for the cache to update or manually empty the 2 xml files.

Really nice module and nicely coded.
Owner's reply

Cache file deleted. You'll not face any cache related problem anymore.


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