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  • This extension requires registration to download.
** New in version 9: support for Joomla 3.x, additional weather stations

Zap Weather (formerly Z Weather) is a Joomla application that displays weather for U.S.A. cities and territories using data provided by the National Weather Service. Forecasts, current conditions and weather alerts are supported. Many display options are available, including single and multiple day forecasts and a choice of either 3, 12 or 24 hour forecast display. Zap Weather is also compatible with the JED extension Zap Calendar, allowing the display of weather forecast information within a calendar.

Zap Weather is absolutely free to use and DOES NOT have any advertising or links to commercial sites that other weather products require. The weather data Zap Weather uses is provided free of charge by the U.S. government.

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Reviews: 1
I loved installing and using this! Easy to use and set it up in minutes on a J1.5.
Unfortunately, I upgraded all of my sites to 2.5 and now I am missing this!! Please, please develop for J2.5!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your patience, tech girl. A Joomla 2.5 release is now available for Z Weather.

Reviews: 1
I am well amazed with this product. I would recommend this product to all with happiness
Reviews: 7
i try to contact the developer and ask in the forum and NO SUPPORT RECEIVED, at the end i need to remove the extension because not work as advertised
Owner's reply

I'm sorry you did not get a timely response to your issue. The web site forum is actively monitored and the application is supported. There was also a patch to Z Weather released recently.

Reviews: 6
Do you have somewher the german translation? That would be great.
Reviews: 1
This is a great component.
Today I spent an hour to find how to resolve "Current Conditions" issue (for those who has an older version) without removing old and installing new version.
Reviews: 1
I was searching for a module that can display weather report for a specific city. Through this component I got the data I needed. It s really cool... But I want to display it on the top portion [ There i have placed a module] of my site for all the pages... ie as a module. I dont know how to show it in a module. Can anyone please help me..

Thanks in advance...
Reviews: 5
This is one of the better weather modules/componants available for Joomla. Installation is quick, easy, however, you MUST follow the directions precisely - anyone just slapping this into their site WILL have issues doing so.

Weather forecasts are derived directly from the National Weather Service, and are updated "on the fly"...

This is definately a great mod/com for US sites wishing to put weather on their websites.
Reviews: 1
Works fine! Just follow the instructions -

1. install com - set up menu item
2. install mod
3. chron - not getting it to work with a godaddy/shared account.

The time displayed is in GMT - not sure how to change it to local time (same comments on zcontent forume)
Reviews: 9
Tried to install with the legacy plugin and it was a not go. Crashed my site with a big fat error message. 10 minutes i will never get back.

I would try another component unless using 1.0
Reviews: 1
I have a few Joomla sites with Z Weather running for some time now and I must say this is a First-Class little tool.

Installation is flawless, as is the overall function of the component and module. They both are nicely customizable and provide a clean, professional look. With the Cron job grabbing the weather data in the background, the visitor gets no delay in the page load. SWEET!

Oh, and the support! I had an issue that ended up being my host's fault, but my buddy at Z Content stuck with me the whole way and went the extra mile to help.

Install this on your site to prove to yourself how good it is, and then send them a donation. That's what I did!
Reviews: 1
Way to go. I have been looking for this for so long. Weather module that is thin enough for my left module position that has multi-day forecast. We have been using rawcontent to add weather channel widget on sites, which is full of links and is too big. This is perfect and you can really customize it.

9 thumbs up for dan(at)zcontent. You get a perfect score from me!
Reviews: 2
If you have a site with a lot of traffic, I would not recommend using the Module for Z Weather on every page. I do websites for some radios stations that wanted current conditions on every page and through trial and error, discovered that the module adds 3 - 5 seconds of load time to a page. I still use it, but only on one page and not the whole site.

The info updates well from the NWS and it's a great component. I would recommend, but don't use the module on every page. Just use it on one "Weather" page.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. The slowness is caused when the component retreives new weather data from the National Weather Service server. The optional cronjob feature was recently released for version 6 of Z Weather, which updates the weather data instead of your website visitors. This will improve your website performance on pages where the Z Weather component or module are used.

Reviews: 7
Earlier versions used to be a little difficult to work with. Now, it's a breeze and works well with J1.5. The versatility is amazing without limiting ease of use. NB - we don't use the cron function. It would be nice to be able to do a truly horizontal display for those templates that have a header banner. Comes close, but not quite. ZWeather has come a long way in a year. Kudos to the developer.
Reviews: 2
I've been using Z Weather on 4 weather sites, mainly for the forecast, for quite some time now. It is very easy to set up and get running. For the most part it works flawlessly but is sometimes very slow updating the cache if bad weather is occurring. This seems to be due to the NWS and not the script itself. I have had NO success in getting the cron script working, which I need very badly, and have emailed the author 3 times with no reply. Overall, this script is well worth paying for so it's a super deal for free. Better documentation on implementing the cron script would make it excellent. I would appreciate if anyone who is successfully using the cron script would contact me with a little how-to.
Reviews: 1
I have tried MANY different methods for adding weather to my sites inluding Joomla modules, add-ins from various weather sites, and so-on. Nothing that I have seen compares to Z Weather.

My only wish is that a 1.5 Native version gets released soon. That would make this the perfect module.
Reviews: 1
I installed the Beta 1 release of version 6 on our Joomla 1.5 site. We experienced a problem due to our php version and contacted support - which resolved our problem and created a new release (Beta 2) less than an hour later.

The Beta 2 installation was flawless. I don't know how the installation and configuration of this component could be made any easier. It is that easy!

I also like the fact that the component isn't supported by advertizing. Overall, it you are looking to implement weather into your Joomla site, this is the component to use.
Reviews: 4
All round one of the best tools - easy to install, easy to configure, easy to use! Great job! Thank you
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent extension, but contains a few problems that need to be worked through. When I upgraded to beta 2, I was unable to see the output in component view (, although it worked fine in the new module. The new location editor is an improvement, but if one accidentally "backs out" of a location without hitting save or cancel, the location locks and it is impossible to get back into it or to access it in any way. I am really looking forward to the cron job for version 6. I was unable to get it to work in version 5, so I am hoping to really work on the new version when it is out (I have godaddy server, which really makes this particular cron job difficult to implement). But again, this is a wonderful product.
Owner's reply

Hi jaytr,

With version 6, you now need to assign a menu item to Z Weather since it grabs the component settings from there. This method is different from version 5 but it now allows multiple component pages for different weather locations. Your URL will change with an appended "&Itemid=xx" text to reflect this.

For the record locking, you can try the "Global Check-In" menu option under the Joomla Administrator's Tools menu to release the lock. I will look into having a better solution for the next release. Thanks for the input.

Reviews: 2
Takes a bit of knowledge to install and configure, particularly in regards to cron job, but it is a very nice and clean display with excellent information and the customers love it.
Reviews: 2
This is not the easiest component I've worked with but once you get everything up and running it is flawless. If you are missing an icon from the database just search google for that particular missing picture and add it to your z weather images (though you might have to do it ten times for % chance of precipitation 10,20,30...etc) All Good!

Mac @
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