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KWeather Module

Kaleidoscoop KWeather is an easy to use weather module based on the Wunderground weather service. It allows you to include the weather and forecast of any place in the world into your website.

KWeather is provided with beautyful icon sets in different styles. Choose the icon set of your preference or add your own. Thirty icon sets are already packaged for you, ready to use.

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Reviews: 1
Simple an easy to work with this extension - NICE WORK!
Reviews: 4
This module is the first extension I found, that has the parameters for an exact loaction.
That's possible by coordinates or a real city-name.
It would be fine if the Wunderground-logo could be switched of or placed below the weatherinfo.
The module can autoselect the site-language, so the visitor can view the weatherinfo for his own langauge.
Thanks Paul. Great job.
Reviews: 5
After changing and adding some comments in the german module, it works pretty good and i'm glad. Thanks for such a easy to use Weather Extension :-)
Reviews: 1
The first time, I installed the module, it did not work. After some research, I realized the need to enabled cURL in php.ini.
Now it works very well. You can also configuring the layout by adjusting the css file in our template.
Reviews: 25
I have been searching for ages to find a good weather module that is fairly simple to configure, looks good, and of course displays the weather accurately. This one certainly does the job and very well.

I initially had a small styling issue due to a clash with my template, but with a small tweak to the css file the problem was solved.
Reviews: 2
The module is same as GK4 of gavick, but with possibilities of having module in multilingual
Reviews: 3
I have installed this module on my website and it seems it works fine! A good alternative to GK4weather.