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wuWeather Module

Our weather module for joomla was downloaded many thousand times. Unfortunately google disabled the access to the weather api in September 2012.

So we where looking for an alternative and found offers a weather api with many functions.

In order to use the module you need an account at The basic account is free and allows 500 polls a day. Mod WuWather caches the response-files. So the access limit should be no problem.

You can fully customize the output with the built in CSS-file or your template CSS.


* Make yourself an account at
* Generate an API-Key for your application
* Download and install the "wuweather Module" with the Joomla installation manager
* Create a new "wuWeather Module"
* Set the key, weather-location (Country, Town) and other in module-configuration

* Fixed installation for Joomla 3.x

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Reviews: 1
I'm a Joomla newbie and was looking for a weather module for our site. After 2 days of trial and error with other downloads I found this one. Just what I was looking for and gives accurate data for a small city in Ohio. Extemely easy - just needed to get a API and that was easy too!
Reviews: 5
Very pleased to have tried this extension. I have sites in a couple of small US cities. One site is Joomla 1.5; one is 2.5. I have had a hard time finding a module that consistently works since Google changed its API service. this service uses Wunderground. I registered for my free account and got my api. I have used SP Weather, which works fine on some of my sites, but the city Gainesville, GA seems to be pulling Gainesville, FL, and the city Athens, GA seems to be pulling Athens, Greece. Anyway, after installing this module, entering the state in the county field, and the city in the town field, it worked and looks great!
Reviews: 6
...and it seems to have lots of space for further development.