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KWeather Module

Kaleidoscoop Weather Module provides an easy to use module to display the current weather and the forecast for any place in the world.
This weather module makes use of Yahoo's weather information service
We provide a collection of stylish weather icons for this weather module. Please download these icons from our website (see download link).
KWeather builds upon previous work by JoomShaper. This module is released under the GNU/GPL v2 license.

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Reviews: 1
Installed this module and it worked immediately. The display is clean and the availability of multiple icon sets gives plenty of options for personalisation.
The only thing I had a slight problem with was how to specify the location correctly for Yahoo Weather - which requires a UK place name to be specified as 'Fairlight, GB' and not 'Fairlight, UK'. Once I had worked that out I had the correct forecast information being displayed - and this is not a criticism of KWeather at all.
Reviews: 114
Functionality: Loads first time for 2.5 and no issues. PERFECT.

If you were able to remove the the text you have added in the Weather Condition: KWEATHER_LIGHT_SNOW

You would get more comments and more people downloading it and giving donations. I would if it was removed on the next upgrade.

Good job though, it looks and works perfectly other than this small blip.