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Shape 5 Weather Module

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The S5 Weather Module pulls XML data from and displays the weather for the current day and the upcoming 2 days along with images depicting the type weather. You can enter a zip code in the administration side and also switch between celsius and fahrenheit.

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Reviews: 8
I have to admit, this module caught my eye as far as looks, and I decided to have a look.

The instructions on the site indicate to drill down to your weather page - and look for: a url with the following format weather code: ASXX0075

Unfortunately, at least for Halifax Canada, the yahoo page does not indicate such a code. It would appear that Yahoo has taken steps to hide this code, perhaps after the author wrote the tutorial.

I am taking further marks from this module, because it uses a data feed thats in my opinion utterly useless.

-the weather data is based on the weather channel ( and I have found that (at least for Canadian cities) the weather couldn't be farther from what environment Canada reports (inaccurate) - always, so when I saw that yahoo was getting this feed themselves from, I knew I would not be utilizing this module on my site at that point regardless.

- Just a heads up for anyone that wants to use this on a Canadian site - weather data VERY inaccurate from!
Reviews: 10
This is by far the prettiest weather module on the JED. I'm very impressed by it's functionality and the way it fits into my site. The three day forecast could be restrictive for some but it's perfect for my needs. Great job Shape 5.

Ok, so this extension drove me mad for a while as the module title came up but no weather info, the code was there just no execution... sound familiar? You should also know that I successfully got this working perfectly for an Australian location, so here's some trouble shooting tips.

1. The tutorial for using another countries Yahoo weather station code is out of date. check the support forum for updated instructions here:,com_smf/Itemid,75/topic,4085.0/

2. After doing this mine still didn't work but after some sleuthing I found that it may be a php permissions error on my server. Create a php.ini file (just a standard text file) with the following line:

allow_url_fopen = on

(You may also like to duplicate this file and call it php5.ini if you are on Godaddy)

By following these two steps you have correctly configured the module AND allowed it to work on the server (ie access the yahoo data through php).

Neither of these are the developers fault and even after a couple of hours of frustration I still rate the module 5 stars.

Note to developers- it would really help if you updated the demo instructions site and made a note about the f_open php. Cheers!
Reviews: 1
For those who cannot get this module to work, it may be that the host has disabled remote file access for PHP's file_get_contents function.

It could also be that the file_put_contents function does not have correct permissions to write to the domain root.

I found both issues and had to devise workarounds for a client using this module.
Reviews: 3
I have this mod installed. It works, I'm satisfied with it. But when I compare the weather conditions it's displaying on my module to the conditions at (for the same zip code) they are different. I don't know how often the module refreshes the data it displays, but it seems like it's perpetually sunny & 88 degrees on my module when it's actually windy or rainy.
Reviews: 3
I wish I could change the language of the text to portuguese. I changed some text, but others I can't find in the modules files. I also would like to preview up to 5 days... and have a horizontal display with few infos, just max temp and min temp... the complete info should be optional... but, nevertheless a great module!
Reviews: 5
I tested this on a local installation of J1.5 and it worked a treat, looked nice, data correct, looked really promising.
Installed on a live server (live site) and it didn't work at all, same version of Joomla and I'm stumped!
Component name showed up in the layout, but nothing else, completely blank. I did nothing differently, so no idea why it wont work on the live site. Would really, love to get this working as it's a component I have been asked for and this one on the test site was definately the best.
Reviews: 1
This is a good weather mod. However, it would be a great mod if the users could input thier own zip code and see thier weather, instead of mine all the time.
Reviews: 2
Not sure who is giving all the high marks here, but this module doesn't work at all, and by "doesn't work at all" I mean it flat out, unequivocally, without question, does not function as promised.
Reviews: 6
Once again, Shape5 delivers a clean, easy, functional extension.

I have switched to Shape5 templates for the same reasons. They deliver clean, easy, functional templates. I am a convert!
Reviews: 1
The is a great weather display module! Styling is nice, and is very easy to setup: Just enter your ZIP code.

However, I wish you could configure the number of days out (1-3) you want to display though. But that's my personal preference.
Reviews: 1
I just started using this extension, plan on adding it to all my Joomla sites.
Reviews: 41
As has become the norm with Shape5 extensions, this one is fantastic. Easy to configure and beautifully styled. Don't mess with other weather extensions, just use this one!