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MambWeather Module

Worldwide weather module for displaying live weather readings of more than 7000 official weather stations. Originally by Vasco Nunes for Joomla! 1.0, now ported to Joomla! 1.5, 2.5 and 3.0. The Joomla! 1.6+ versions have been renamed GlobeWeather. No registration or subscription to any weather services needed.

Visit the project website for the J1.5 version.

- Displays live weather conditions of selected location(s) on your website. No weather forecasts.
- Uses public NOAA weather data from locations around the world, without the need to register or subscribe, therefore truly free.
- Flexible weather data retrieval.
- Configurable, including metric and USA units, icon set, display width, metar retrieval mode.
- Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
- Language: English.
- Downloadable language pack for additional front-end languages.
- Easy to implement. You'll be up and running in minutes, certainly if you read the basic instructions first.

Requires PHP5.

Also available as a Premium and Business edition. These include two additional icon sets and the option to have the sunrise/sunset time automatically calculated and applied to the displayed day/night weather icons, display colour options and much more.

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Reviews: 7
This was exactly what I needed! Easy install, straight forward, worked exactly as stated. I easily added the codes for additional cities I wanted and had it up and "scrolling" in 15 minutes. Thanks so much for creating and sharing this great Joomla module!
Reviews: 2
Works straight out of the box and the set up is a breeze. Parameters are straightforward also. Big minus is the fact it needs to refresh the whole page on selecting a location forecast. No AJAX here I`m afraid.
But if you want various locations you have to edit lots of METAR stations in the parameters.
No option to remove the drop down info box either just in case you want a basic listing of temp/location.

***That Refresh on choosing a new weather forecast is really annoying me already.
Owner's reply

Thank you for you honesty.
The option to hide the drop down list is in the premium and business edition of the module. See the module's configuration options page at the project's website. For each station, you need to enter the station code, its description (what name is to be displayed), its time zone, sunrise and sunset times. In total five parameters that are all required for the proper functioning of the module.

Reviews: 1
I adore the fact that's it's nice, tidy and it can also give detailed information on the weather.
Owner's reply

Your submit name suggests that you experienced problems. I would like to know what these are/were. Maybe they are resolved by downloading the latest version. If not, please let me know so I can help you.

Reviews: 31
Easy to install and to customize. It's a nice add to each website. Thanks for doing and sharing.
Rudolf Aigner
Reviews: 7
Mambweather gives you real weather, based on the latest measured(!) data, not some vague forecasts. I use it on my (very first) page of a recently founded renewable energy company in Peru. Providing the (usually renewable energy friendly) weather data of 19 stations in the country (airports) has the additional advantage that those places appear as keywords in the search engines. Last and least, as an active glider pilot (here paragliding), it allows to have the latest weather data just a click away. Just beautiful.
Reviews: 2
Easy to install, no problems at all. And easy to find the right places.
Reviews: 1
Really easy to install, had no issues at all
Reviews: 7
I was looking for weather module and this is it. Easy to setup, very good and fast support from developer, easy installation and multilanguage.

Keep up good work!!!
Reviews: 8
I realy like this module.
In the newest version I can see new icon packs.
Please, can we use this icons in other applications too.
Owner's reply

As far as I am aware, the new icons are GPL. So you should be able to use them.

Reviews: 1
First try with this module and it was on and working in minutes. without any errors and with the locations that i inserted. Very easy and robust weather module..excellent!
Reviews: 4
installed very easy and configuration was quick, just wish the output was spruced up a little more, maybe blocked numbers for the total visitors..
Owner's reply

I am sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by "blocked numbers for the total visitors".

Reviews: 2
I'm switching to MambWeather from ZWeather, which has been a compromise w.r.t. legacy and stagnant dev but -was- the only option that worked for me. Until I plugged the relevant page into W3C validator and ZWeather threw 39 errors. MambWeather setup incl color tweaks are straightforward. I had a problem with module performance which the developer fixed next day.
Reviews: 1
I found this very simple to setup and use, and more robust than others that I tried. With Joomla 1.5.20 other weather modules had various problems. But mambweather was just no fuss and worked flawlessly first time. It appears to use METAR aviation weather forecasts which have a lot of extra information that is easy to access and very useful to me.
Reviews: 1
It was easier to setup this module than it was to register and review it at Joomla.
Get the 4 digit airport codes for whatever region you wish to show the weather for, size it, synchronize the time and sunrise, customize the look, all in the parameters and you are away.
Rob responded quickly and went beyond the call of duty helping me specially customize the module. Sensational.
Reviews: 2
I agree with all of these reviews. Excellent module. Works out of the box.
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent module. Besides that, the instructions are cristal clear. Thank you very mucht for the good job
Reviews: 2
I have been trying to get a weather module that works for my group's web site. This has been the Closest to get weather that people that visit my web site care about. It uses airport information from all over the world free and easy to get the proper location or very close. It was easy to set up and I had fun with the settings to give my users a sense of the motorcycle riding conditions in other parts of the world.

Les Johnson
Reviews: 21
Don't know why this isn't more popular, it was not only the easiest to install it looks great and has options to add weather for other destinations. I can only think that the METAR tags may have put some people off, get these at '' (LPPT is for Lisbon, Portugal, just choose your destination on the map and the 4 letter code appears at the bottom).
Simple and it works a charm. Hartelijk bedankt mensen for putting this together it is fabulous.
Reviews: 1
All of the orther weather modules I have tried required some registrations somewhere, and taking hours to set up a single weather data. MambWeather works 1 second after install, have great documentation, and I set it up in no time. I totally recommend.
Reviews: 1
Good working and easy extension. Clear documentation in English as well in Dutch. Many extra features for visitor to know about the weather condition at destination + changable destinations. Tip: to find easy ICAO codes for your destination go to
Bedankt Rob voor deze extension!
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