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CBTiger ComponentExtension Specific Addon

CBTiger allows the integration between Joomla and Vtiger through the Community Builder extension.

CBTiger includes one component for Joomla! and one CB plugin. See this video :

* The CB fields can be associated with Vtiger Lead/Account and Contact fields.

* When the User is registered, the information are captured from the CB registration form in to Vtiger Leads/Contacts,Accounts modules.

* When the User updates his profile, CBTiger lead/contact record is automatically updated.

* When the administrator creates updates or deletes the User, Vtiger Lead/Contact,Accounts record of the User is created, updated or deleted.

* CBTiger is tested and integrated with the latest versions of Vtiger Open Source, Vtiger CRM On Demand.
By using CBTiger you can:
* Know and understand your customers better.
* Let your customer give you fresh information about him.
* Help your customer help you collect information about him !

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