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It allows you to build forms with different fields type easily using a simple drag and drop manipulation and integrate Joomla with SugarCRM in few minutes, without any specific knowledge of SOAP or SugarCRM API!
This extension helps you to create workflows with different tasks and conditions handled when associated forms are submitted. Many tasks types are supported: saving submitted data in database, sending by email, integration with SugarCRM and sending alerts.
You can create a workflow that is adapted to your specific process and link it to the forms. When the form is submitted, the tasks are executed according to the created workflow. RichContactPro allows a wide range of SugarCRM manipulation.
RichContactPro gives you a possibility to define a lot of scenarios for integrating SugarCRM depending on your specific needs. Thence, allowing multiple manipulations of data in different SugarCRM modules simultaneously.

RichContactPro is an advanced version of RichContact.

** Main Features **
1- Webforms:
- Create unlimited number of webforms
- Insert fields, layouts and reorder them with a simple Drag and Drop manipulation
- Create many types of custom fields
- and more ...

2- Workflow:
- Create workflow with a set of tasks and conditions, executed after submission
- Each condition can contain a number of tasks and conditions
- Ability to create send email task
- Ability to create saving in database task
- Ability to create SugarCRM integration task
- Ability to create alert task
- and more ...

3- SugarCRM integration:
- Speedy configuration of SugarCRM
- Ability to synchronize with SugarCRM fields and modules by a simple click
- You can associate fields with one or more SugarCRM fields easily
- Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Prospects, Cases and custom module are supported
- Multiple operations can be applied with submitted data to SugarCRM Module
- You can create, update or delete records in SugarCRM modules tables
- You can also convert a lead to a contact
- Set a relationship when create SugarCRM modules entries except for custom modules
- and more ...

4- Save in your Joomla Database:
- Save all your submitted data in Joomla Database and view it easily
- Ability to export saved data to CVS file format, viewable on MS Excel
- Ability to export saved data to vCard file format, viewable on MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird

5- Style customization:
- Themes manager
- Ability to install new themes
- Each form can have its own style
- The CSS file can be easily accessed and modified to best make the contact form fit your site design
- You can publish a contact form in one column table or two columns table
- and more ...

6- Language
- RichContactPro is in English but it can be easily modified to other languages.

7- Help and Documentation
- The help is available as an online resource and is updated

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Reviews: 3
I recently purchased the rich contact and data capture bundle as the demo showed promise. It proved to be a total waste of money. Realistically, I expect commercial plugins to work with minimal fuss. Unfortunately, this was not my experience here.

I got an assurance from developer this would work with sugar pro 6. Despite the lack of documentation, I configured to best of my knowledge, but richcontact forms submitted via joomla were not being converted to my sugar crm leads.

I contacted the developer and got the following response:

* In RichContact Configuration, please make sure that you have entered your SugarCRM Live Site (URI) correctly. Please don't put / at the end of URI and don't forget www if it is not a sub domain.
* Please check the user information: username and password, they should be correct and the user should exist in SugarCRM.
* There is another possibility when this error occurs. The data returned by SugarCRM server cannot be understood by SOAP, it means PHP cannot return proper XML data back to the SOAP running on your WebSite.
* You need to find with your administrator these types of errors, which stop PHP from functioning and returning proper data back to SOAP. One way to understand what kind of data SOAP expects is to load the following URL into your browser: http://your.sugarcrm.installation/soap.php?wsdl The stuff you see is data that SOAP expects and can understand (it should be a correct XML data).

I double-checked my configuration for url, username, password. The SOAP, XML stuff was too technical for me to follow. I decided to simply create a web to lead form via sugar and copy-paste the code into a joomla page - just ensure you deselect the html editor in user profile because editor may strip form javascript.
Reviews: 1
I use this extension since 2008, i'm very happy by the support, this team do good work
Thanks for all your quick reply
Reviews: 1
We puchased this product as a bundled product with their other Sugar CRM components.

On seeing the demo and subsequently purchasing / installing the product, it looked promising and would allow us to achieve the synergy we needed between SugarCRM and Joomla.

After installing the component and trying many different ways of trying to configure so that we capture leads and contacts from Joomla frontend into Sugar CRM we had to admit defeat and turn to technical support for the product.

Online there are a number of guides and even videos that we reviewed against our installation.

Still no luck! We have been trying to get a response now via email (the only available contact method for this company) for TWO months.
Owner's reply

You have sent your issue on 13/05/2009 in a wrong email address, but our support team haven't received it until 19/05/2009 (in the proper support address) and resolved it in the same day, not after two months!

As mentioned in our terms, please send your issues by email to, and you will have a quick response.

Please read carefully our terms.

Thank you.

Reviews: 1
I purchased this component today to build a demo for a customer that wanted a simple integration to sugarCRM. The component was easy to setup and I was suprised with all the possible options available in the backend. You can tweak this component just about every which way to make the form you are looking for.
I did run into a few issues as this is a new version for Joomla 1.5 but after a series of emails to the developers we breezed right through them. I was having trouble with it working with SmartSeF but they sent me a solution as fast as I could send them emails practically. I am very happy with this purchase. Having the ability to bring the SugarCRM system into my client package is a big deal for my web consulting business. Great component and great support. I hope these guys are working on some more components for this area. I'd buy them in a second.
This componet just raised the bar with what you can offer a client as far as a website and a customer relationship management component.