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Chimp Your Joomla Plugin

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Chimp Your Joomla! is a plugin that automatically adds users to your MailChimp list account when they register to your site. No more exporting those lists and then importing them! We make the work of capturing your users data easy to help you re-engage with them in your e-mail marketing campaigns.

MailChimp is the best email marketing and email list manager out on the market today. MailChimp has the easiest tools that gives you more power to deliver quality content to your list. Now hook your site up with Chimp Your Joomla and let that chimp do all the work for you.

- Easy integration with Mail Chimp (a powerful 3rd party newsletter management software)
- Simple setup
- Automatic subscription or email validation capability
- Easily change campaigns

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Reviews: 1
Would of gave a perfect rating but the instruction manual online is not correct. Once I figured that out it worked fine. To find the list ID in Mail Chimp you need to go into the list/settings and you will see on the right side a code and it says the following: Some plugins and integrations may request your list id.
Typically, this is what they want: LIST-ID-WAS-HERE. Copying the ID from the HTTP: line in your browser does not work.
Reviews: 2
I liked this plugin very much.

We use this on our Extension Club website to sync all our newly registered users with our Mailchimp Lists. Works out of the box and very simple-just enable the plugin, enter your API key and your list's ID, That's It! +1
Reviews: 1
Simply put, this plug in didn't work for me. I use K2 on Joomla and it did none of the features the developers claim to do. I contacted them many times, and even though their replies were fast, in the end, they could not solve the problem even after I sent screen grabs from my Joomla Admin and Mail Chimp config. It was a total waste of time and money.