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Optin Professional Toolbar Form Module


Optin Professional Toolbar Form Module will help you publishing powerful optin form at the bottom of your website with very nice design, light-weight code.

It gives you the best way to get visitor's attention, without disturbing them, and perfect tool to get them onto your email list.

★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★

✔ Collect Emails to Your MAILCHIMP Account
✔ Collect Emails as a Normal Form.
✔ Collect Emails to Your AWEBER Account
✔ Collect Emails to Your CONSTANT CONTACT Account
✔ Attach PDF Forms to your Normal Form
✔ You can customize your Aweber form fields easily from backend.
✔ Customize Sent Email to Subscribers Easily (for Normal Forms)
✔ Redirect after submission to custom redirection page.
✔ Set Module Subscription Form Header message
✔ Easily customize colors
✔ Easily change images via css file.
✔ If your template is loading Jquery, you can simply disable Jquery from backend

★★★★★ UPDATES ★★★★★

★★★★★ CURRENT VERSION: ✔ V.1.0.9 ★★★★★

Thanks all you made suggestions and let us improving our extension!

✔ V.1.0.9
★ Mailchimp Added
✔ V.1.0.8
★ JS Fİles Minified
✔ V.1.0.7
★ Acy Mailing integrations added (Thanks to Randy for giving us the idea)
✔ V.1.0.6
★ Email Validation Changes
✔ V.1.0.5
★ Constant Contact Added
✔ V.1.0.4
★ You can send PDF files with regular form
✔ V.1.0.3
★ Aweber Contact Added

★★★★★ SUPPORT ★★★★★

✔ We are well know with the support we provide. We are almost 24 hours online and assure you solving any of our extensions related issue latest in 12 hours!

✔ You are welcome if you have a suggestion, we are looking forward hearing suggestions!

★★★★★ USER GUIDE PDF or VIDEO ★★★★★

✔ Video Tutorial Available
✔ Each module parameter explained well, all you need to do is rolling your mouse over the parameter label, a short description will be shown in a tool-tip.

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Reviews: 2
excellent work By developer. Keep it up guys and thanks for all support . they support well as better then others
Owner's reply

Thanks, we are happy to see our works on a live site!

All the Best!

Reviews: 1
Great extension! and best of all awesome customer service. i had them do a custom module for me, and hey took care of it within 24hrs!!!! keep up the great work guys!!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you so much.

we are very glad to add value to your business!

Reviews: 1
Fanatic Ninja support from guru developers!
Keep up the great work!
Owner's reply

can we make some fun, lets see that:

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Ninja is always here! :)

Reviews: 12
All i can say excellent work developer. Few of you paid product i'm using on live production website and will definitely recommend to all. Support almost instant.

Thank you very much
Owner's reply

Let Ninja Jump Around :)

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That is it :)

Thanks :)

I am happy to serve a great support!

Reviews: 2
I asked the developer ofr an integration with acymailing and they did. It works like a charm. I'm very happy for it.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your suggestion!

Reviews: 2
Many thanks for the developers for creating this amazing product!

From now I will not concern of other component with this feature in Joomla.

I will never confuse to buy this product over and over again!
Reviews: 1
Very good at support and always very good extensions!