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AcyMailing is a reliable Newsletter and email marketing extension for Joomla.
AcyMailing enables you to efficiently manage an unlimited number of subscribers, organize them into mailing lists, send personalized newsletters (Hi {subtag:name}...)

+ Real time send process using a queue system with throttling enabling you to overcome ANY server limitation!
+ Subscription Module with cool effects (popup, slide effect...)
+ Handle the subscription of registered users and visitors
+ Record the User IP to stay compliant with all countries laws
+ Double opt-in and automatic unsubscribe link
+ CAN-SPAM compliant
+ Validation and Confirmation of the email address
+ Mass Subscription using filters and mass actions
+ Automatic synchronization with your Joomla Users
+ Import your users from any format: CSV, Acajoom, Letterman, Communicator, ccNewsletter, Yanc, jNews

+ Easily include Joomla Articles in your newsletter
+ Easily include any user information in your newsletter (name, e-mail, username...)
+ Facebook share and Twitter share plugins
+ Display your lists on your Joomla registration form
+ Automatically subscribe your users to one or several lists during their registration process
+ Integration with your contact form component: com_contact, Contact Enhanced, QContacts
+ Handle unlimited subscribers, lists and newsletters

+ Newsletter template management including 3 default newsletter-templates
+ Automatic inline-css conversion
+ Attachment capability, Embedded images option
+ Preview and Send test newsletter to an entire Joomla group or to a specific email address
+ Newsletter Statistics management (Number of Sent / Opened, HTML or text version)
+ Advanced Newsletter statistics (who opened your Newsletter and when)

+ Front-End newsletter archive section with PDF generation and print options
+ Latest Newsletters Module

+ Automatic installation of plugins, module, templates and auto-configuration
+ Handle SMTP Secured Connections (you can use GMail to send your newsletter)
+ Administrator/User Notifications

+ Integrated Documentation
+ Fully multilingual interfaces
+ No ugly AcyMailing logo in your newsletter

AcyMailing uses the Joomla MVC model to let you customize any view.
AcyMailing is translated in more than 40 languages!

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Reviews: 12
AcyMailing (free Basic-Version) is simple to install, simple to use, great documentation (all the good Vids), german Language (and of course others) is possible. So, why do you look for others ;-)

I "love" it from the first moment.

THUMBS UP for the Developers and THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Reviews: 1
I just find this extension very usefull. The support on their forum is fast and reliable. I'm considering to buy the commercial version to support the program!
Reviews: 1
This is an amazing extension, everything about it is spot on. It is very intuitive, superbly laid out and powerful. Easy to use, it creates great emails and newsletters. It has a great system for linking users with newsletters and so much more ... it is one of the best extensions I have ever used.
Reviews: 1
It is very good extension: easy to install and ready to work. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 1
We purchased AcyMailing Enterprise and use it on a very important commercial site. We had a unique usage for it and the developer worked with us until we had a solid, proven solution which works perfectly. I cannot say enough about the wonderful product (which in itself is very robust and well coded) but also the fantastic, unmatched support. Great choice if you want the best email/newsletters product.
Reviews: 10
I am only using the free version as my site is still Joomla 1.5, but I will definitely upgrade once I have migrated. Installation was simple and the extension is very professionally written and intuitive. You should get an award for this - well done :)
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension, works flawlessly.

Thanks for such a great extension.
Reviews: 5
I've spent 10 years developing iterations of websites for a school and the newsletter component is one of the most important. Unlike a lot of folks, I'm not necessarily concerned with getting as many visitors as possible, at least where parents are concerned. I want to feed them information as much as possible.

Having previously used another component for mail, I was blown away when I switched to AcyMailing several years ago. Everything this other component got wrong, AcyMailing got completely right.

It's user-friendly and powerful. I'm an Enterprise version customer and have had nothing but good experiences with the app and with the company. Their support forums are really useful when you get stumped trying to customize something.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
Free version have all you need for menage your newsletters and mailing list. You don't need nothing more
Reviews: 14
Nobody can say a bad word. The free version includes everything what you just needed! Furthermore continuously development, all features in the program to inform your users or quests and many more. I can only recommend it! Thank you very much!
Reviews: 1
So easy to set up, modifying template css could be easier, but all in all a great component!
Reviews: 5
I upgraded to the enterprise version for the extra features. I have been using it for about a year now, and am very happy with the product.
Support is very good, with excellent documentation which is rare in the Joomla extension world. All options are explained very well in the documentation, and makes this very easy to set up.
The software itself works as you would expect it to, and is very powerful.
Reviews: 1
As an amateur without much Joomla! experience, or even website experience, i approached this with some trepidation. However, I found the interface excellent, with the same look and feel to it as Joomla! has. I liked the Help feature greatly, in that it integrates so well into the browser page.
My only initial setback was that I didn't realise at first that I'd need to set up the mail server. Once I understood that, it was all plain sailing. Well done.
Reviews: 7
Believe me when I tell you I have tried all mailing components, and none of them even come close to ACYMailing.
Import and Export are truly outstanding, and actions on the existing users and bounce handling are great time-savers. Overall it is a professional application for any business, and the level of integration with Joomla, Social Networking and Ecommerce is worth the price for the Enterprise version.
Do yourself a real favour and see how a component should be written.
Reviews: 11
Thanks a lot for this great component! I use this on my websites and so far I have no problems using it.
Reviews: 9
I'm using this extension since about 2 years. It is flexible, easy to setup, but very functional.

Good job guys!
Reviews: 1
I tried RSMail and JNews Pro, and what a mess. I started with the Standard free version, but soon updated to the AcyMailing Enterprise... Best investment for a mall mailing program. Easy to understand help, easy to understand configuration, it was also easy to understand setting up my own cron on my cPanel server. So far, no complaints - great job guys!
Reviews: 2
This is not only the best newsletter extension I have seen, this is the best commercial extension I have ever seen compared to ANY extension across the board.

- Very well written
- HIGHLY configurable
- Intuitive
- Feature rich
- Perfectly integrated

I installed the free version and in about 5 minutes I knew I was going to buy the commercial version to get some added features. I have never even looked at the documentation and had this totally setup and sending test newsletters in minutes. Just amazing.

Kudos to the French guy.
Reviews: 2
Extremely flexible (we have enterprise edition) and powerful. Very professional.
Reviews: 12
i`m using this component for 3years and i should say its working without any bug!

bounce handling , load module in newsletter,live language editing and... are my favorite features

it`s really professional and i advice to all
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