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AcyMailing is a reliable Newsletter and email marketing extension for Joomla.
AcyMailing enables you to efficiently manage an unlimited number of subscribers, organize them into mailing lists, send personalized newsletters (Hi {subtag:name}...)

+ Real time send process using a queue system with throttling enabling you to overcome ANY server limitation!
+ Subscription Module with cool effects (popup, slide effect...)
+ Handle the subscription of registered users and visitors
+ Record the User IP to stay compliant with all countries laws
+ Double opt-in and automatic unsubscribe link
+ CAN-SPAM compliant
+ Validation and Confirmation of the email address
+ Mass Subscription using filters and mass actions
+ Automatic synchronization with your Joomla Users
+ Import your users from any format: CSV, Acajoom, Letterman, Communicator, ccNewsletter, Yanc, jNews

+ Easily include Joomla Articles in your newsletter
+ Easily include any user information in your newsletter (name, e-mail, username...)
+ Facebook share and Twitter share plugins
+ Display your lists on your Joomla registration form
+ Automatically subscribe your users to one or several lists during their registration process
+ Integration with your contact form component: com_contact, Contact Enhanced, QContacts
+ Handle unlimited subscribers, lists and newsletters

+ Newsletter template management including 3 default newsletter-templates
+ Automatic inline-css conversion
+ Attachment capability, Embedded images option
+ Preview and Send test newsletter to an entire Joomla group or to a specific email address
+ Newsletter Statistics management (Number of Sent / Opened, HTML or text version)
+ Advanced Newsletter statistics (who opened your Newsletter and when)

+ Front-End newsletter archive section with PDF generation and print options
+ Latest Newsletters Module

+ Automatic installation of plugins, module, templates and auto-configuration
+ Handle SMTP Secured Connections (you can use GMail to send your newsletter)
+ Administrator/User Notifications

+ Integrated Documentation
+ Fully multilingual interfaces
+ No ugly AcyMailing logo in your newsletter

AcyMailing uses the Joomla MVC model to let you customize any view.
AcyMailing is translated in more than 40 languages!

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Reviews: 5
ACYmailing isn’t just the best Joomla extension for email, it’s the best of all solutions for email we’ve ever used.

Email is the cornerstone of our marketing. Over the years we’ve tried many ways and services to manage our data and get our emails delivered including server side software, desktop solutions, and the bigger services like Icontact/Constantcontact. Presently, we send 100-200,000 emails a month through ACY.

We’ve been using ACY now about two years. It had a few shortcomings when we started but during our tenure we’ve watched the product grow and increase functionality to the point that it does everything the most expensive solutions do, and usually better. At the beginning we used it as a secondary source and maintained our lists and data elsewhere. Not long after we started using ACY as our primary method of sending email. Today we have begun customizing the database and starting to migrate our customer contact and data to a complete ACY solution.

Our top reasons for using ACY:

- The best customer support of any extension we’ve ever used. Responses are fast, and ACY helps solve all mail issues, even if they are not the fault of their product.

- It’s incredibly reliable and we’ve never seen a compatibility issue.

- It’s highly manipulate-able. Out of the box it’s full featured and easy to use. As we became more sophisticated, we learned that there’s a way to do just about anything. We recently had our first custom feature written by ACY and it was done quickly, and very affordably.

- Features and functionality are constantly being upgraded. ACY is very active in working with its customers through their forums and reacts very well to their needs.

We’re not very active reviewers here. This one really deserved the time.
Reviews: 8
Fantastic! I've been using the "Enterprise" version and it's definitely worth every cent.

I had been using another component but I had a number of issues. This one works like a treat and leaves so much space for customization. Support is great too.

Panos Efstathiadis
Reviews: 3
Do you know that feeling you get when you are happy with the money you spent?

After trying several mailing extensions i found this and is so amazing and complete that i decided to buy the enterprise version.
I'm so happy with this extension! everithing works great and you can do a real professional email marketing job with it!

More! the support is unbelivable! every single question i ask (and i ask many) is answered in terms of minutes... i was wandering if the supporters are sleeping near the computer or what else...

I absolutely suggest you... if you are looking for a mailing extension... choose this!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review Jacopo!

You're actually right... We are sleeping next to our computers! ;)

Reviews: 6
I have been using the free version for several years now and am very happy with the features that it provides.
AcyMailing is a wonderful wonderful product. Well done! I use it for a 501 C non profit that has contracted with me for services.
Reviews: 3
I am really impressed with all aspects of AcyMailing. It integrates with many other extensions, and it includes a lot of useful features that are all accessed through an easy to use backend interface. I haven't seen any problems with emails being sent.

I found the support to be just as good as the code. Today I went to the developer's forum to ask a question and I got a prompt and helpful response (thanks Adrien!).

I would recommend AcyMailing to anyone who wants a full featured newsletter component and fast helpful support from the developer.
Reviews: 3
Excellent purchase! Worth the price!
Reviews: 7
Excellent extension. Thank you very much
Reviews: 10
I'd have to say I'm really happy with this, it's ironed out all my follow up emails and manages my news as it happens!
Reviews: 14
This is the perfect solution for your newsletter. No problem, and the support was wonderful. in a few days i resolve a layout problem what i was making a new system and a new template. very recommendable. An the version Enterprise has all i need and i wish.
Reviews: 1
I have been using this newsletter component for almost 2 years and it is very professional looking, easy to install and configure, provides great template designs, easy to manage subscribers. Support on the site is A+++++.
Reviews: 15
Go for full version without hesitation, it is just perfect on all points.
Support, installation, etc...
Best newsletter system ever !
Reviews: 1
I'm using this extension on my website. Easy to use and if there is any problem, the support is excellent. Even if the things I want to do aren't compatible with any e-mail provider (like... use flash in e-mail), the support team give me suggestions to make things to work.

Thank you!
Reviews: 3
I couldn't be happier. Adrian helped me integrate another extension which was above and beyond my expectations.

Acymailing is a great tool and a far better solution than other newsletter options that require off site operation and monthly costs.
Reviews: 5
i came from acajoom, and tried Vmod. Lot of mess to get an aceptable result. I tried then Acy Starte, so amazing that makes me pay for the essential version hours later, to get all that i need and want. Easy to configure, with an external SMTP service became the best component i saw in years! Thx a lot for this great extention! keep up the great work

Gracias gracias gracias!
Reviews: 5
We have used AcyMailing in both the Starter and Enterprise version. This component does everything it says. The pricing models are great. The documentation is very well done and the support is top notch. Highly recommend.
Reviews: 8
It took me sometime to get around this... but not too much. It is a very flexible extension. The developer can perhaps make the addition of specific people to mailing lists more easier. But that is something I can live with (given it's free) :)
Owner's reply


Thank you for your review.

If you have existing users and want to subscribe them to an other list, you can:

-> do that in mass via our filters/actions interface

-> select the users you want on the users listing and click on the button "actions -> subscribe to..."

You don't have to edit each user one by one to subscribe them to your newly created list.

Not sure if it's what you were looking for... if not, please drop us an e-mail, we are always happy to receive new ideas to improve AcyMailing!

Reviews: 2
Emailed support with licensing questions, and the response time came as a shock. Adrien got back to me before i could even get up to get another cup of coffee... literally. Great product and the support is there to back it. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
Great plugin. Easy to setup and good functionality.
Reviews: 6
AcyMailing expressed those rare components that are in extremely well done from the beginning.
In addition, it gets better with time: constantly new features, new ideas ...
To be taken without hesitation ... and to recommend a great pleasure!
Yeah also: support to the top!
Reviews: 3
This is a good component and very easy to use. First time to use this free component and I like the way it works even i have a little problem on the sending of my first newsletter but prefer to use this piece of software.

Thank you for making this free.

Have a merry Christmas to the people behind this.

Owner's reply

Hi Raul,

Thank you for your review.
Your little problem on the sending process may already be solved but if not, don't hesitate to contact us via our website!

Happy New Year!

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