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JINC (Joomla! Integrated Newsletters Component) is a easy-to-use newsletter component for Joomla!.

JINC includes these newsletter functionalities

* Basic Management - Creation and editing of unlimited number of newsletters.
* Profiling - Access restriction to a newsletter to guests, users or groups of users.
* Auto-subscription - Automatic newsletter subscription after Joomla! user registration.
* Welcome Message and Disclaimer - Welcome message after newsletter subscription and disclaimer automatically added to every newsletter message.
* Themes management - Several frontend themes available to show a newsletter in Joomla! frontend

* Template management - Definition of message templates to avoid copy and paste at every message creation.
* Content type management - Possibility to choose between plain text and HTML messages.
* Massime or personalized mails - One mail per subscriber or mails with a lot subscribers in Blind Carbon Copy.
* Multi Attachment - One or more attachments for messages.
* TAG substitution - Subscribers and newsletters info TAGs substituted while sending process.
* Start/Stop functionalities - Possibility to start the message sending process, pause it and re-start later

* E-mail confirmation - Mail confirmation during subscription and unsubscription by opt-in messages.
* Massive import - Import subscriber lists from CSV files.
* Groups management - Creation of groups of potential subscribers for private newsletters.
* Joomla! Contact Integration - Possibility to retrieve subscribers information from Joomla! contacts
* Addictional attributes - Administrator definible mandatory or optional attributes to subscribe a newsletter
* Captcha confirmation - Activable captcha for newsletter subscription

* Event based statistics - Statistics registered based on events (subscription, unsubscription, message sent).
* Time based statitics - Statistics showed by time line.
* Statistics charts - Trend of events time based showed in a chart.

* Frontend translations - Frontend translated in english, italian, french, spanish, german and dutch
* Backend translations - Backend translated in english and italian

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Reviews: 1
I tested the extension to version 0.6.2

I found it really excellent

easy to use, and most important has been the technical assistance

from developers

In my opinion, the extension is highly recommended

Now wait to version 0.7

Reviews: 1
The idea is good.

The UI is usable but very spartan.

Installing could be easier. Now you have to extract the component and the module from the zip and install them separately. It could be done in one step.

The programming is very poor. There is a ton of uninitialized variables and even some bad references.

But since this is only 0.4 yet, it could be better later.
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