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UPDATE (Oct, 2014): JConverter 1.5 supports import of images from Wordpress to Joomla. It also supports importing same URL alias from Wordpress in Joomla so you can keep same URL in new site with minimal changes.

UPDATE (Jan, 2014): JConverter 1.4 supports importing comments from JComments for 3.x version now.

UPDATE (Sep, 2013): JConverter now Joomla 3.x compatible and is available as part of the JConverter download package. Please note that 3.x compatible version does not support import of comments from Wordpress since JComments is not yet compatible with 3.x.

JConverter is now 2.5 compatible with many bug fixes and some awesome new features. Here are some new features added in 2.5 version.

1) Supports importing nested categories from wordpress.
2) Associates posts with categories in Joomla after imports.
3) Supports JComments integration for importing comments.
4) Supports setting a new password for users while importing users.

As the name suggests, JConverter allows you to convert your WordPress blog into a Joomla site. It can import users, blog posts, categories, pages and even links from your WordPress blog to Joomla.

It's very easy to use. Just install it, select the options you want to imports from WordPress and click on "Start Conversion". It queries the WordPress database for blog posts, pages, users, links and categories and converts them to Joomla format. All in just one click.

This is BETA release and there are some new features planned in future. As of now, there are certain limitations of JConverter which you can find under configuration panel of component.

IMPORTANT : Though you can import your WordPress site in an existing Joomla site, it's ideal for creating a fresh Joomla site from an existing Wordpress site. In such case, install the latest Joomla version WITHOUT SAMPLE DATA, install JConverter, provide the configuration details and import.

This extension is built on top of mtwMigrator to avoid reinventing the wheel since it was very close to what was needed for JConverter. Thanks to Matias Aguirre for building such a useful extension.

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Reviews: 1
Bought the extension yesterday after reading positive reviews and it indeed is a fine extension. It took me just a few minutes to convert my wordpress site with 400+ posts to joomla and so far things look fine with my new joomla site. Highly recommended extension.
Reviews: 47
Used on Joomla 3.3.3

I had a WordPress site with around 620 articles and 12 categories. I was really unhappy with the WordPress performance; even afer trying all tuning, the performance was laziest and was turning me down. When I decided to turn back to my Good Old Joomla, was worried how to all my articles and categories in joomla as articles. This component came in my way while searching; I brought i soon after reading the claims.

I entered the configuration information and clicked on "convert" and at a blink of an eye, it came up with a message that its all done, WHAT!!! did I say blink of an eye, YES!! it was just like loading a page of just another site.

Love you guys, keep up the great work.

Syed Hussaini
Reviews: 11
I maked at first the mistake to use a bad database so was not happy but it was all my fault. With the good database it was just a few seconds work!
Reviews: 8
As soon as you get the right infos about your WP database, this component works great.
I've really appreciated :
- Works fast
- No bug
- You know right at the import what has worked and what has not, so you can fix it.
- Articles look great right after the import
- Picture came with absolute URL inside articles. Great cause all your images show up. I guess I'll just have to move my "upload" folder to the new server when I'll redirect the old URL toward new hosting.

Could be better :
- Creation date of articles didn't come with articles. So they're now all from the same date
- Real lack of documentation to make it work. I'm not a pro of databases and I couldn't manage JConverter for a week cause my WP database was hosted somewhere else than my Joomla website... This should be the first step to tell for beginners (like me!)
Also, "help" page is empty...

But great component anyway, I recommend it strongly !
Reviews: 3
I was surprised at how effortlessly this component worked.

As others have written, it would be nice if 1) there was 2.5 version of the component and 2) it was able to read line breaks in Wordpress as the start and finish of paragraphs. The component also seems to input all tags as categories, which can be very cumbersome to deal with in Joomla. Eventually, I reconverted without importing my categories as I only had three (but tons of tags that I didn't need imported).

I also wondered to myself why the option to import comments is only available with a commercial Joomla comment component (Azrul's JomComment).

Here's what I did to end up with a pristine Joomla 2.5 conversion of my Wordpress blog.

1. I installed Joomla 1.5 and then this component, JConverter, and JomComment for 1.5 (fortunately, I had purchased a copy of this component some time ago).

2. Ran JConverter and imported users, posts, and comments only.

3. Installed JComments and then imported the comments from JomComments to JComments.

4. Uninstalled JConverter and JomComments.

5. Installed com_Jupgrade2.5.2 and converted the database from 1.5 to 2.5.2.

6. Installed version 2.5 of JComments and checked to see that the comments were still there (they were).

7. Copied all custom HTML from Wordpress to my Joomla template.css file.

8. You will need to copy and overwrite all articles from Wordpress into Joomla in order to redefine paragraphs UNLESS you have hard-coded HTML into your Wordpress articles (I had actually done so out of force of habit with many articles).

The process is cumbersome but, after two to three hours, I ended up with pristine Joomla 2.5 version of my former Wordpress blog. Not bad.

This component needs some tweaking and further development but when you consider that it's free and basically does what it says, that's a lot more than I can say for even some of the most expensive components on the market today.

Kudos and thanks to the developer.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback. We are working on a 2.5 native version of JConverter with support for a free comments Joomla extension instead of JomComment.

Reviews: 9
OMG! After I figured out how to use this, it was so fast I thought it had failed. In fact, you'll get an error message that it failed but check your articles and they'll be there. 1) If the WP database is on a different server, export it and import it into a new DB on your server. 2) Install the component on your Joomla site. 3) Open JConverter under Components and enter settings for your new WP database in JConverter's Global Configuration. 4) Hit Start Conversion! Laugh your head off because you're done. I didn't set it to import categories so I still have to do that but ALL my posts and pages are in my Joomla articles. Kudos to SopanTech for an excellent extension. Please send these guys a few bucks after you see how much time they save you.
Owner's reply

Glad to hear you found JConverter useful.

Reviews: 4
This extension just made my migration so much easier! Thanks so much.

Easy to use, very fast, does exactly what it says. Had to do a little pruning of posts after but that was the worst of it.

fyi - I used it successfully to import posts from wordpress to joomla and then used the k2 import tool to get them into k2
Reviews: 2
Thanks for this wonderful extension. Withing about 10 minutes I have managed to export my Wordpress posts and pages to a Joomla 1.5 install. Now to just get those posts transfered to my 1.6 version.

Many, Many Thanks.
Reviews: 3
I installed this component as I wanted to import seven Wordpress blogs (most with of them. No explanations, no error messages, and also no support on the website.

After reading the other reviews' comments about formatting, I've checked a few of the posts, and while line breaks seem to be fine, the rest of the formatting seems to be a bit hit and miss.

Really disappointed in this component.
Reviews: 7
This is a phenomenal product. I had to create a new Joomla site on the same server as the old wordpress site, but that was more the hosting providers fault.

This product worked great, and converted 1,800 articles in a snap. Do not know what I would have done without it.
Reviews: 2
Having never ported a WP site into Joomla, I was very skeptical about JConverter. Faced with the prospect of 'cutting and pasting' every last article (100+) into a new J 1.5.22 install, I bit the bullet and used JConverter. It is not a perfect tool but then I'm not a perfect Joomla user. It definitely saved me time and that means $$ to me and my client. Thanks for the helping hand with a sticky problem.
Reviews: 1
This extension seems to have wiped my blog off the planet. The database is still there, but the front end is returning a "0" whenever I load it and I am unsure if my info still exists anywhere.
Owner's reply

That's not possible if you are referring to your WordPress blog since JConverter does a read only operation on WP DB and writes the post to Joomla DB as per Joomla schema.

You can ask for help by sending us an email.

Reviews: 1
This extension is pretty much useless if you have much more than a handful WP articles. It screws up formatting and there is no category association. This means that you'll probably end up using more time fixing things than if you copied the content manually..

The user and link import seem to work well though.
Reviews: 3
This saved me gobs of time and effort! Yes, there are some things I will have to do, but it is a small price to pay for all the work saved. Thank you! It worked like a snap!
Reviews: 8
This plugin is going to be useless until it figures out a way to tackle line breaks.

For some reason Wordpress doesn't save any or tags in its mysql tables.

Because of this, when JConverter moves content to Joomla, all the articles lose their basic formatting and become big unbroken lumps of text.

What am I supposed to do with that? Open each one manually and enter line breaks? It'll be easier to just copy paste them into a text editor manually, I don't need this plugin at all then.
Owner's reply

Quite old post but this issue was fixed long back. Updating the thread for new users benefit.

Reviews: 2
He he, i have same result like you : I'm converting my WordPress site to Joomla!, and that required transferring more than 400 posts. When I tried JConverter, it reported "FAILED! - Duplicate key." But when I looked in my articles manager, all of my content was there. That was truly amazing. I can't imagine how long it would have taken me to do the process manually.
But all post and category is alredy in joomla
Can't imagine that we have great extensions !
Reviews: 2
Conversion does work. So far this is a great tool for basic featured blogs.
Still needs some improvement in my opinion.
If you use WP tags, they'll be converted as categories instead of article tags. Besides, a weird HR element appears at the top of Joomla's articles, that needs to be removed manually.
Compatibility with more comment extensions would also be great.
So far it works pretty well being a beta release. Hope for the stable version to come out soon!
Reviews: 15
Worked great, no errors.

Smart, and a good example for Joomla - using the excellent work on mtwMigrator as a base. Beats re-inventing the wheel. I used mtw a bunch of times, and it's great.

I emailed from the authors' site via Contact Us and received a speedy reply.

I made a couple of suggestions about assigning categories and putting the articles into introtext rather than fulltext to provide more immediate success.

I guess it requires a little, tiny bit of literacy about database connections...sorry for the noobs. But most of it can be found in the config files of WP. OR, you could move the db to the "localhost", and install it using PHPMyAdmin or some other tool. That would avoid needing to know the remote db credentials, at least.

For those who understand, support these people, because next thing they do might be a D****** importer :)

I would give it a 4, normally, but based on support, history (mtw), and potential as a multi-spoke importer for J!, a 5 seems right.
Reviews: 2
I haven't been able to make this component upload my database no matter wha I use for my hostname. Either using a localhost joomla install, or hosted externally. Nothing has worked so far. I have used the full url (like in or, or localhost.

Have you consider creating a movie with step by step instructions and posting the movie in youtube? I find that to be an excellent help in some instances.
Looking forward to see this component work.

Owner's reply

We haven't seem this issue so far. It must be an issue with incorrect database credentials (host, db name, user or password) or could be a firewall issue of your hosting provider in case database is hosted on external server.

JConverter is pretty easy to use specially if you have used any other Joomla extensions. Did you contact our support team before coming to the conclusion that it doesn't work?

Reviews: 1
I installed it - and that went without a hitch. But when I click on "Apply" or "Save" after entering entering database information, there is no repsponse.

On refreshing the page, the information is not there.

There must be some error in JavaScript I believe.

When I import - do I click 'Ok' on the dialog box that says, "Please wait, the process can take a long time..."

If I click OK, the message says: "Cannot connect to Database"
Owner's reply

If database details you have provided are wrong then you'll see this message. Check for the database host since that's the most common cause of unable to connect to database. "localhost" doesn't work in cases when your database server is not hosted on same server where your files reside.

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