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UPDATE (Oct, 2014): JConverter 1.5 supports import of images from Wordpress to Joomla. It also supports importing same URL alias from Wordpress in Joomla so you can keep same URL in new site with minimal changes.

UPDATE (Jan, 2014): JConverter 1.4 supports importing comments from JComments for 3.x version now.

UPDATE (Sep, 2013): JConverter now Joomla 3.x compatible and is available as part of the JConverter download package. Please note that 3.x compatible version does not support import of comments from Wordpress since JComments is not yet compatible with 3.x.

JConverter is now 2.5 compatible with many bug fixes and some awesome new features. Here are some new features added in 2.5 version.

1) Supports importing nested categories from wordpress.
2) Associates posts with categories in Joomla after imports.
3) Supports JComments integration for importing comments.
4) Supports setting a new password for users while importing users.

As the name suggests, JConverter allows you to convert your WordPress blog into a Joomla site. It can import users, blog posts, categories, pages and even links from your WordPress blog to Joomla.

It's very easy to use. Just install it, select the options you want to imports from WordPress and click on "Start Conversion". It queries the WordPress database for blog posts, pages, users, links and categories and converts them to Joomla format. All in just one click.

This is BETA release and there are some new features planned in future. As of now, there are certain limitations of JConverter which you can find under configuration panel of component.

IMPORTANT : Though you can import your WordPress site in an existing Joomla site, it's ideal for creating a fresh Joomla site from an existing Wordpress site. In such case, install the latest Joomla version WITHOUT SAMPLE DATA, install JConverter, provide the configuration details and import.

This extension is built on top of mtwMigrator to avoid reinventing the wheel since it was very close to what was needed for JConverter. Thanks to Matias Aguirre for building such a useful extension.

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Reviews: 1
I'm converting my WordPress site to Joomla!, and that required transferring more than 400 posts. When I tried JConverter, it reported "FAILED! - Duplicate key." But when I looked in my articles manager, all of my content was there. That was truly amazing. I can't imagine how long it would have taken me to do the process manually.
Reviews: 1
warning: joomla noobie!

just installed joomla 1.5 for testing - wanted to import my wordpress blog using your tool. unfortunately, i can't get it to install at all! I've tried uploading the zip via the "install new component" method. i get "ERROR: Could not find a Joomla! XML setup file in the package." I attempted to install after uploading to "/home/XXXXXXX/www/joomla/media/install_4be841f020ccf/com_jconverter/" and I get the same error message.

thus far, it hasn't been terribly useful. Any help would be appreciated...
Owner's reply

We never came across such issue. We tried installing and it worked fine. Send us a mail using our site's contact form and we'll provide you a copy of extension.

Reviews: 16
Pretty useful extension, but does it work? I tried it out, I needed to import a blog from TypePad, so I exported it, imported it into Wordpress and then imported it into Joomla using JConverter, and it worked! Awesome, what a lifesaver... but... it didn't really work. All the articles are visible in my backend, they're all published, and the categories are there too, but when I link a menu item to them, using Section Blog Layout or Article Layout, nothing shows up. Weird. And there's no support for it, so I'm stuck copying hundreds of blog entries by hand. :(
Owner's reply

Could you please share administrator account information with us so we can take a look? You can mail the information to info[at]sopantech[dt]com

Reviews: 2
The Help file is empty and I can't find any documentation at the developer site.

I would like to use this but I need some guidance in determining what these fields should be:

Database Name:

I look forward to getting this set up.
Owner's reply

Hostname : Database hostname of your WordPress site (Usually localhost if both Joomla and Wordpress installation are on same server.)
Database name : Database name of your WordPress site
Database user : Database user of your WordPress site
Database password : Database password of your WordPress site

You can find all these details in wp-config.php file of your WordPress installation.

Reviews: 54
Very happy user here. Being the first review for this Component, I was a bit skeptical to download and try it but hey! I worked PERFECTLY!!

I was able to migrate all my Wordpress Content Posts into Joomla in a few Seconds!

Thank you so much!!
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