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Content Uploader Pro Component

Formerly known as the Excel Uploader. The Content Uploader Pro allows you to upload Excel sheets to batch create:

K2 items
Web Links
Joomfish Translations

This means that each row from your Excel sheet will create one new article/item on your site. Website creators who want to populate a site quickly by importing existing articles, will find this particularly useful as it eliminates a time consuming, manual process. Furthermore you can update existing articles by downloading the existing ones and reuploading them with supplying their ID to the Content Uploader. The same way you can upload your Joomfish translations for all articles like that from an Excel sheet.

Have a look at our site for the documentation and features comparison between the pro and the free version.

All Excel spreadsheet types are supported (xlsx, xls, csv, ooc, zip and more).

Report Extension




Reviews: 5
I recently became a "Pro" suscriber as I have many thousands of Items to upload to K2.

The time this component has saved me is quite honestly staggering! and far outweighs the cost of this fantastic component, that I have to say I was a little hesitant to pay.

BUT after a few component newbie errors, which I asked for support for AND were responded outstandingly quickly, I am sailing along and laughing at all the time I am saving and the profit I am making!

Would I recommend the "Pro" version of this product, ..... without any question.

Many components do clever things, but this does your work!
Reviews: 13
Looking down the barrel of a massive amount of data-entry for a client's site, we were delighted to find Content Uploader Pro.

Fortunately the client had already given us the content in a spreadsheet, so it was a no-brainer to give CUP a try. Once we'd correctly setup the sections and categories the import was a piece of cake - literally saved us days of work.

When we ran into a minor problem (our ignorance, not the component's fault) we turned to the developers and got fast and responsive help.

Even better, it made handover of the site a breeze. Producing spreadsheets is part of the client's workflow already - all they have to do to maintain their site is keep uploading.
Reviews: 7
Yup the title says it all. This is a great component for those big sites. If you are looking for the solution to help you inserting ALOT of content and saves you time. You found it!!!

This has helped us save money. Think of it this way. Time is money. This component saves us time. Which then saves us money. So now the projects can go out the door faster. We love finding ways to speed up the process. Can you please make this work in our sleep now ;)
Reviews: 1
We load a lot of articles on a daily basis, and Content Uploader Pro for Excel has literally saved me hours of work per day. I'm also impressed with the developer of this component. We ran into a few hiccups with the component, and within a few hours, the developer had assessed and fixed our problems. If you produce a lot of content, this component is a must have.
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