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CMigrator ComponentPlugin

So, you’ve made the mistake of choosing the wrong CMS(Wordpress or Drupal :)) in the past? Well, don’t worry, now you have the option to switch to Joomla with ease. With CMigrator you can import your categories, posts, pages and users from Wordpress or Drupal directly into Joomla/K2 with just few clicks.


- Migration from Wordpress or Drupal 7
- Migration into com_content or K2
- Category import
- Content import
- Users import ( + authentification plugin to log them into your joomla site and update their passwords to the joomla format)
- Tags import for K2
- Tags import for com_content (ads them as meta keywords) (on joomla 3.0 it uses the default tags component)
- Keeps the relations between categories (nested categories) and content. The content is created by the same users as in wordpress/drupal
- Content parsing - cleans up wordpress/drupal code that is not used in joomla. Moves images to your images folder
- Ability to import data from no matter how big database

The original version of CMigrator was inspired by JConverter - thank you!

developed by compojoom

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Reviews: 2
Excellent extension ! And awesome support. Just great for quick migrations. We have done quite a few huge Drupal to Joomla migrations and the latest simpler one was made super easy by this one !
Reviews: 3
The extension itself is easy and makes a proper migration from WordPress even having more than 2000 posts and lots of images.

I had an issue with one the joomla security extensions and Daniel from the support find out really fast and performed for me the migration in no time.

I really recommend this as the only good option if migrating from wordpress a huge site but support its great.

Reviews: 1
This extension saved me a lot of time moving my clients blog from Wordpress to their new Joomla! site! It worked great (except I forgot a step) and the support is outstanding!! I would highly recommend this extension for anyone looking to move a blog!
Reviews: 2
I wanted to convert Hindi (hi-IN) Language wordpress site. Migration could not start. I was very upset with the situation. When I raised ticket, I immediately got reply from Daniel suggesting possible reasons. They even extended my subscription period. Because of the support from developers I could immediately solve my problem. Great Extension, delivers exactly what it promises. Strongly recommended to anyone who wants to migrate WP site.
Reviews: 3
This is a good solution for migrating content into Joomla from another CMS. Specifically, I moved content from WordPress 3.8 into Joomla 3.2.0. Took a bit of fiddling but I got everything to work.

The biggest gripe I have is that you must have phpMyAdmin installed. I realize it's a fairly ubiquitous tool, but that should have been clearly stated prior to purchase. I prefer to work through command line. Not a huge deal to install phpMyAdmin but I'd rather not have done so.

The only other suggestion I have is to copy your log reports and save them as you complete the steps. I assumed it would keep copies and once I changed screens they were gone. Would be nice to have them to refer to.
Reviews: 1
So the software do what it is supposed to do, some instructions are ambigous, so the user produce errors, not the software. But the support is excellent, an very reactiv! Problem solved in 5 minutes!

Note: In the options of the migrationprofile, where you are asked to insert the db prefix, you had to insert the prefix of the wp or drupal tables not the prefix of your joomla tables.

thanks to daniel for his support!
Reviews: 1
It does what it claims, the staff at the support is very helpful. It can save you hundreds of work hours for just a little money. Great
Reviews: 1
I have used CMigrator for transferring hundreds of posts from Wordpress into K2. The transfer took few minutes and worked smoothly. I had few questions, which were answered quickly and professionally. The extension saved me days of hard and boring work. Many thanks :-)
Reviews: 3
I am moving a friend's blog from wordpress to Joomla, 500+ articles and thousands of images and comments. This extension did the work and even little problems I had have been solved in very short time by an excellent support service (the best part of the extension in my opinion).
Only minor things cannot be represented as in original articles, but mostly due to particular extensions used in Wordpress.
A must have if you have to import a complex and big wordpress blog into Joomla.
I suggest to watch the webinar on youtube that shows very well the value of this product.
Reviews: 1
It's a easy to use tool which excellently does what it's supposed to do! Very good work, thank you for this awesome component. It saved me hours of work.
Reviews: 5
We desperately needed a serious web CMS such as Joomla to move our Wordpress site to. How on earth could we do so (with 1,000 images and over a hundred articles of rich content)?

CMigrator proved to be the solution. What impressed me so so much was not only the availability of such a product but also the PEOPLE behind the product. Having some technical issues (not being a technical whizz) I asked Compojoom if they could help and I said I was happy to pay for this. Daniel promptly suggested I call them in Germany via Skype which I did and about an hour later they had fixed the issue. I am not sure if it was of my doing or something within CMigrator that had caused the issue but either way they would not accept payment! How much does that tell you about the confidence you can have in this product and Compojoom - and Compojoom's OTHER products as well (by the way, I have CComment as well and this also imported over a thousand comments from WP without a hitch - remember, if you are going to import articles from WP or Drupal etc you will want to preserve your comments as well and this product does it for you).

I cannot recommend Compojoom highly enough and I have had experience with a very large number of Joomla extensions. Well done Compojoom and thank you.
Reviews: 3
This extension saved me dozens of hours converting a site from Wordpress. There were a few issues due to the complex nature of the site I was working on, but I submitted a ticket and they had it fixed within days, despite some of the developers being out of town. Great extension and INCREDIBLE service.
Reviews: 3
After hunting around for days, I found this and my task was made easy. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I have been designing most of my websites over the last 4 or 5 years using Wordpress. After checking out the new Joomla 2.5 I decided to move one of my larger sites over from Wordpress to Joomla.

This extension was able to migrate over more than 525+ articles and about 60 categories perfectly.

I had one issue I needed help with and the author, Daniel, was very quick and helpful in getting things just right. I highly recommend this extension for anyone wanting to migrate from Wordpress to Joomla 2.5
Reviews: 6
Migrating from another system in Joomla! could be an endless nightmare. Well, not with this extension, you will save a lot of time and efforts.

It automatically transfers all the data from WordPress to Joomla! and does it in impressive way. When the extension was initially released, it only supported the com_content option, but the developer has the willingness to improve it and it now supports migration to k2, including tags.

There might be few things to polish after the migration (i.e. images), but generally this will save you dozens of hours and even more, if you have bigger site.

Great one and keep the good way.
Reviews: 1
I was excited to find this extension. I was experiencing some issues. I contacted support, and Daniel was very responsive and helpful. In the end, I now have all of my pages and posts from WordPress now in my Joomla! DB. What a time saver.

I have heard it said that a person or company has nothing to sell but service. Daniel provided 5 Star Service. I highly recommend CMigrator.
Reviews: 3
I had a client with 21 pages including images on their WP site. To avoid risks to their live site I set up a sub-domain with a new database and WP site. Exported and imported XML to new WP Site. Installed Joomla connected to the new database on subdomain. Installed CMigrator and it worked. Don't be alarmed when this is no content displayed on your site. Go to Administration/Content and its all there. Just needs some formatting and linked to a menu.
Reviews: 3
I have been wanting to convert the JoomStew blog from Wordpress to Joomla for quite some time. My previous attempts with other converters were not good. This one works well!

I installed a fresh copy of Joomla 2.5.1, installed the CMigrator component and entered my DB info and 5 seconds later, I was done. All the categories and articles were in the proper place with the proper layout.

It actually kept the URLs intact for the images, since WP uses complete URLs for them. This is actually a good thing if you don't have time to update all the image URLs, you can simply move the image folder over to your Joomla site and clean them up later.

The only thing I see for now is the captions from the images are still in [square brackets] inside each blog post. But overall, I'm happy with it. Great Job on this Daniel!