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CSVI is an import and export component for the Joomla Content Management System. CSVI enables you can import and export data into and from different Joomla components. Every component features its own import and export types to allow control over every part of the component.

Using a system that works based on a set of pre-defined fields you can match your fields with the CSVI fields to ensure a correct import. This way you can import all kinds of files from different kinds of sources, for example from your supplier.

Using the same set of pre-defined fields you can set your own export fields to export for an accounting package, order list, order picking list and many other uses.

In addition to the features of the free version of CSVI, CSVI Pro features include:
- Advanced replacement rules
- Watermark VirtueMart images
- ICEcat product specifications
- VirtueMart order export date ranges
- Akeeba Subscriptions subscription date ranges

CSVI Pro supports the following components:
- VirtueMart 2
- Akeeba Subscriptions
- Custom Filters
- AwoCoupon/AwoCoupon Pro for VirtueMart
- EZ Realty
- Scroller with Tabs
- Joomla Content
- Joomla Categories
- Joomla Users
- Alpha User Points

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Reviews: 2
I had to purchase CSVI to perform massive product imports to Virtuemart, including multiple image files for each product. I was amazed of the ease of use and the full customization of the templates. The support is truly awesome, making this component's purchase totally worth it!
Reviews: 2
My customer wanted a VirtueMart order export for Excel and after trying some other extensions, this one was the only one that did the job. I had to filter out some unnecessary Text in the fields, so I used the replacement function. Earlier I used the Free version for simple product import/export, that was fine. The Pro version really has so many functions, you can adjust everything according to your needs. Really excellent work.
Owner's reply


Thank you for the review. Glad to hear CSVI Pro is useful for you.

Reviews: 3
Component and well done with many configurations, it leaves a wide selection of management.
You can configure different Template Import and manage well many objects in ViertueMart.
Great support, clear and fast.
Reviews: 2
I'm using this extension to import tables with several hundreds os products to may virtuemart shops. It works perfectly. it can be improved adding the possibility to export templates.
I recommend!
Reviews: 3
Using this product made my life better. Amazing product. Even greater support received on the product "issues". It has no issues as far as i am concerned, i just need some guidance and received it.
With out this product i cannot even imagine my website existing right now.
Thank you for this great product.
Reviews: 16
Just try it and you will understand.. this extension save us days of work! The team work through a great forum. A must!
Reviews: 12
I have used the full/pro versions of CSVI for a few years now & I would recommend it to anybody with a virtuemart site or site where you may need to import anything else.
Not only does it work brilliantly for Virtuemart Stores, but there are also other standard templates for AWO EZ Reality, K2 AUP, Joomla Articles, Users and lots more.
If its not already set up, you can also use the custom field settings & the developer Roland is always on hand providing excellent support and solutions to your CSV related problems.

Roland has helped me out on many occasions with basic CSV stuff and more complicated bespoke CSVi templates.

It's awesome - Really & will save you hours manually inputting products, articles, coupons, etc.

Try the free version & if you like it buy the Pro version as it's easily worth the price you pay.
Reviews: 3
Honestly, it can be a bit of a pain to get setup properly at the start, depending on how well you understand spreadsheets, but once you configure CSVI properly for your needs, it works like a friggin' dream.

So save yourself the startup headaches and just get the Pro version, and the awesome support that comes with it. It's worth every penny.

I'll never even think about building another Virtuemart store without CSVI Pro. An absolutely MUST HAVE extension for any serious Virtuemart user.
Reviews: 4
I registered on here just to leave a review.
This software is free or commercial. The free software is amazing, but the commercial version has so much more. If you are importing anything, and I mean anything, into joomla, you NEED this extension. With a little configuration, built in to CSV-I, you can import from any csv (or almost any other UTF-8 text file) into the joomla database. Just select which table you want to import to, and upload your doc, and it's done.
The documentation is excellent and easy to follow. The forums have some great questions answered already. If you have a question that you can't figure the answer for, or find elsewhere, Rolandd has several options for support, even down to 10-day support that's very affordable, so you can ask any questions.
I do, however, suggest, the full commercial version. you move from ver. 4 (free) to ver. 5 (commercial), and you get a full year support included, as well as a few other pieces of software that aren't included in ver. 4 like his Field Mapper for CSV-I and Cherry Picker.
Did I mention the amazing support??!! Rolandd saved me many hours of work, and provided a support response in less than 12 hours. The problem I had I would have NEVER found on my own, yet it was easy to fix. (always hate those problems that stare you in the face but have no idea they are the problem)
I am using this extension to move an entire business' in-house MS Access DB to a fully-functional online MySQL DB with Virtuemart (and custom component/module/view/etc..) I would never be able to do it without CSV-I. Total lifesaver. I will never build another joomla site without including this extension.
Thank you again Rolandd.
Reviews: 4
That extension is what you need to fill your VM store with products! it's not hard to understand how it works (just read the manual) and if you need anything they have a forum that aswers to EVERYTHING! I just love this extension and is a part of my store-maintenance tools! It's a pity not to mention that this roland guy is awsome when it comes to support!
Reviews: 9
Good tool, well supported and developed, essential for any big VirtueMart sites.
Thanks RolandD
Reviews: 2
CSVI Pro is excellent extension, the best support I have ever seen. I highly recommend this extension Pro is well worth the money!

Best wishes for developers...
Reviews: 5
CSVI Pro is well worth the money. I upgraded from the free version to the pro version and am glad I did. Not only do you get an upgrade to more powerful software, you get excellent tech support. I highly recommend this product!
Reviews: 8
Working on a conversion site from an old CMS to Joomla, I needed a solution that would import the old users, plus, set them up with correct subscriptions within Akeeba Subscriptions.

A quick pre-sales email to Roland and he said he would be happy to add the features that I needed, but it might take a few weeks. All good, I can wait, it was ready the next day!!

A session with Roland in Skype and any minor issues were sorted and now I can easily import over 2000 users with active subscriptions, saving me who knows how much time in the process.

Roland is one of the true professionals of the extension community and if you are looking for a solution, then you have found it and more!!

Awesome stuff!
Reviews: 3
CSVI Pro will make your life easier, especially when you work with a lot of product management. It saves time as well as product management now can be manage offline in Spreadsheet program like Excel

The support even better, i purchase several commercial extension and csvi pro is the top leader in support service. Every problem post will have feedback within 1-5 hours, Roland explain a lot of detail clearly, he know what he did.

Hopefully this excellence support and product continues. I recommend this extension to all Virtuemart Developer. A must have !
Reviews: 1
This extension is easy to use! Thank you!
Reviews: 5
CSVI Pro is a very flexible tool to import CSV Files into Joomla and especially Virtuemart. I use it to add products or IceCat information to my VM shop. And CSVI does an excellent shop. It has a template system included where I can exactly define, what I want to import or export. It is even able to recognize additional database tables, which I created myself. The support is excellent and very helpful.

CSVI Pro is the swiss army knife for any kind of CSV import and export for both Joomla and Virtuemart.