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JSON Export Component

JSON Export lets you expose your database tables to the outside using JSON, from the frontend of the site.

Major advantages provided are:

- you can choose which tables you want to expose from the admin interface: just pick the ones you need
- you can add a password to protect your data, so only you can access it
- you can select all fields (*), or just some fields to limit the columns in the output
- you can set LIMIT and OFFSET parameters to the query URL to limit the size of the data: useful for big tables

The results are sent using JSON to the requester.

Examples of what can it be used for:
- Integration with other sites
- Integrations with ecommerce tools: extract your orders!
- Create email lists
- Backup and export data
- Sync with other software or websites
- Basically any custom integration you might think of.

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Reviews: 1
A unique joomla extension that lets you export site data in JSON format. Although, I modified the extension to export as JSONP (for cross domain purposes); without needing assistance. Easily extensible.

It will be perfect if we could choose the rows that we want exporting (JOINs) to save user bandwidth (as there is no point in downloading the whole *_content table if our app only needs two rows.).
Reviews: 2
Installed, enabled the exporting of the table I needed, and my custom integration worked in a few minutes! Highly recommended to get JSON out of the Joomla database. Couldn't be easier, thanks!