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foobla K2 to Content Migrator Plugin

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K2 to Content Migrator Joomla extension (by foobla) is for importing from K2 categories & K2 items into Content Articles categories & Content Articles items by pressing a button in Articles Manager page.


K2 itself has ability to import from standard Joomla Content Articles to K2 items but doesn't offer to import the other way (from Import from K2 to Content), this Joomla Importer extension is for doing that, import from k2 to Content, includes: categories & items.

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Reviews: 1
I had an issue with this plugin at first, but after I sent a support ticket via their platform, Andy Ha helped me all the way to solve the error. Now the plugin works excellent and I converted all my K2 Articles to Joomla Content Articles successfully!
Reviews: 1
I'd had a few sites running on J!+K2 for many years. Since the days of J 1.5. With the introduction of category nesting in core and the many upgrades 2.5 and now 3.0 have introduced, it became plainly clear I didn't need K2 any longer. In fact, having K2 was detrimental as a lot of social sharing extensions for K2 have a huge impact in the site's performance.
Having decided to move back to core a long time ago, I started searching for options for the migration but could only find extremely expensive options (3rd party service) or messing with the DB directly to migrate the content.
Then I came across the Foobla extension. After reading some of the comments, I decided to try it. The site I was trying first was a bit complicated. Lots of nesting and issues with a previous 1.5 to 1.7 conversion but after working with the developers, the plugin worked beautifully. All content and categories were imported without major errors. Within an hour (site is fairly robust), I had the site on core, all menus working, no errors.
I'd definitely recommend the extension and also the support received was fantastic.
Keep up the good work, guys.