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Articles Import & Export PluginExtension Specific Addon

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It's an extension to HexData component. You need HexData to make it work. You can use it to add data to your Joomla articles from a CSV file. You can also export your Joomla Articles data into a CSV file using this extension. It's built specifically for Joomla Articles, hence provides you a much simpler way to manage your data. It can also be used to migrate your Data from other components to Joomla Articles.

Feature List:

- You can create different profiles for import & export.
- Different customization options for import & export.
- Allows you to set order in which you want to export your articles
- Allows you to only add / update data into the desired columns, you can simply choose to skip remaining columns.
- Allows you to add / update categories as well.
- Allows you to set a default column value for all the records to be imported
- Automatically matches your CSV columns with your Database table columns
- Import any CSV file, regardless of size or number of columns.

Note: Please post on our support forum or email us in case of any query. You'll get a reply within 24 hours.

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