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  • This extension requires registration to download.
jUpgrade is a simple Joomla 1.5 component that will download a version
of Joomla 2.5, decompress it and install it. After that, it should
migrate all of the data from old Joomla 1.5 to the new Joomla 2.5

The steps to test it

1) Install the component in your Joomla 1.5 site.
2) Run the upgrade


* PHP 5.x
* Curl module of PHP enabled
* Joomla 1.5
* Enable System - Mootools Upgrade plugin that is included in Joomla 1.5.19 and greater.
* A Browser with Javascript/Mootools support

Video Tutorial:

A new tracker is created for jUpgrade and Joomla 2.5 migrations bugs. You can access (and use it) here:


If you have problems with migrations please go to Settings and set "Debug" = ON.

The way to test it:

1) remove ROOT/tmp/ and ROOT/tmp/size.tmp
2) remove ROOT/jupgrade directory
3) delete all j17_ tables (except j16_jupgrade_categories and j16_jupgrade_menus)
4) REMOVE OLD jUpgrade installation and install the version 2.5
5) Set "Skip download" to 'No'
6) F5 to reload the browser
7) Run upgrade

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Reviews: 16
Holy cow. I installed it and figured, just run it through. I have backups. So I clicked start migration, waited about 60 seconds, and there was my new site. Just need to find a template now. THANK YOU ALL!
Reviews: 2
I have spent days trying to migrate my 1.5x site to 2.5x. Days of prepping and days of trying to get jUpgrade to work. I kept getting errors from something in my banners module from day one. I tried every trick in the book from their forums and confirmed everything was exactly as it was meant to be in my setup, but still nothing.

I was told by support in their forum to skip migration of the component that was giving the error, which I did, and migration to complete successfully. But how would I manually migrate the problem component?

That's the whole problem with these out-of-the-box solutions when they don't work. If I knew how to roll up my sleeves and start rooting around in php and sql, I would hardly need an out-of-the-box solution, would I?

I suppose this would work fine if you're looking to automate a manual process that you're capable of executing, but if you're looking for a component to handle something you don't have the skill set for, this might not be the best choice.

After several days of this, it's worth spending the money on a commercial solution and be done with it, in my opinion. I suppose you could pay for the support or whatever the option is, but again, I don't want to pay for more days of a process that I just want to be over.
Reviews: 1
At first I doubt that it will work. Since the last 5 reviews mentioned it didn't. After I saw the old review mentioning that they are success - so I give it a shot.

I use it for migrating my site from Joomla 1.5.22 to Joomla 2.5. But first I need to upgrade my Joomla manually from 1.5.22 -> 1.5.23 -> ... -> 1.5.26.

Ensure the setting are correct. What I've tried.
1. Skip check
2. Skip downlowd
3. Skip unpack
(I use the unpacked copy of stable Joomla 2.5 on the jupgrade folder, means I do it manually since my internet connection is not that good). Not working well on IE9 but working well on my latest Firefox.
Reviews: 11
I upgraded and developed the site in a sub-folder of the existing site. Jupgrade put the database files into the existing database with an different database table prefix. That made it really easy to make the new site active when I got it ready. I will probably be using it again.
Reviews: 1
I've seen reviews saying it didn't worked at all. I don't know if you did something wrong in the settings but I have to say taht this worked like a charm for me.
Make sure the prefix of your database is the same as in your database :)
Thank you very much for to the developer for this great extension.
Reviews: 5
jUpgrade used to work right 'out of the box' but it no longer does. The component hangs at "Migrating undefined" and progresses no further. The developers no longer offer support on their forum. Support is only available if you pay.

I have upgraded several websites from J1.5.26 to 2.5 but with a combination of J2.5.4/6 and jUpgrade 2.5.0/1 updates something has become broken. It's a shame that the developers don't seem too interested in a very long thread on their forum either.
Now for a search for an alternative.
Reviews: 8
I can't understand why this extension is popular.

It doesnt work at all. I installed it with now problem, but when i wanted to migrate it got stuck in the upgrading process. It looked like it did something in the start but then it just keep sending the same info [undefined][undefined].

I have searched the internet, and many have the same problem and many are saying that i doesnt work at all.

So i wont recommend this extension at all.

Its time for the developers of Joomla to take their hands out of there asses and make a update extension that can do this.
Reviews: 4
I have been doing a good number of upgrades over the last few months....using this extention, and it fails about 50% of the time.

It hangs on the last step, and if that happens I dont bother trying to fix it, I used to.. but its an exercise in futility most of the time and a MAJOR time suck, and the majority of the time I can never get it to work.

So, I purchased the componant "SP Upgrade" and it has worked every time.

However, I usually try using this componant first, this one is pretty much one click, and "IF" it works it is a much simpler upgrade than using SP upgrade, with less steps.

SO give this one a try, if it fails and hangs on the last step, honestly I wouldnt even bother trying to figure it out (maybe give it an hour), go purchase SP upgrade and use it instead, its worth the $$ the and support is great.

IF jupgrade works for you WOO HOO... score! Im all about getting from point a to point b as efficently as possible, and with the least amount of hassle... If this componant happens to work for you, you just did that, if it fails... simply move on.
Reviews: 5
After following the step by step instructions on Joomla's wiki page for upgrading with this component, and trying to upgrade two different sites, it literally fails on the last step. This was two different sites, both running 1.5.26, and it simply does not work. Even the wiki page says that if jupgrade fails to work as it has for most people who have tried it, here are the manual step-by-step instructions.

That is NOT a ringing endorsement from the joomla developers. It would literally be faster to create a new site in 2.5, and copy and paste over all our information from the old site. The only positive thing I can say about it is that it's smart enough to put everything in a separate directory so you don't end up with a corrupted site.
Reviews: 1
The good:

jUpgrade installs easily enough. So do most components/plugins.

The bad:

Click the Parameters button to change jUpgrade settings. After you adjust your settings, click the Save button. You're not taken back to the main jUpgrade pane. Clicking Cancel does nothing. If you click in the address field and press enter (after clicking Save), it takes you back to the administrator back-end index page.

The ugly:

After confirming that I meet the requirements for jUpgrade (as listed on the developer's website), I click the Start Upgrade button. Nothing happens and no feed back is provided to let me know what if anything has gone wrong.


So far, jUpgrade appears to be form/style over function/substance.
Reviews: 6
JUpgrade is an extremely valuable tool, but it works truly well only if you have an extremely simple website with very few extensions.
Reviews: 1
I realize that many users are frustrated here. Okay, in my case the update has not worked. I examined my environment and noticed that even during the upgrade jUpgrade doesn't create a new database schema. All other queries will fail. My solution: Joomla 2.5 installed manually in /jupgrade. In jUpgrade skip checks, skip download, skip install. The following update statements will work and the Joomla update is still successful. Hope this helps.
Reviews: 7
True, it's far from perfect but finaly it did the job. jUpgrade has a poor error handling, it did not detect that Curl was not installed. Once I solved that, it worked.
Make sure that when you change jUpgrade parameters, you do a screen refresh (F5) after saving them.
Conclusion: it works (for me), but it is not a 'pearl'!
Reviews: 1
This seems to be a universal problem these days. I have seen ZERO reports of success using JUpgrade lately. My try on a simple test site I have - one that uses no extensions other than the standard package, fails the exact same way.

I've seen lot's of complaints about this on other forums. So I thought I'd give it a try on a trivial test site I have.

It leaves a big security problem too unless you clean up after it. The URL:
www.what-ever-your-site-is.whatever/jupgrade is left with the install directory in place, so anyone can then log in to the (empty) new site.

Interestingly the support links under
all fail with a 404.

Oh well, this is turned out to be a totally useless migration tool.

Reviews: 2
Installed jUpgrade, have all requirements to make migration, but when I start jUpgrade process stops after step2-downloading joomla 2.5. Nothing happens from that moment.
Reviews: 1
com_jupgrade-2.5.1 installs with ease, error free. There is a place to configure your options before clicking on upgrade. After clicking upgrade, it appears to be working, but it gets stuck at Upgrading progress... Migrating undefined. It does not work. Many people, including myself, have posted this on the support forum with no response. There is no support. If you then go to yourwebsite/jupgrade, you will be redirected to yourwebsite/jupgrade/installation/index.php which gives anyone access to install Joomla on your website. The upgrade does not finish, the Joomla installer is not removed. This leaves a security issue.
Reviews: 4
Not a great reviewer, but I tried a few goes at this component and it worked for me , this is what I did.
Starting from live joomla 1.5 site.
Install akeeba to live site and make a back up.

Akeeba procedure if you are unfamiliar akeeba.
FTP to your live site directory and follow through

FTP the mysitebackup.jpa to your desktop.

Go to your hosting account cpanel
create a new folder in the public_html
called something like /upgrade and ftp the mysite.jpa to there.
(mine takes a long time ! )

Go to database wizard in your cpanel or my databases in your control panel and
create a new database.
Make a note of the name, the user and copy and paste the password
of the database to a text file.

upload by ftp or file manager the files
kickstart.php and the language file en-GB.kickstart.ini
( available from Akeeba)

then reinstall your joomla 1.5 site so you now have a duplicate site.
Now change the default template to anything and uninstall the template
you were using.
Install the jupgrade and run.

Now follow the route to your new 2.5 joomla.
What you actually have is a 2.5 version installed inside a 1.5 version.

Install akeeba to the 2.5 visible site and run the back up.

Go through your ftp programme and you will find in the list of files
etc a directory called jupgrade.
That is where your 2.5 version of your website is hiding.
Follow through jupgrade/administrator/components/com_akeeba/backups
and download the mysite.jpa to your desktop.
MAKE SURE TO select a folder, NOT just downloads.

This is a 2.5 version of your website.

Make yourself another folder on your server / restore
create a clean database and ftp your 2.5 back up to the folder
enter the new database details into the installer

Reinstall following the step by step akeeba instructions.
The upload your favourite template, select it as default
and then re asign the modules and fine tune.

This worked for me, just a few tweaks to go live.

Now you have a live 2.5 hidden from the public.
move it to where you want.

What you will NOT have, coms and modules that are not 2.5 compatable.
If you have a list of events etc, that will need to be re written etc.
But you have two versions of the site, so you can compare content
and write up the lost detail.

This is a good free component, not magic !
It does work with limits, so please stop complaining.

I expect there are a thousand easier ways to do this.
and if you know a short cut please tell me.

The reason for uninstalling the default template is that
the upgrade seemed to lock it in and would not let me re install
as the template was already there. But greyed out.

Thanks very much to the developer, a lot of hard work went into this.!
Reviews: 1
I have had a long day!

However, no excuse for this.

Firstly though, to all those that state it worked well and can't understand why other are suffering. We clearly are and congratulations on your success - we are failing to share it!

The software installed -instantly
I was presented with a UPGRADE button
(no warnings, no pre selected options - just click an go)

I clicked it went-
blindingly fast
nice graphics
nice animation load bars( made you feel it was doing something)

Done! Except my brand new theme, with all my 100's of articles, images etc

My admin template - gone!

WARNING this programme may lose your site! It did mine and seemingly with no option to do anything other than click the UPGRADE.

How could I do anthing to prevent that, when the only choice I had was click upgrade or don't!

Yeah - pretty annoyed!
Reviews: 1
Reviews: 6
It does not migrate much. Just some of the file. But not the template, not the extensions etc etc.
Checked if my permissions were right, chenged the names of the tables and everything but it was a complete waste of time.

It does connect to the database though, but a fresh 2.5 install is quicker and better.
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