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  • This extension requires registration to download.
jUpgrade is a simple Joomla 1.5 component that will download a version
of Joomla 2.5, decompress it and install it. After that, it should
migrate all of the data from old Joomla 1.5 to the new Joomla 2.5

The steps to test it

1) Install the component in your Joomla 1.5 site.
2) Run the upgrade


* PHP 5.x
* Curl module of PHP enabled
* Joomla 1.5
* Enable System - Mootools Upgrade plugin that is included in Joomla 1.5.19 and greater.
* A Browser with Javascript/Mootools support

Video Tutorial:

A new tracker is created for jUpgrade and Joomla 2.5 migrations bugs. You can access (and use it) here:


If you have problems with migrations please go to Settings and set "Debug" = ON.

The way to test it:

1) remove ROOT/tmp/ and ROOT/tmp/size.tmp
2) remove ROOT/jupgrade directory
3) delete all j17_ tables (except j16_jupgrade_categories and j16_jupgrade_menus)
4) REMOVE OLD jUpgrade installation and install the version 2.5
5) Set "Skip download" to 'No'
6) F5 to reload the browser
7) Run upgrade

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Reviews: 9
Was not sure if I succeeded from joomla 1.5 to 2.5 as it did not register on the admin panel version indicator top right. However I checked my database and surely enough it had the new prefixes and also the site loads twice as quickly. Thanks for this free component. If you have any clues on how to update the version indicator on the admin please respond.
Reviews: 7
I cannot say enough good about jUpdate. Once you get the hang of it, updating is a breeze and can be done for non-plugin heavy websites in no time flat.

People who have had issues, I completely understand. The first time I used jUpdate it was a little stressful but if you read all of the excellent documentation here on and on the Developer's site you should be fine.

Have used to migrate 6+ sites already and haven't had an issue with a single one. As mentioned above the support and documentation is top notch, the steps are easy to follow, and I haven't had a single glitch so far.

I do recommend backing up your site with Akeeba and DLing the archive before attempting to use jUpdate though - Just to be safe. 5 Stars.
Reviews: 3
I have never given an extension this low of a rating, however this component is very frustrating. It's VERY buggy and there is virtually NO support for it. You can leave a request in the forums of their site but you'll be lucky if you ever get an answer. After going through the motions with this component I cannot log into the back end (administrator) side of the new 2.5 install. No one seems to know the answer to this so basically this component is useless.

Joomla should have a much better way for us to migrate over to 2.5. I'm completely lost on how I'm going to do this. This certainly is no help whatsoever
Reviews: 1
I found it to work well, but it does require some diligence. A few things to watch out for...
1) Make sure all upgrades are completed as requested (Joomla higher than 1.5.19 - I upgraded to 1.5.25 first) before starting the upgrade
2) I did experience the "freeze" in IE, but it worked in Firefox
3) After the "migration", the new site is now at until you move the original files OUT of the root and the file in the jupgrade directory into the root. (there is a great post in the comments of the upgrade video on youtube on how to do this)
3) You will need to "clean up" the new site, as I found the JA Purity template from v1.5 had some differences from the default v2.5 templates, so plan some time to redo some banners, etc.

Other than that, it seemed to be a good process. Not including the "tweaks" to the new template, it took me less than 2 hours for the entire project, including research.
Reviews: 5
I did not understand why so many people complain about this extension. There is a great difference between Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 platforms, so it is obvious that this extension cannot upgrade everything automatically. But still, it saved me a lot of time by moving all the menus, articles and modules. If you are facing some difficulties, it can be because of the complexity of your web site. Do not expect much, be ready to do some work by yourself and thank that we have such an upgrade tool. :-)
Reviews: 1
I would to migrate jommla 1.5.26 to 2.5, but it dont works. I think, this tool is just for simply joomla installation, not more.
Reviews: 22
My first half a day trying to understand what I was doing wrong and hanging in the forums for ages scratching my head, I finally realized that there simply file ownership issues. Ensuring all files 644 and folders 755 (including the httpdocs dir), set ownership to apache and group to apache. Run the upgrade. no errors, all done. Change ownership back and set httpdocs to whatever it was.
Upgraded 4 sites from 1.5.25 to 2.5.x now with this no problems at all.
Will be great when it includes even more components and different modules.
Reviews: 15
Does not work. Promises that bit will upgrade your site but if you have content and articles and menus, you will lose all of it when this piece of unprofessional software tries to do something it cannot deliver on. And it is also something that when you see a low rating all of a sudden 5 star ratings pop up. This is not worth your time and effort and in all honesty the Joomla team should have better prepared the route for upgrading instead of relying on third party software. Poor management is all I have to say to that. When you have 20 sites that need to be upgraded and have to do them by hand again due to unreliable software. Horrible.
Reviews: 8
doesn't work, as others said... it seemed to go through the process and at the end it gave me 404 error... oh well...
Reviews: 12
Congratulations on a great extension. I can guess that your extension should and will be adopted as Joomla Core. It would eliminate the problems associated with older sites and upgrades.

Quick note: I had one glitch, I was migrating from J1.5 and I was not aware that I needed to set jupgrade to go to 1.7 first. Small detail: minor hangup. Completely my fault for lack of understanding. Otherwise EXCELLENT job.
Reviews: 6
Thank you very much for this good component.

The Update from 1.5.26 to 2.5.4 made within minutes.

New Template, change modul positions and nearly finished version change :-)
Reviews: 1
I first upgraded my old joomla 1.0 to the latest 1.5 version.
then installed this component and it flawlessly upgraded my 1.5.26 to 2.5.3

I then let joomla update itself to 2.5.4

Reviews: 1
While the program is advertised as stable, it is obvious from the many questions and posts in the forum; and my own failures that it is not.

I followed the installation instructions very carefully, checked write permissions, enabled PHP cURL, enabled MOOTOOls, and tried every combination of parameters.

The process hung in every instance. Very disappointing and time consuming.
Reviews: 1
Well I spent the better part of the last 2 days to get jUprade to actually work. Not only did I find bugs in the newest release. It only works from 1.5.25 to 2.5.3 at least for the current 2.5.1 release of jUpdate. After many many many many tries I finally got it to at least migrate the major parts of my site. Migrating the menu's forget it; IT DOES NOT WORK!

As for support forget about that there is none or at minimum VERY VERY VERY little of it. Had problems many others have had and there was no answer to those questions asked for the same problem over and over.

For being an extension that is still being updated they can at least provide better support. Especially, when there is such a large number of users for this extension.

Oh did I forget that there is bugs (not security issues that I seen just bugs) in this current version of the extension too. It gets old when you have to save the parameters then leave to another component and come back to jUpgrade just to get your parameters that you saved to work.

Just my 2 cents on this extension, maybe it will work for you. Maybe just maybe those that run their forums will actually start answering questions of the same problems.
Reviews: 1
Followed all instructions meticulously and everything worked fine. It's a big step from J1.5 to J2.5 and there are things to do afterwards, but JUpgrade certainly eased the way.
Reviews: 2
The component itself works. The migration worked, installed joomla 2.5.

The problems that come in are far to great for this to be a viable method of upgrading. The component will install into a subdirectory, and use the same DB as your original install (doesnt overwrite anything) which is great.

It just seems to be far from complete. I watched as it migrated my components, modules, content, etc only to find that it would not be present once it was finished. I had to install the new K2, which is fine, and once I did, all of my articles showed back up. Only problem is, NONE of the access levels transfer, so you have to manually open and close each menu item, article, category, k2 it, k2 category, etc in order to get the items to publish again. If you don't do this, you'll get hit with 403/404 errors anytime you attempt to access content. It does not migrate any of the component settings that you had, so all categories and items that inherit parent properties will have to be set again. Not a big deal, but if you're going to tell me you're importing my components, make sure they're actually migrating.

I was very, very excited about this component, only to be let down completely. I could have completely migrated to a new 2.5 install by just copying over my articles and manually installing components.

This component has quite a bit of potential, but is no where near ready to be considered the official migration solution, which it seems to be marketed as pretty much anytime you search google for migration options from 1.5 to 2.5

If you are looking for a quick migration solution, and especially if you're not familiar with phpmyadmin (for some issues) do not bother trying this component, as you will end up frustrated that you're site isnt working.

Your best bet is to perform a clean install, migrate your articles yourself and reinstall your components. It may seem overwhelming, but you'll end up doing the exact same thing if you use jUpgrade.

I would like to note though, had I not had ANY third party components installed, and was using j1.5 with only it's native functions, I believe jUpgrade would have worked perfectly.
Reviews: 3
It seems that they only collect addresses.
I've tested it twice and never got any activation mail.
Reviews: 1
After installing, installing again, following some suggestions I found online, it just stalled at the "cleaning" screen. After making a few more tweeks it didn't even let me click the start download button. It essentially did nothing but frustrate me. I wasted five days trying to make it work. I can never get those days back.
Reviews: 1
I spended hours trying to migrate several joomla 1.5 installation to joomla 2.5. But just with no result. The component sometimes works, sometimes not, but allways leaves you an uncomplete joomla installation. Even official supported components and modules (see documentation) like "akeeba backup" will not be migrated.
I will go the manual process now ...
Reviews: 1
Very much disappointed with this extension. I dont know why Joomla keeps pushing for using this extension when it fails to deliver ?

I encounter problem, the support comes with a solution and still it doesnt work. And they keep encouraging for the solution when it doesnt work.

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