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Migrate your old Joomla! sites with the best, most popular, used on thousands of sites already, by thousands of satisfied users, component and keep your Google Rank safe.

SP Upgrade supports transferring between the various Joomla! versions as below:

1.5 -> 2.5
1.5 -> 3.x
1.6 -> 2.5
1.6 -> 3.x
1.7 -> 2.5
1.7 -> 3.x
2.5 -> 3.x
3.x -> 3.x

The simple process

- Install a new version of Joomla (2.5 or 3), anywhere,
(your live server, or a remote server, or even on your PC)
- Install SP Upgrade,
- Connect to the source 1.5 database,
- Click the transfer button,
- Enjoy your new site.

Migrate everything with with no exceptions.

Core Data:
- Users
- Articles (along with their Sections and Categories)
- Contacts
- Web Links
- News Feeds
- Banners
- Menus ability to transfer all menu items, and not - only of the core components
- Modules ability to transfer all modules, and not only the core
- Tags
- All other extensions data!

- K2
- Kunena
- AcyMailing
- VirtueMart
- BreezingForms
- sh404sef
- JComments
- JEvents
- Community Builder
- Phoca Download
- Phoca Gallery
- Phoca Guestbook
- Phoca Maps
- jNews

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Reviews: 1
I needed to import a large amount of articles into a new website. this software worked like a charm. I only wanted articles and menus to be imported, so I had to create new menu modules for the ones I wanted to use.This software is a good alternative for spending days cutting and pasting articles.
Reviews: 1
Had problems with the software to no fault of the software but received prompt replies and help.Customer service above and beyond the norm. Thank You SP.
Reviews: 2
I bought this extension and tried to upgrade multiple sites, on different hosts, from 1.5 to 2.5 with absolutely no luck.

Not only is it complicated but you are also required to have the same version of each extension on both sites, and I couldn't find a lot of the versions that were listed in their documentation to download for 1.5, they are simply too outdated. In addition, not every extension is support, even if they are available for both versions.

Not even the users would update on 2 of the sites, and yes I had the settings setup correctly. The few extensions in which I could get on both sites also didn't migrate.

It was a waste of my time and a waste of my money. I would not recommend going this route for upgrades.

I am giving a 'Fair' rating as their support team is fast to answer emails.
Reviews: 2
I bought this extension last week. Very easy to setup, upgrade was done in a few minutes.

I had an issue with some menu links to article's (turned out to be the J1.5 overrides) and contacted Customer services friday night; had an answer saturday morning.
Reviews: 2
I have upgraded a lot of sites, and it's always a big pain. Most recently, I'm upgrading a *really* old site from 1.0x to 2.5. Once getting things into 1.5 for the transition, I tried using several packages, including JUpgrade and RedMigrator. Two days later, no joy, and I had re-installed the 2.5 5 times.

Once I purchased, installed and upgraded using SP Upgrade, the entire process from purchase to all data transferred took a grand total of 30 minutes. Very nice!!

After spending 3+ days wrestling with the other programs, I can't recommend this enough. Well worth the price. I just wish I'd found it first!!
Reviews: 1
This tool saves lots of time and works perfectly.

I used it to upgrade my medium-sized Joomla 1.5.x to 3.x.x

Support is very nice and courteous and reply very fast.

I accidentally bought SP Transfer instead of SP Upgrade and they granted me the access to the SP Upgrade for free.

Thank you, officially.
Reviews: 3
I was running my site in joomla 1.5 for a long time. When I planned to migrate it to Joomla 3, I found that it is tough job. Because content of my site is large. It contains 66 sections, 770 categories, 22218 articles and 19109 comments. The DB structure is totally different in Joomla 3. When I approached some of my IT friends and some web developing companies, they couldn’t complete the task. After that, I purchased this component.

There was some configuration issue. When I contacted the developer, they immediately replied and solved. As my server response time is low, I got so many issues in migrating. Though it is my server issue, developer ‘Panayiotis Halouvas’ helped me to solve all the problems. Panayiotis Halouvas had replied to all my mails (nearly 25 mails) and had shown interest to keep me satisfied with his support. Now, my site is fully migrated to Joomla 3.2.2. It is because of SP upgrade and their support.

If there is option to give 100 stars, I will definitely give them for SP Upgrade. It is worth to your money.

Thanks to SP Upgrade and Panayiotis Halouvas.
Reviews: 6
Makes migration from j1.5 to 3.2 so easy that it made me wonder why I didn't do it before.

Very simple to use, great documentation and fast support.

The only tool you need to move from old to new joomla.

Thanks you guys, a really great component.
Reviews: 1
Customer Service is excellent. I can no say this strongly enough. I am in awe of how helpful and generous this team is. Thank you so much.
Reviews: 1
Togther with some other colleagues, I am currently migrating a site and have found this tool an invaluable help that is saving us valuable time. So far, we have not experienced any difficulties. Of course, some amount of manual editing after doing the transfer is needed. I clearly recommend it to those migrating from Joomla 1.5
Reviews: 5
This is definitely the best way to upgrade Joomla. It is easy to install, understand, and use. Support is outstanding. I had an issue that ended up being a Joomla problem. Support was persistent and patient in helping find the problem.
Reviews: 2
I tried this extension, because I had a lot of problems to upgrade my joomla site from 2.5.16 to 3.x.x
With this extension, the update became too easy! I'm a rookie, but this was a piece of cake.
Panayiotis has been born to make our lives easier!
Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Migrating from 1.5 to 2.5+ is not for the faint of heart. This process is timely and can be complicated. Purchasing this extension is well worth every penny, and the support team at SP Cyend will stay with you every step of the way. If you run into issues, an email to Sp Cyend and they will promptly get back to you with as much support as you need.

Ask yourself: **WHAT IS THAT WORTH TO YOU**

Important - If you are upgrading Community Builder, YOU MUST go into you PhpMyadmin first on the DESTINATION site (_user table)and create all fields and columns so they match exactly with your source (_user table)database table. Do this before you attempt the CB extention transfer.

Thanks again SP CYEND Support Team!!
Reviews: 2
I don't usually take the time to write reviews. But in this case i told the develope, Panayiotis Halouva, I would. I accidentally purchased their other extension SFTransfer because I was too in a hurry to read what it actually did. I wrote an email asking about a discount perhaps since the original program didn't do what I needed. Instead he replied with a copy of SFUpgrade for free! I was astonished. I installed this extension and literally within a couple of minutes I had the new 2.5 site up and running. There were only a few items from an FAQ extension that didn't copy over properly. But that minor. This extension probably saved me a weeks worth of time migrating individual menu items, articles, etc...on my client's very large website. I can't recommend this extension and the developers of it enough!
Reviews: 1
all migrators work around same principle but spupgrade did a very neat job of migrating over joomla/k2/vm around 600 products without any hitch except for the vm images which i would do one by one. no prob. but you see spupgrade did a fantastic job regarding content, layout etc. so neat and perfect . the support guy Panayiotis - wow - never gave up- paid around $50 singapore dollars for the extension - worth every cent.
Reviews: 1
Had a problem using it online to bring over my 1.5 website at first but i think that was because i didn't migrate the user, sections, categories and articles at the same time. I moved it to my offline xampp localhost and the migration worked out great. Easy enough to use and gets the job done when used properly. Also I emailed the creator about a problem i had and had quick and good support.
Reviews: 5
Not only is SP Upgrade very simple and efficient but when I needed some technical support, Panayiotis came to my rescue. All in all I highly recommend SP Upgrade.
Reviews: 1
After wasting days on a 'free' migration tool that I couldn't get to work (nor could many others judging by the forums)I paid the modest sum for this one.

It installed and just worked without any problems including migrating the Agora Pro database.

I also liked the concept of migrating into a fresh system that you can test and adjust first before implementing it on the live system.

Reviews: 1
I had to migrate my joomla site from 1.5 to 3.1 due to security issues. Rebuilding the whole website will have been a migthy task that's why I decided to give SP Upgrade a go.

I follow the instructions and the migration occured but for some reason a couple of items failed (I think my site is a bit old an intricate). Since I couldn't use the migrated 3.1 site I was going to ask for a refund.

Cyend were professional in their approach. They offered me the possibility of a refund but also offered to help me sort out the issue with the migration.

In the end they sorted out the problem and now I have a working 3.1 site on which I will have to make some adjustment but the migration saved me lots of works.

Totally recommend them. They were responsive in a timely fashion, concise and effective in their approach.

Thanks guys!
Reviews: 2
Without this update component, I would never have been able to migrate my sites to 2.5

One or two connection issues between different hosting companies where the old and new websites were situated, but each time I needed help my request was swiftly dealt with by Panayiotis.

A lot of work has gone in to this component which has made updating my websites relatively simple, and easily worth the modest cost.
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