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Migrate your old Joomla! sites with the best, most popular, used on thousands of sites already, by thousands of satisfied users, component and keep your Google Rank safe.

SP Upgrade supports transferring between the various Joomla! versions as below:

1.5 -> 2.5
1.5 -> 3.x
1.6 -> 2.5
1.6 -> 3.x
1.7 -> 2.5
1.7 -> 3.x
2.5 -> 3.x
3.x -> 3.x

The simple process

- Install a new version of Joomla (2.5 or 3), anywhere,
(your live server, or a remote server, or even on your PC)
- Install SP Upgrade,
- Connect to the source 1.5 database,
- Click the transfer button,
- Enjoy your new site.

Migrate everything with with no exceptions.

Core Data:
- Users
- Articles (along with their Sections and Categories)
- Contacts
- Web Links
- News Feeds
- Banners
- Menus ability to transfer all menu items, and not - only of the core components
- Modules ability to transfer all modules, and not only the core
- Tags
- All other extensions data!

- K2
- Kunena
- AcyMailing
- VirtueMart
- BreezingForms
- sh404sef
- JComments
- JEvents
- Community Builder
- Phoca Download
- Phoca Gallery
- Phoca Guestbook
- Phoca Maps
- jNews

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Reviews: 2
I spent ages trying to migrate my 1.5.25 website to 1.6/1.7 with another tool and it always ended up in "migration undefined". I was completely frustrated.

Then I stumbled upon SP Upgrade and it worked so fine! Absolutely uncomplicated, same IDs, including monitoring/log (was very helpful for reviewing the migration, because I have a very large website).

The migration interrupted for 3-4 times (due to my server), but I could continue migration from the point where it stopped.

I am so happy! Thanks :)
Reviews: 3
I am the type of person that has to have the latest upgrade on everything that I have. I do not like having out of date products and/or applications. I tried different upgraders but they did not work. jUpgrade is a good product but I tried it on several sites and during the migration it either did not work on some sites or it did work. So I was looking for a consistent migration tools and I found it with SPUpgrade. I had a little bit of trouble understanding the instructions in the beginning but I contacted support and they responded immediately. One of my sites was rather large and the migration went well. You will have to do some clean up but that is to be expected. SPUpgrade does all of the heavy lifting and again they provide amazing support. This extension is well worth the money as I used it on at least 7 sites and it worked well on all of them. You get what you pay for. Good jobs.
Reviews: 12
This new component is one of the best I have ever come across in three years of using Joomla! It is so user friendly even for a guy like me with very little technical expertise. I quickly migrated a large 1.5 site to 1.7 and after contacted the developer for some advice. Response was very fast and my questions were answered thoroughly.

I must agree with one of the other posters about jUpgrade. I spent hours on trying this and it did not do the job. Admittedly my site was fairly old and may have had bug in it. The time I spent on various forums didn't resolve the issues. I strongly suggest using SP Upgrade for the very time you will save in this process.

The SP Upgrade component is just what I was looking for. Thanks to the developer for the product, the support and the reasonable cost to purchase it. Well done!

Reviews: 3
After several attempt to migrate a site using jUpgrade, and never getting it to work for some reason, I tried SP Upgrade.

Poof, worked. It was worth paying for.
However, one thing should be noted... this extension requires mySQLi (vs normal mySQL)

I do not know what my problem is/was with jUpgrade. It seems to work for many. The process is a little different also.

jUpgrade is installed in the 1.5 site, and then downloads, installs and migrates. SP Upgrade is installed in a fresh, empty 1.7 site, and pulls the content from the old 1.5 site.

I have a few more sites to migrate over, and I hope everyone goes as smooth as this one. (I'll also try jUpgrade on the others to see if it was just a problem with templates/extensions). If you are have trouble using the 'official' migration tool, try paying for this one and see if it works for you.
Reviews: 5
I had tried to upgrade from Joomla 15 to 1.7 using Jupdate 2x and had failed. This extension worked and even preserved my Urls in search engine indexes.

Customer service was great, they answered questions before I began the process, since I was pretty nervous, and checked my logs afterwards to verify all had gone well!
Reviews: 7
After looking at others, I opted to purchase the SPUpgrade after reading reviews esp. due to support issues (being a novice). I have migrated 2 sites--1 simple 4-page site and the other very large with many extensions which had to be re-uploaded. Not only was the component easy to use even for a novice like myself, but when I did run into issues, the support folks made every effort to assist with fixing it. I am on the very end of upgrading the large site and, sadly, the last component may not be upgradable but that is a different issue. I would highly recommend this product, it was worth the amount paid for it. In addition, I have one more site that I plan on using this for.
Reviews: 3
Works extremely well, even for a site with close to a thousand articles and almost five hundred menu items, with thousands of users. It migrated my 1.5 joomla to 1.7, including the image files and some modules, even remembering to put those modules in their original places. And with the unexpected server timeouts, the process can be restarted without issue as the extension keeps track of its progress. Just superb; well worth the money.
Reviews: 26
I have used this on 2 sites so far and have had excellent luck with it. Not to rip on Jupgrade, but that broke many parts of my site. SP Update does not. Because it migrates your information not 3rd party extensions there is no conflict if you forget to uninstall something not compatible with the new version. With that in mind you will have to reinstall your extensions, but fresh installs are much better. I would rather have the peace of mind that some weird issue won't come up after I spend hours and hours getting the new site reconfigured.

As for support, it is like other have said, excellent. I was working on a weekend in the US and it was night time in Cyprus and I was still getting support! I had a couple questions, because I didn't understand, not because of the component and it was resolved quickly.

My question was with MySQLi, which is recommended when preforming the migration with SP Update. Some websites that had posts on using this said to install the new J1.6/7 using MySQLi which I never heard of. Long story short it is a server side component and if available can simply be turned on in the Global Config b4 migration. I had to call my hosting company to see if it was on. There is some way to check it yourself too.

Overall I will be using this for all sites. Thanks for creating something that works.
Reviews: 16
This is a fantastic tool to have in your toolbox. While JUpdate is great, it doesn't handle all the little things needed for every conversion, even if you've tested okay on your test site. This tool lets you identify exactly the components you want to bring across the J1.5 - J1.6/7 conversion border.

Very fast response from support.

I won't attempt another upgrade without this tool. I especially appreciate that I can perform the upgrade across servers, a very nice feature.

I used this tool to perform a 100% reinstall of my Joomla system, cleaning out a bunch of modules & components I no longer use, cleaning the database of unneeded tables, etc. This alone makes the tool worth the price.

I can't say enough for this tool. It saved me hours of work.
Reviews: 2
I have a couple large sites that have 10's of thousands of articles and hundreds of categories. And I run them on a shared server, which means I don't get a lot of memory from the hosting company. Jupgrade stood no chance. SP Upgrade was able to do the job. For both sites, the vendor had to do some tweaking for me. Good people to work with so this is an extension that's well worth the money!
Reviews: 2
I had been trying other options where I was not getting an adequate response from the publisher. Then I came across SP UPGRADE, which made my migration a smooth sailing. Great work! Great Extension! BUT ABOVE ALL: SUPERB SUPPORT BY THE MR. HALOUVAS. I was stunned by the response time and the offers to help from Mr. Havoulas; this has made it easy and fast for my learning curve. I highly recommend dealing with Mr. Halouvas as his customer focus is your guarantee of success. That is a Win-Win combo.
Reviews: 28
I was dreading transitioning from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 1.7. In my Joomla 1.5 site I had a ton of articles, some in categories and sections, meta tags, image folders, modules, etc. etc.

I installed SP Upgrade on my development server. Did the easy configuration to import the data and database from the old site. And pushed the button and within minutes my site was migrated to my development server.

What would have taken days took minutes!

Highly recommended by Rowby!!
Reviews: 4
In planning how to convert from 1.5 to 1.6, I did some test runs on 1.6 and realised that I have weeks of work in front of me. However, thanks you SP Upgrade, it has taken just one day to convert my first largest site. Extension program executes well and simple to make the update.

Thanks again
Reviews: 7
thank you so much for this great work.
Reviews: 10
Looking for a component which could easily transfer articles with id's I saw this extension. Used it on multiple sites which had a long history in Google and couldn't loose their url's, this component gave me a quick and easy solution.

Install, select which data you want to import (articles, users, menu's, etc), import, done! How easy is that? I recommend this component in stead of the one recommended by Joomla itself..

This one works without bugs and is worth the money! I will use this component for all my future migrations.
Reviews: 1
I've tried several components for Joomla migration, none provided a proper site migration. This component is great, it converts even the template.
I had several problems when first attempting the migration (my mistake, I used incorrect info about old 1.5 site) and had to contact the developer who provided excellent support. I recommend this component to everyone who wishes to migrate to J 1.6 without hassle.
Reviews: 2
I had tried a couple of other extensions and strategies for converting a site from 1.5 to 1.6 and I bought sp-upgrade based on reviews here. After a few false starts, the extension worked almost 100%.

Migration from 1.5 to 1.6 is not trivial but this extension comes close to making it so. I had three tries at migrating my first site. Initially, I had permissions issues. Next there were problems with some section and category names which needed fixing on the 1.5 site and then finally bingo! Everything across.

My recommendation would be to get a clean, empty, 1.6 installation with sp-upgrade installed, and then zip up a copy before working as a backup because you may not get things right first time. If the migration does not work as planned, scrap everything and start again from the backup. The migration only takes a minute so starting again is a quicker option than fixing everything with edits.

Another small quirk with this version is that if the migration aborts for some reason (permissions for example) you are not given a full warning.

Anyway, sp-upgrade works well and makes a difficult task simple.
Reviews: 6
After experimenting endlessly with jUpgrade (advised by Joomla) I was about to give up till someone pointed me to this tool. jUpgrade fails miserably because it changes the menu item and category ID's and also some of the aliases. SP Upgrade managed to keep everything intact and that was exactly what I needed. For complex websites with thousands of internal links SP Upgrade seems to be the only tool on the market that does the trick. No hassle, fast, straightforward and very easy for normal users.
It is well worth the 20 euros.
A big thank you to the developer!
Reviews: 16
This component is very efficient and easy to use. I also appreciate the fact that it's absolutely safe to use since it doesn't interfere with your Joomla 1.5 installation at all (just reading from it).

I had one single, but very important menu problem that I wasn't able to solve myself, and neither was anyone else (template provider for example).

However, I turned to Panayiotis (SP Upgrade developer) who investigated and solved the problem even though it had nothing to do with his component. It was in fact a template problem!

This was all done in one day and Panayiotis fixed the problem + he explained it to me in a very kind and pedagogical manner so that I was able to understand.

I also tried other solutions for migrating before this one but SP Upgrade will be my permanent choice from now on. That's for sure!
Reviews: 1
After downloading I had some trouble running this mod. But an email to the author did the trick. I'm astonished by the support the gave me. And in the end it's probably a bug in Joomla! 1.6... (you MUST choose "MYSQLi" and not "MYSQL" during installation of J16!)
Many thanx to CYEND.
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