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J2XML Importer Component

J2XML Importer is the easy way to migrate contents from Joomla!® 1.5 to 1.7+.

You have to export the contents from Joomla!® 1.5 using J2XML and then import into Joomla!® 1.7+ web site using J2XML Importer.

* import articles (keep ids)
* import categories/sections
* import users (keep ids)
* import images
* import weblinks

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Reviews: 2
I have tried many extensions to migrate from Joomla! 1.5 to 2.5. They worked. But J2XML is the best. It has saved me a lot of hours of work and works like a charm (but you must not forget to enable plugins... ;) )
Reviews: 2
I tried import articles of the website 2.5.14 for my localhost but not work.

Message: File format unknown. Impossible to import file.

Not found any information about this error.
Reviews: 15
This component works perfectly. I imported articles from a Joomla 1.5 installation to 2.5 in minutes. BIG thank you to the developers.
Reviews: 9
This is a perfect tool to migrate, and verry fast support by the developper.

A big thank you !
Reviews: 4
You're component saved my bacon. I have a large database of users and many custom database fields in the users table. Unfortunately when I used other tools i couldn't migrate my data from 1.5 to JV3, others just don't work, but your Component is brilliant!
I just added support for some of my custom fields in your code and bingo, done.
thanks again! I will make a donation too!!
Reviews: 8
I was able to transfer all my articles from old 1.5 to fresh install of 3.0. I did run into problems with xml file being to large, so I had to copy images manually, not a problem really (it worked without having to edit a single article).
I would love to see option to import xml file directly from the server (to avoid timeouts).
Great work
Reviews: 6
A very useful and simple application, I've export my users from Joomla 1.5 ad export to 2.5 in five minutes.
Thanks for the good application.
Reviews: 12
in my site migration from joomla 1.5 to 2 the most important feature that i needed was keeping content ID (because comments on articles)

and this component gave it to me :)
Reviews: 7
Does the job in a modest and efficient way. A pleasure to use this component and the corresponding exporter. Seems like a logical and well thought-through tool.
Reviews: 1
Using J2XML I migrated the articles and categories from two small 1.5.x sites to 2.5.8 in barely five minutes. A great time saver. No issues at all.
Reviews: 2
Tried this from 2.5.9. Worked perfectly - first time! I did look at a short video of it first to try and save some learning time and that helped. A great extension.
Reviews: 5
After wasting lots of time (and money) on jUpgradePro I eventually tried this solution. All articles and users were transferred within minutes. Excellent work with excellent documentation!
Reviews: 1
Very good extension , i used this to trasfer my content to a new site and it was an easy job
Reviews: 1
I rarely make a review but this one definitely deserves one.
One word for it: Brilliant !
Reviews: 4
Great module, exported and imported all of the articles in a few clicks. Saves a lot of time when reconstructing a website...
Reviews: 3
The title says it all, and does not require a lot of additional verbiage here.

I needed a component to migrate a large number of weblinks, in several categories, from my J1.5 site to the J2.5 site I'm developing on a localhost. The directions on the developer's site were easy to follow and the process was largely self-explanatory. In less than 5 minutes, I had accomplished the task.

A big thank you to the makers of J2XML for a well-designed and very useful Joomla add-on.
Reviews: 1
It is not very often that a product does exactly what it says on the box. Add to this the next to zero effort needed from the user and you have a fantastic plugin!

Thank you, you saved me hours of work!
Reviews: 3
It cost me literally 5 minutes to export AND import 100+ articles.
A real time saver. Thanks for this excellent extensions!
Reviews: 2
Thanks for this extension. it what i needed without migration tools.
Just transfer the main content.
I dindn't find out how to manage for an eventual multilanguage site with joomfish.
Anyway thanks a lot
Reviews: 2
I've been putting off migrating some older sites because I was unwilling to face the hassle of migrating data and users. Literally only took a few minutes to get it all across, with no issue at all. Thank you so much.
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