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J2XML Importer Component

J2XML Importer is the easy way to migrate contents from Joomla!® 1.5 to 1.7+.

You have to export the contents from Joomla!® 1.5 using J2XML and then import into Joomla!® 1.7+ web site using J2XML Importer.

* import articles (keep ids)
* import categories/sections
* import users (keep ids)
* import images
* import weblinks

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Reviews: 2
This is my first time reviewing anything in any depth, but as the director of a start-up, all volunteer non-profit, I discovered J2XML at a desperate time. Our J1.5 site was mercilessly hacked and needed to migrate to get back online. J2XML was the only product we could find (and afford), so we decided to test it out.

I was skeptical. I've used highly rated free apps, most fail to deliver. Those that do often don't do so uniformly. I was THRILLED when it turned out J2XML was a rare exceptional exception. Kudos Eshiol(?)... no, just looked it up - Kudos, Helios Ciancio!

In short, J2XML made migration of content from J1.5 to 3.3 quite easy and instructions were easy to follow. I have yet to encounter a donation-requested-not-mandated (free) app of this high quality and was highly impressed by the developers commitment to excellence. Frankly, I was also very moved by the (your) generous sharing of hard work, without expectation of anything in return, given the few if any freely shared Joomla migration apps made available.

With that said, J2XML doesn't do everything for you, nor does it claim to.
For our NGO, the migration process has stalled for lack of expertise in customizing Jv.3 templates to match our Jv1.5. So, depending on your needs, your level of expertise and/or free time, you may find yourself in the same boat. It may be that there's an app out there that can do it, for a fee, but I'm under the impression the paid apps do not substantially differ in function from J2XML.

While an app capable of seeing the remainder of the process would have been ideal, the limited scope of the app in no way diminishes the quality of this developers' work. We've made it 3/4 of the way there, which means less funds going to a professional to get our site live again... So, THANK YOU for your help and THANK YOU on behalf of our community - families and the children who've been abused in residential and rehabilitation centers. :)
Reviews: 1
I had an old joomla 1.5+ website which I had been avoiding migrating as it had hundreds of articles. The J2XML was easy to use and worked perfectly. It even imports the categories to the new joomla 2.5 website! All alias creator names and dates all kept. Brilliant and even better, its free! A great timesaver.
Reviews: 3
I have tried many extensions to migrate from Joomla! 1.5 to 2.5. They worked. But J2XML is the best. It has saved me a lot of hours of work and works like a charm (but you must not forget to enable plugins... ;) )
Reviews: 2
I tried import articles of the website 2.5.14 for my localhost but not work.

Message: File format unknown. Impossible to import file.

Not found any information about this error.
Reviews: 16
This component works perfectly. I imported articles from a Joomla 1.5 installation to 2.5 in minutes. BIG thank you to the developers.
Reviews: 9
This is a perfect tool to migrate, and verry fast support by the developper.

A big thank you !
Reviews: 4
You're component saved my bacon. I have a large database of users and many custom database fields in the users table. Unfortunately when I used other tools i couldn't migrate my data from 1.5 to JV3, others just don't work, but your Component is brilliant!
I just added support for some of my custom fields in your code and bingo, done.
thanks again! I will make a donation too!!
Reviews: 8
I was able to transfer all my articles from old 1.5 to fresh install of 3.0. I did run into problems with xml file being to large, so I had to copy images manually, not a problem really (it worked without having to edit a single article).
I would love to see option to import xml file directly from the server (to avoid timeouts).
Great work
Reviews: 6
A very useful and simple application, I've export my users from Joomla 1.5 ad export to 2.5 in five minutes.
Thanks for the good application.
Reviews: 12
in my site migration from joomla 1.5 to 2 the most important feature that i needed was keeping content ID (because comments on articles)

and this component gave it to me :)
Reviews: 8
Does the job in a modest and efficient way. A pleasure to use this component and the corresponding exporter. Seems like a logical and well thought-through tool.
Reviews: 1
Using J2XML I migrated the articles and categories from two small 1.5.x sites to 2.5.8 in barely five minutes. A great time saver. No issues at all.
Reviews: 2
Tried this from 2.5.9. Worked perfectly - first time! I did look at a short video of it first to try and save some learning time and that helped. A great extension.
Reviews: 6
After wasting lots of time (and money) on jUpgradePro I eventually tried this solution. All articles and users were transferred within minutes. Excellent work with excellent documentation!
Reviews: 1
Very good extension , i used this to trasfer my content to a new site and it was an easy job
Reviews: 1
I rarely make a review but this one definitely deserves one.
One word for it: Brilliant !
Reviews: 6
Great module, exported and imported all of the articles in a few clicks. Saves a lot of time when reconstructing a website...
Reviews: 3
The title says it all, and does not require a lot of additional verbiage here.

I needed a component to migrate a large number of weblinks, in several categories, from my J1.5 site to the J2.5 site I'm developing on a localhost. The directions on the developer's site were easy to follow and the process was largely self-explanatory. In less than 5 minutes, I had accomplished the task.

A big thank you to the makers of J2XML for a well-designed and very useful Joomla add-on.
Reviews: 1
It is not very often that a product does exactly what it says on the box. Add to this the next to zero effort needed from the user and you have a fantastic plugin!

Thank you, you saved me hours of work!
Reviews: 3
It cost me literally 5 minutes to export AND import 100+ articles.
A real time saver. Thanks for this excellent extensions!
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