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J2XML Importer Component

J2XML Importer is the easy way to migrate contents from Joomla!® 1.5 to 1.7+.

You have to export the contents from Joomla!® 1.5 using J2XML and then import into Joomla!® 1.7+ web site using J2XML Importer.

* import articles (keep ids)
* import categories/sections
* import users (keep ids)
* import images
* import weblinks

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Reviews: 16
Assuming you know what you are doing, this is an excellent plugin.
It's not a generic migration tool, but an XML export/import engine; i needed exactly this and i am satisfied with how it addressed my need. Thank you!
Reviews: 4
Trouble-free method to export articles from 1.5 into 1.7. Saved me HOURS! Thank you for the wonderful tool!
Reviews: 7
This plugin is not complete. It doesnt use the same user id once migrated to 1.7. So you will face problems with kunena or may be other components, whose posts map to user id. So it is showing wrong posts for users.
Reviews: 106
This extension worked even better than jupgrade! Simple to use, great for importing/exporting, or even simply backing up your articles. Thanks for making this great extension.
Reviews: 30
Very Easy to import a new facility and without dirt. Unlike other solutions that leave the database loaded with garbage. Congratulations and success you deserve!
Reviews: 7
Super, verry well done. Great extention it works good and it safe me a lot of time.
Reviews: 9
So ridiculous I didn't even have to read any instructions! Just go to anything you want to export, look for the export button. If it's there, it'll handle the items. Select them, export them, then import the files in 1.6 version.

Went without a hitch for me!

I just wish it would do the menus too! But I suppose it really can't do that seeing as menus come with modules, and that's all handled so differently in 1.6.
Reviews: 37
Dear app writer, I loved your J2XML but the importer didn't want to work for the weblinks, which I have more of than articles. While your program did work with the articles, I am forced to go brute force and dump my SQL table and massage it into my new system. Sure, I wanted to contact you but not at the expense of registering on your site. Good job so far but I looked every where on your site for info on importing links and couldn't find it.

Thanks for your efforts.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. J2XML Importer use only one import button to import all data exported by J2XML.
If you have any problem feel free to contact me any time (without registration)

Reviews: 1
Highly recommended! And very simple to use for novice like me. Took me only 3 minutes in all. 1)Installed 2JXML for 1.5 2) Selected files 3)Exported. Then 1)Installed 2JXML for 1.6 2)Imported. And that's it!

Good Job Helios Ciancio
Reviews: 2
I was hesitant to choose any plugin to export from J1.5 and import to J1.6 Took a chance on this software and I have to admit, it was as another commenter said, Easy as Pie. Simple instructions, just follow them and it's good to go in 5 minutes or less.
Reviews: 2
easy as pie and worked per the instructions without any workarounds..
Reviews: 6
It is so simple to use and works great

- installing this component also installs a plugin. TURN IT ON. Now go to articles/sections/users and you will see a EXPORT button. DONE

its pretty straightforward

- if you have issues contact them.
i contacted them and they answered me very fast and effectively
Reviews: 2
Thank you so much for this brilliant extension - works perfect!
Reviews: 1
Simple, elegant, worked perfectly straight out of the box. Brilliant.
Reviews: 9
It is nice to see other one migration component. I tested it and seems to work. The articles and categories are sucessfuly migrated, but users not. Images i do not tested.

IMHO missing menu migration is important. More descriptive dependencies list will be useful too, because i can't get it to work on my localhost, but on my site it works.

Beside mentioned problems, very thanks for it!
Owner's reply

Thanks for review. Stable release solves the users issue.

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