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  • This extension requires registration to download.
jUpgradePro is an extension of Joomla! that allows you to migrate the information you have stored easily between two different installations of Joomla!

You will be able to migrate data from older versions of Joomla! to the latest versions in minutes! Also you can move data from differents Joomla! sites using the same version!

This extension uses two methods to migrate:

◈ Database: Read data directly from the database.

◈ RESTful: This method allows you to migrate data between two installations of Joomla! by webservices, which adds ease when setting the extension.

Different versions of Joomla! They are supported by this extension:

➩ 1.0 ➔ 2.5, 3.0+ ✵ Only supported database method
➩ 1.5 ➔ 2.5, 3.0+ ✵ Both methods supported
➩ 2.5 ➔ 2.5, 3.0+ ✵ Both methods supported
➩ 3.0+ ➔ 2.5, 3.0+ ✵ Both methods supported. Downgrade available.

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Reviews: 2
Wow! I've saved tie migrating from 1.5.23 to 3.3 using database method. May be needs to improve some documentation about.
Reviews: 1
After installing the jUpgradePro plugin (for the restful method) my website became inaccessible - there was a programming error in a php file. I had to disable the plugin from the database to regain access to my website. I emailed the developer but have not received any response from the developer. Giving up on jUpgradePro.
Reviews: 1
First upgrade from j1.5 to j2.5 broke the asset table (a common problem with upgrades apparently). Prompt support from Matias who sent an upgraded version of JupgradePro which worked perfectly. Note media directories not migrated but that's easy to do in FTP. Brilliant support means I give it 5 stars
Reviews: 1
I wanted to migrate my Joomla 1.5 to a newer version.
So I searched the web and found jUpgradePro.
Installation and configuration is really easy and starting the migration is as simple as pressing a buton.

I run into some problems, but the support is really fast. Less than 24h I got an answer. My problem is a known bug with restFUL mode and the devs are already fixing it.

So I tried database mode and that worked for me, although I had to manually reorder the menu.

Really great and useful extension.
Reviews: 2
Joomla 1.5 to joomla 3.2 it's a hard task.

I tested Jupgradepro because the siteground tutorial. But the tutorial is made with a simple joomla 1.5 website, and in my case i have a very big 1.5 website.

I had some problems in migrating, but the support was excellent.
I'm a newbie in this matters, but the support have the patience to help and resolve the problems of my case.

I think all 1.5 joomla websites are very different, so it's difficult to have a 100% solution that works for all.

I rated excellent! because the support was excellent and fast to find solutions.

I recommend!
Reviews: 6
jUpgradePro is really convenient to use and configure. With Brian Teeman videos. The work is pretty straightforward.

However, if your website contains various external components or specific templates, the migration preformed by jUpgradePro is **useless**. E.g., K2 data is not migrated at all, and there is no easy way to do that.

It is a pity that the Joomla team did not foreseen any migration tool when they revamped Joomla from 1.5 to 2.x. jUpgradePro that they promote as THE solution for this migration is definitely **not*that*solution** for most websites.
Reviews: 1
I have used jupgrade pro and it converted two large sites of me without any problem. I do have to add that I used the fabulous video tutorial of Brian Teeman at siteground and followed precisely the procedures mentioned. Do NOT try to figure out yourself, but follow the manual. Within 30 minutes I was done.
Reviews: 17
Extra plugin does not work
I have used this extension to migrate a site.
The basics were migrated, but i needed to migrate a Kunena forum as well.
Bought the kunena migration plugin, but it didn't work at all. Wrote in the forums and others had the same problem. I was contacted and gave them the details they needed to find the problem. They replied they would look into it. Now several weeks later i have't heard from them and they don't answer my mails.

I have migrated the Kunena data manually now.

The download was from the redcomponent website
Reviews: 2
I could not get the extension to work when I was using Joomla 3.1, but I was able to download Joomla 3.0.2 and it worked first try. Not bad for free though :-)
Reviews: 2
At first jupgradePro is Free. You just have to register on the site. maybe old version you had to pay for?

I've migrated about ten sites in the last two months from 1.5 to 2.5 or 3.1. Sometimes i had problems with PHP-Settings or write permissions, but at least i always was able to migrate after fixing this things.
With the latest version 3.1.0 Database and Restful Method works without any problem. Done one migration last week and one today without any issue. So my vote is thumbs up!
Reviews: 5
I could only add to the negative ratings.

Database method on 2.5 is not working.
Hangs here or there and does nothing.

Switching on the RestFull plugin on the 1.5 site results in a white page, front- and backend. Had to deactivate the plugin in the database.

Registration is awful.
I'd be angry, if I'd spent money on this one. It's almost a hoax to name it a Pro version, of a well known tool.

I suggest taking this extension off the list.
Reviews: 2
Paid for component, have used it on numerous sites. Have never gotten a complete migration. Save your money, unless you like hours of screwing around creating all of your modules, or assigning all your articles to categories, or some other equally mindnumbing crap you were supposedly paying to avoid.
Reviews: 3
Neither RESTful method nor database method works.

Paid support was quick one single time, then never heard of again.

Invested many hours trying on different hosts, with different environments. Seems to hang randomly, sometimes RESTful-plugin leads to permanent blank screen for the complete BE. Can only be fixed by manually deleting plugin files and manually fixing database.

Would not use again, would not pay for support again.

Reviews: 4
Disappointed with red component. After five different attempts of installing and reinstalling, the I continue to get a The requested page cannot be found or 404 Component not found error. The site won't work. Don't waste your time with this component. Thanks
Reviews: 8
Same for me: fresh, clean install of Joomla3, a simple site with one user (me) and 10pages, no additional components, nothinhg. but jupgradePro gets stucked.

The forum of RedComponent is full of the same issue, but no support (for that you have to pay)
Reviews: 1
jupgradePRO is nothing short of a time suck and a complete waste of time, unless you have hours to devote to total frustration.

Both restful and databse methods fail to work. I have a simple content only site that is not very big, 10 pages and 6 images, that is in 1.5.26 with everything up to date. I tried jupgradePro in both 2.5.9 and 3.0.3 Joomla and received the same error; the user does not exist. What is so ridiculous is that there has only been the one user, me, forever, there is no other user in the db. All of the info for setting up jupgradePRO in my account is accurate. The db version also fails.

Whoever runs the redComponent forum does not bother to respond at all to any requests for help. This issue is a known issue and has dozens of similar complaints exactly like mine. The wiki documentation is completely lacking and searching the posts yields no answers whatsoever.

I wouldn't mind paying the $20 for "personal" support if I had any sort of feeling that there were people at redComponent that actually cared about the quality of their product and customer service, clearly there isn't which is sad as the original jupgrade was a good extension that worked effortlessly every single time I used it.

This "PRO" component should just be fixed and sold commercially because it is obvious by the lack of attention it has been given that money is apparently all they care about.

Shame on redComonent - Don't waste your time with this, you would be better off just doing it all manually with copy and paste.
Reviews: 3
After reading all the negative reviews of the non-pro version of this extension, I thought that the pro version would address, and therefore fix, all the issues that were listed.

After attempting to use this on 6 different sites, (on 4 different hosts), it was a complete waste of days of valuable time. The extension installs, the REST version does not work at all, and the Database version gets hung up partway through...on each and every site.

There is no wiki documentation, (just a bunch of blank pages) and the forum is filled with people having the same problems, but no answers.

What is truly disappointing, and I am now very worried about my personal information, is the process to download the extension. They want you to register on their site, and then ask for address and phone number? Never seen that before. The extension itself is free, but you have to pay for support (good luck). I guess this is how they get around charging for an extension that is listed as BETA!!! That's absolutely insane, and seems blatantly dishonest to me.
Reviews: 3
Installed a fresh J2.5, installed Pro and started with DB migration of a production portal. Took some time but the w8 was worth it. Good work, and hope You keep it up!