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Ji Migrator ComponentPlugin

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It’s time to upgrade and we’re here to help!

Announcing the immediate release of JiMigrator 2.0
Rebuilt from the ground up to support huge data migrations by using our incredibly advanced split-pass asynchronous processing. Our customers have successfully migrated Joomla content exceeding 300k+ rows/200mb+ of data.
Creating a new Importer/Exporter is now as simple as writing 2 lines of code!
In most instances this won't be necessary as we have grown our 3rd-party support to include Advanced Modules, JEvents, JomSocial, Kunena Forum, K2 and many more.

Are you looking to upgrade to a more secure site? Or maybe you just want to utilize the latest 3rd-party extensions only available in Joomla 3.0. If you’re considering an upgrade then you have probably wondered if there is an easy way to get content from your old Joomla 1.5 or Joomla 2.5 site into the new Joomla 3.0 environment. Using traditional methods for large sites could take you weeks, but there is now an easier way to achieve the migration task.

With Jinfinity Migrator you now have an elegant way to export all your content and preserve your sites existing structure and permalinks wherever possible.
Simply pick the types of content you would like to export from your old site and then extract the migration on your new site.

Joomla 1.5 Exporters included:
- Joomla Articles
- Joomla Sections
- Joomla Categories
- Joomla Modules
- Joomla Menu Items
- Joomla Menu Types
- Joomla Users
- Files & Directories
- and many more!

Joomla 2.5/3.0 Importers/Exporters included
- Joomla Articles
- Joomla Categories
- Joomla Modules
- Joomla Menu Items
- Joomla Menu Types
- Joomla Users
- Files & Directories
- and many more!

More Exporters/Importers can always be added in much the same way extensions can be added to Joomla. Check the JiMigrator documentation on how to write your own Importer/Exporter that suits your migration needs.

- Rebuilt to handle HUGE Databases
- CSV migration files for easy modifications in Excel or Google Docs
- Unlimited number of Exporters
- Unlimited number of Importers
- Selective file exporter
- Selective article exporter
- Selective category exporter
- Selective menu exporter
- Live progress bars
- Asynchronous processing
- Resume on migration crash

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Reviews: 3
Jimigrator works very well, however at first it was not working on my 2.5 site. The issue turned out to be with my [problematic] 2.5 site and not with Jimigrator. The jinfinity support was able to help me figure out the problem and get Jimigrator working.
Reviews: 14
I have tryed it for now in migration to j2.5 to j3.2. It work good...
Install it in old site and in new site (a fresh installation of joomla). Then export data from old site (it export DB in CSV), and then go in new site and do Inport it! Thats All!
Reviews: 2
I was trying to upgrade from my joomla 1.5 to 1.7 but because I had plenty 3rd party components I failed big time. SO I left my site running as 1.5. But the time had came and I had to upgrade to 3.0. Thanks to the jimigrator (and huge help of the developer) finally I managed to upgrade my site to 3.1. Happy days. Thanks Jinfinity
Reviews: 7
I try for many weeks now to migrate the content of my J.25 site to J.30 and I've tried everything.

JI Migrator seems to be the component that works (far) better than any other and with much more clear interface.

It still has some minor issues but new releases, with fixes and new features, come out very very often and the support from Anton is superb

Keep up the good work