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MioTransfer ComponentPlugin

MioTransfer is a Joomla extension designed to migrate your users from an old database to a new database. You can migrate users from Joomla 2.x to Joomla 2.x, Joomla 2.x to Joomla 3.x and Joomla 3.x to Joomla 3.x using more file types.

- In Dashboard you can see a statistic of all your groups and users. You can see how many users are logged every day, how many users are in each user group, latest five users logged in admin/front page, you can also see a notification area with the staus of your users(Actived, Inactived, Blocked, Logged...)

- You have the possibility to export users in: csv, txt, html, php array, json, pdf, sql, zip and utf-8 files format. You can choose what user fields to export(name, username, password, email...), what custom fields(address1, address2...), what groups to select for export.

- You can import: csv, txt, sql and zip files. If regular upload file not import utf-8 user details, you have the possibility to add import file content in a specific textarea. You can send emails to the new users with username, password and other details.

- You can create custom profile fields(calendar, checkboxes, color, editor, email, hidden, integer, language, list, radio, spacer, text field, text area and url)

- You have a section for quickly manage users. You can mass delete, activate, block/unblock users by group, by registration date, by user status or from latest visit date. Also you can change user group from one group to another, all users in same time.

- You can do automatically import and export actions by using our Cron Jobs section. By creating a cron job you receive an URL and use it for cron jobs on server.

Export and Import actions are very fast and easy to use.
For more information please visit our documentation and demo site.

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Reviews: 1
Mio Transfer extension is a perfect solution for utf-8 migrate users.
I have a lot of users in traditional chinese and successfully imported in my database, automatically generated password and sent it to users via email.
Keep up the good job.
Reviews: 1
I'm very happy that I found this extension. It's just great. I already tried to migrate my users database tables via cPanel, but none of my users could log-in, then I discovered Mio Transfer and in a few minutes it just did my job. Thank you very much MioJoomla team!
Reviews: 1
I can't believe how awesome migrate extension, I have migrated more than 10000 users in a few minutes, at a very low price.