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userport Component

With userport, you can easily export, add, update or delete users in your database.

Finally a final release!

Note: only the English language file is now present. In the coming days/weeks additional language files will be made available.

• Users can be mass deleted, blocked, unblocked and activated. A re-activation string can be set and their group assignments can be changed; all with only a few mouse clicks.
• All user information can be set or updated, including registration date, activation string and params.
• The exported user list can be downloaded as CSV text directly.
• userport can be configured by non-super users too: all options can be set and checked in the 4-step workflow.
• An export can retrieve all user information from all users. Basic filtering can be applied to restrict which users need exporting.
• A 'test mode' allows you to test the import file and to verify the notification emails safely: without touching your database, and without disrupting your userbase.
• userport will not time-out: it has been tested to successfully import more than 20000 users using 1 import file.
• userport automatically uses default values for those fields you don't supply.
• All options and their consequences are clearly explained on the page where you configure them.

Note: Joomla 1.5 users must use the stable version v2.2

Changes for v3.0:
Only minor fixes since the last beta.
- Corrected access check for non-super-users.
- Clear the BOM if present.
- Do not present the next batch if no more data is present.
- Do not parse the last empty row.

Report Extension



Reviews: 2
Great little tool really pleased with it.

Many Thanks
Reviews: 6
This is a great and simple component, I had a list of user already and was worried about all of the input I would have to do. But this extension is great and very easy to use. Beside I love the idea of not sending the email to the added user since we are at the testing stage of the website.
Reviews: 2
works like a charm. Using it to add/update 500 users from Excel to Joomla for a HRM-system.
Reviews: 5
If you're ever faced with creating user accounts for a large existing group this is your tool.

So, simple to install and use I had my 50 user accounts created in less than 15 minutes.

Using an existing member list in Word I created my CSV string. Copied it to the component's field and had my accounts in no time.

Just be careful to follow the string's format requirement. If you miss a comma, or don't place your fields in the proper format (name, login name, email, password) you'll have a problem.
Reviews: 4
After trying several extensions I found this did what we needed. We have 5500+ members that we needed to upload and regularly update and add to. This will do it quickly and easily.

I did have a small support issue that was dealt with quickly. What more could you ask for. Many thanks for the great work
Reviews: 3
What can I say, it did just exactly what I wanted. I had a list of over 150 users that I exported from my email server. I exported the list in Excel, pruned and rearranged the colums to fit the import criteria and boom. In less that 10 minutes I imported 150+ users.

A few downers:
I wish you could set a flag when importing a batch of users such as, who is an admin, author etc. Right now you can only do it for the entire batch. But then again, all you have to do is separate them into a different CVS file and change the parameters.

But over all I can't complain. It works nicely.
Reviews: 1
Exactly the tool i searched for, as i had to import hundreds of users from a excel file. just exported the excel file as csv file and then imported it successfully with userport.

However, i still have the same problem like the poster "hperangelo". I am logged in as superadmin but all users are still imported as "authors" not as "registred users" as i set in the options.

checked it twice, but couldn't figured out this problem.
Owner's reply

I opened a bug tracker item on userport's website (id 15294)
Please follow it up, so I can find a solution.

Reviews: 1
Not much more needs to be said. Anyone that doesn't "understand" (not mean't as a criticism) the parameters that can be set probably shouldn't be involved in the mass creation of user accounts.
Reviews: 1
Only reason can't give it Excellent is because of lacking Documentation.. but most of it is findable on their Project Support Page.

Only one issue on the current version with implode errors
com_userport/admin.userport.php on line 67
(only shows up when creating new accounts)

However with that error all is seemingly working anyway!

Thx guys
Owner's reply

The implode() issue has been resolved in 1.6

Reviews: 3
This is just what I need! I need to add a little under 1000 users to newsletter archive site I've just made for a club.
I don't really understand why you would want to generate a random password?
The "Given passwords are already properly encoded" option doesn't make any sense to me. Maybe this can be explained?
I wonder if the things this component is capable of could be done with some sort of front end extension? This because I'm hessitant to provide access to the back end to certain front end users(authors & publishers).
Owner's reply

A front end component/module is not within the scope of this extension. Bulk adding/updating users is not something that should be taken lightly - imagine a hacker gaining access to it!
As for the 'strange' options: creating a manual is relatively high on my todo list, but unfortunately still far from completed. The short answer: post a ticket on the forum.
Thank you for your high appreciation!

Reviews: 1
Very nice component. Easy to use, looking forward to additional features.
And best of all.... it's free!
Thanks a lot to the developer
Reviews: 1
I need to maintain a sync between another database (ACT!) and Joomla. Our users won't add their own accounts - we do it for them. Thus this userport utility is perfect.
As part of our permissioning we will also bulk block and unblock users and delete them (when they don't pay membership fees. I thus needed a way of doing that....and being Open Source I just added the feature. The code was easy to follow and I could do what I wanted so I'm happy.
I have posted a new set of files with my changes for these new features so hopefully everyone will see them once translators have caught up if the developer thinks they are OK.
My next patch will be to look at a 'bot style interface so another computer can push a CSV file via a shell script. That would be cool.
Reviews: 5
I am migrating a website with over 5,000 users. This Component made the migration process SUPER easy.

I like the fact that it gives you the option to import the passwords or you can assign them. I just save all the records into a comma delimited text file and copy and pasted the file into the component... over 5000 records imported fast. It then fives you warning of duplicate entries or other errors that you can track down easily.

Two thumps UP!
Reviews: 1
Time saver. One problem I have. I wanted to bulk load 1,200 users and have their Group assigned to - Registered. This application defaults the group to - Author. So now that I have over 1,200 users assigned as Author I have to one-by-one assign them to Registered. This needed extension could be greatly improved if you allow the import file (csv) to specify the group on at item by item basis.
Owner's reply

(As already resolved via the tracker forum)
This probably means you're usually not logged in as a super amdin, which is a practice to be applauded. When you log in as a super admin, you can change various parameters. You'll want to change the second option (User type).

Reviews: 7
Wow, this is a very nice, convenient component. Thanks so much!
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this excellent component. No bad experience so far.

Some extra information for the other userport users. While importing your users you can personalize your mail. Use the following tokens in the body of the text:



I couldn't find any documentation therefore I post the solution here.
Reviews: 1
Simple extension that does what I needed - import users from a CSV into Joomla.

It did take me a few minutes to understand that I needed to paste the names into the empty window (silly mistake) but it worked after that. Unless I missed it, that instruction should be added somewhere obvious.

Reviews: 3
Very simple and powerful. This saved me LOTS of time from entering a few hundred users. Awesome!
Reviews: 4
Very useful tool, thank you very much. Would like to be able to set the users group either individually or en masse but even without this it's a great time saver.

Please keep developing it as it's the only one I've been able to find!
Owner's reply

Glad you like it that much.
You mean you want to set the user type (Author, Editor, ...)? Super-admins can configure that in the Settings by changing the 'User type:' value (only to some front-end role). For this, only en masse configuration is possible.

Reviews: 2
Like the title already says, it works great.

Imports new users, updates existing ones.

One point of comment:
The text a user receives when a password is updated isn't configurable via the back-end.

It is in the language file, ...

Well done for this component
Owner's reply

Thank you!
And actually, it is configurable in the back-end.
The setting can be changed in the last two options: "Subject to existing user" and "Text to send to existing user".
After changing, be sure to manually refresh the page to see the changes in effect.

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