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Blank Content Plugin

The "Joomla! Blank Content Plugin" is an empty plugin for Joomla developers. It consists of all the basic classes and functions that can be easily extended for its own applications.

This plugin is very simple. With a small code snippet you can place HTML-Codes directly into the content of your website. The code snippet is replaced by your individual string (HTML-Code). This could be a code to place an image, a text or any (dynamic generated) content.

You get a detailed description (german) on

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Reviews: 9
This works as stated I have created a front page with just modules and was thinking I would have to put up with the small space underneath where the content would have been, then I found this works perfectly Thanks
Reviews: 31
this is really nice COMPONENT ,,i am using it on my site to show another page where i can add anything i want ,,keep it up ,,thanks a lot for this wonderful extension ,,easy,simple,,,just great