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JEx Dynamic Discount Module

A very nice and simple Joomla® module to help you highlight your best promotions . Very easy to use and customize in just a matter of minutes.


*Resizable by setting the widht and height of the module . Try to keep rectangular dimensions (e.g 150 X 150 px).
*For the discount text you can choose the size, the color , shadow or not , Italic or not and Bold style or not.
*You can choose any color for the text backbround .
You can customize the rotation speed , rotation direction, pulse depth, pulse speed and to choose or not a shadow for the background.
*Also the shine effect can be stopped or customized.

Added direct link to an app which makes the module visible on Android devices.

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Reviews: 14
It's simplistic, easy to install and just what you're looking for if you're looking to advertise a discount or promotion. For me, it's useless as I have a free site and it's just not what I'm looking for but otherwise, it's a fantastic idea and definitely worth using if you need to advertise a discount.