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Jacc Component

Just Another Component Creator
JACC creates installable Joomla components, modules, plugins, templates and packages, and is a very good starting point for your new extension or template.

Install JACC, create a database model, set a few options and click "Save". You will get a working component. Similarly you can create modules, plugins and responsive templates with just a few clicks.

After creation you will be able to continue to develop your extension in place. When you've finished JACC will create an installable package for you.

JACC's special ability is to create a component by parsing a set of tables based on your data model. The MVC of the created component is now very close to the Joomla coding style. The generated code provides a working 'CRUD' backend ready to add, edit and delete items from the database, as well as a basic frontend which is much more than "hello world".


- Provides Categories
- You can use JACC to create install files of your installed components, modules, plugins and templates at any time, assuming they were created by JACC.

+Components are now very close to the Joomla coding style
+Brazilian Portuguese translations - since Décio joined the team
+Improved implementation of pluralisation for controller/views/model - since Colin joined the team
+Full 3.x compatibility of components backend views

# fixed: pluralization failed on joomla 3.3.1
# Select single item from menu in modal mode
# fixed: bug in tables class
# fixed: ordering in admin list view did'nt work
+ Remove most deprecated classes and functions

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Reviews: 4
This extension will create all the basic folders and files who compose a joomla extension. It save you from recurrent and strenuous tasks. But you need to be developer if you want to develop something from the result that bring jacc.
Reviews: 6
this component is a real help to develop a new extension. Because I not developing as much as I would like and the joomla! standards a changing all the time, Jacc helped me you create quite quickly a new component for a customer. Really excellent work.
Reviews: 1
With his extension is not necessary to spend time coding, you just have to concentrate on the presentation and fill data.

Thanks, saved me a lot of time with this component.
Reviews: 2
I needed to update a component I wrote a while ago so I could add a datetime field and got totally bogged down. Jacc came to the rescue. I just pointed it at my table complete with my new datetime field and there it was - ready to use! Absolutely perfect. I wish I'd found it earlier.
Reviews: 2
This is very useful component.As it is totally depends on data-model you can customize as need.
Reviews: 2
This component is magic. I use it now permanently for developement. I had to adapt my programming style to the code that is produced by Jacc. But this is no great loss, because you get a well-structured code. I advise you to take a look at the example sql, to learn how tables should be constructed.I suggest the developer to offer an option that removes the j15 compatibility code.

Thanks for this great work.
Reviews: 1
The best component creator. I have tried others, but this is the best, most professional of all. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
It's a best componenent, in only five minutes I've created a complete backend component with all things of a professional component need.

I suggest two ideas to the author.The first is to add a choice for the version of the component for having more clean code.
The second is to add a data entry in frontend.

Thanks for all, great component
Reviews: 1
its in beta and it does a wonderful work in the back end.
it has some problems that are a breeze to a developer to handle.

all in all i am using it for the buck end and i am waiting for the new version that i am told that offers an equal great front end.
Owner's reply

There is now a lot of frontend since beta 0.3.