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J!Dump ComponentPlugin

Advanced print_r and var_dump replacer with DHTML tree display. This utility makes life easy for developers and template designers. You use it to see what's inside a variable, an array or an object. Instead of using print_r or var_dump, you can now use dump. This will open a popup window with a nice expandable DHTML tree, showing the contents of the variable. It will even show a list of available methods for each object. You can use dump in your extensions, in the core, in libraries and even in templates.

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Reviews: 5
This is a tool I have been using since day 1 of its discovery.

I've grown into it so much I'm having a hard time writing Joomla code if I have to miss it.

What features do I especially like?
- the ease with which one can see structured information (all data in an object)
- the possibility to check multiple variables (or multiple iterations of the same variable in the course of my program) with a clear description next to them.

I would like to see the option in the backend configuration to only popup if you're logged in as (super) administrator. This way, the popup wouldn't bug other visitors to the site. It would also prevent data popping up to unwanted eyes.

Obviously, this is not a tool that you want to have (or keep running) on a live site. But it's great for debugging - and (nice too) you're able to turn off the component. That way you can have the component on-site, just waiting for you to need it.
Reviews: 1
My Joomla developing speed is rapidly increased,
Thank you for this cool "Joomla-style" debugging Tool! Don't now how I can live without :-)
Reviews: 2
Thanks for this addon. It's a very practical developper tool. It smartly replaces the echo ""; print_r ($object);. The collapse feature makes the large objects much more readable.
Reviews: 4
Once I learned about it and began using it I started to wonder how could I ever code without it! It is absolutely the best tool to gain insight on your code without ugly calls to var_dump() and die() or rolling your own log files. It is also much, much more intuitive than PHP-level debuggers, like XDebug.

I recommend it without hesitation or second thought to every Joomla! developer.
Reviews: 4
Easy install and indispensable for debugging behavioral issues that the usual debugging tools are too cumbersome for. Very handy!
Reviews: 1
j!dump is amazing for developing with. it makes funding out what you're code is doing much, much easier.
Reviews: 2
I had been having so many issues with debugging my components and J!Dump has really made my life easier! I had been attempting to use print_r, die, and echo statements to debug and was frustrated at the many limitations of doing things that way and figuring out exactly where my statements were in the code. This tool not only lets you set your custom messages and dumps the variables, it also tells you what file and line number the code is. Going back and getting rid of all of the statements is much easier now. Thanks for this great tool!
Reviews: 2
Just great, very simple tool that helps alot
Reviews: 11
Easy install! The application seems to work as described, but I don't understand the admin component. no output!

It is as easy as adding to any script. Add the previous to your template as a simple test.
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