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Working Copy Component

Administrators usually work on their live site directly and sometimes they do mistakes as all people do. As a result, the live site gets messed after extension installation/uninstallation process and re-configuration. The idea is to have a working copy of the live site and make changes on it, then, if everything is okay after some testing, you can approve changes and the tool will apply them to your live site.

This project was done in frames of Google Summer of Code 2009.

Project Blog can be found at

If you find issues, please report them:

Keywords: development sandbox, clone, development copy

NOTE: On large sites, where PHP safe mode is enabled you may experience PHP time outs. It is a known issue and I plan to fix it soon.

Please do not use the reviews to post support requests or bug reports.

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Reviews: 1
Working Copy is exactly the extension I was looking for. I have a production site that is overgoing a major overhaul and I needed to create a staging site from the live one. I've tested it with installing several modules, etc. and it seems to be working well.

To make it work well I did have to modify configuration.php in the child directory to point to the child site. This was not mentioned in the documention or on the developer's Webinar. They also don't make it clear when you are suppose to edit the component in the live site or the child site. The Webinar is okay but I found the documentation for this extension lacking.
Reviews: 1
If you get it installed, it works great!
(I had to do manual file move using SSH (SFTP)) Moving manually files take time. However, it is easy to test extensions and then move them to the production site. I have been looking for such a tool, that does not require deep MYSQL database knowledge.

I hope that developer will add a support forum functionality. An instructions on how to create a manual move/set up, it would benefit the user community.

Conclusion: this tool is worth contributing to.
Reviews: 3
It doesn't work at all, so I wouldn't bother. Tried to contact the developer, but no answer...pitty really.
Reviews: 2
i've tridit on joomla test installation and it works very well and smooth, this is exactly what i needed and a really useful component!!!
Reviews: 4
I have tested this on our site a community service website and found that it probably what I really wanted. But it times out when creating the new copy. The developer suggested that he may be working around this by bypassing the PHP time-out. Personally I would rather see a solution that does this like akeeba backup. This is more like what you want to see and also shows the progress you make. May be that this suggestion helps the developer finding a quick solution to his challenge.
I have not been able to fully test it because it times out on me and the copy it creates is incomplete. If the developer gets to finding the right solution then I would be very enthusiastic to test it.
Reviews: 4
Keeps timing out on large sites ... too bad ... this has great promise. I'm not interested in copying files manually ... this should be a one-click process and could be if the developer would fix this issue.
Reviews: 2
Having the same problem with PHP timeouts. One thing that would circumvent this is if you would add a verbose mode telling exactly what the plugin does with pauses in between. Don't know what I talk about? Look at how Wordpress handles automatic upgrades. It shows what each step will be. It also shows what you might want to do as well such as taking backups and so on. This plugin would benefit severely from tutorials on youtube as well.
Owner's reply

I have plans to avoid php execution time limit with javascript.

Reviews: 1
Works great, installed in a breeze and ready to go in seconds!!! Been looking for something like this for ages. I hope development will continue rapidly... adding capabilities already present in version control systems like svn and cvs will really make this component the best ever
Reviews: 52
This is where the GSOC is paying dividends just like with the Front End Editing component! Excellent tool for site developers or production sites allowing you to run a second copy, do what you want to it (testing) and then roll that change up to the master site for production.

Keep up the awesome work on this component.
Reviews: 1
A must have for a Joomla administrator. You can work on your site without danger.

In just 1 clic you create a clone of your site, and can play with it to test a new release of Joomla, a new extension, a new design, or your own developments.

Thanks a lot for it... now I'm sleeping better !
Reviews: 1
Seems to be a great Component.
Gives you the change to test new options on the same server.
but ...
..when making a child, not all the files were copied. I think it's because the PHP-routine got out-of-time. So with a large site, files should be copied manually :-(
Owner's reply

When creating a child site, there is an option to copy files manually, or if you have big folders, you can select to copy them after manually, if you read the help it is described there.